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Kees De W reviewed on 25 Dec 2011
it seems since the much needed introduction of multi-threaded flash, the timing is way of on my MacBook Air. Sound will often times be way ahead of the video. 202.160 is slightly better, but the problem is apparent enough for me to uninstall this beta version within an hour of use.
Come on Adobe, we need a working version to tide us over till html5 and beyond become pervasive enough to not care anymore about how crappy flash is...

Kees De W commented on 13 Nov 2011
if you want to really see what this does, do the following:

in the Finder's "go" menu, click "go to folder..."
in the popup menu type "/private/var/vm"
This opens the folder where your virtual memory files are stored.
Now click free memory. You will see your vm files increase in number, because OS X is swaping useful information from inactive ram to vm because free memory is overflowing your RAM with garbage information.
Decide for yourself if you think increasing the number of swap files will speed up your Mac...
[Version 1.2]

Kees De W commented on 07 Oct 2011
It would be wonderful if the developer could add image support, so Skim could be a true replacement for Preview in Lion.
I find the new autosaving of scans and photos etc. in Lion's Preview incredibly annoying and time consuming.

If you are considering support for these features, please make them optional!
[Version 1.3.17]


Kees De W reviewed on 14 Sep 2011
I find Pages with autosave and version in Lion incredibly annoying, so I'm using Word a lot again, since Lion.
I also considered switching to Lion's Mail, as it has now copied Outlooks 3-pane layout. But you cannot show only unread messages in bold in the new Mail. That and some more minor quirks makes that I still prefer Outlook.
This version does introduce an annoying little bug in Outlook. When Outlook is hidden, and you receive an email, a new notification window pops up, but it also unhides Outlook.
Other than that, solid suite, I have very few problems with it.
[Version 14.1.3]

Kees De W commented on 19 Aug 2011
Haven't played it yet. Wish there was a demo so I could test if this would be playable on the road on my 11" Air (doubtful at best, I know)
I think it's great that the Duke is back, though. This one may not live up to the hype, but that was impossible from the get go, after suffering the longest delay in gaming history.
Clearly there are going to be sequels though, and I'm happy to have the franchise on the Mac.
[Version 1.0]

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Kees De W replied on 19 Aug 2011
well, I went ahead and bought it. Still have no idea if this will run on the mba. The game will not launch, telling me I need to have Steam running.
I'm launching it from Steam, what's up with that?
Dual booted into Lion, redownloaded the thing, this is beginning to get annoying, the game is there, I paid for it, let me play it already :-(
To top things off, no matter what I try, Steam is refusing me logon credentials on my 27" iMac, so no go there either.
I'll withhold rating to see if this gets fixed in a timely manner, but I'm not amused, and all outa gum...

Kees De W replied on 19 Aug 2011
Well, turned out was Steam. Removing my entire Steam folder in ~/library/Application Support to desktop forced a clean setup. I then moved the Steam apps back into place. Steam was showing my games as not installed, but after pressing install, found them and then Duke launched.
I'm only in for a short bit, but my mid 2010 Air is holding up quite well. (1,4GHz, 128GB, 320m)

Though I ended up fixing it myself, props to Aspyr tech support also, who were very responsive, offering suggestions via email.

Kees De W reviewed on 27 Apr 2011
9.1.2 has supports Outlook 2011 as an email client. You do have to go to the preferences and manually select Outlook, even if it appears this is already selected, but it does now work.
If they can fix the silly fullscreen mode so that it actually provides a benefit over the windowed mode, like the previous version, I may actually be able to use iPhoto again without constantly being annoyed.
[Version 9.1.2]

Kees De W commented on 01 Nov 2010
I haven't tried this yet, but with iPhoto 11's horrific, terrible, disastrous new way of emailing photos, this is probably an instant download for anyone who purchased iLife 11.
[Version 1.1]

Kees De W commented on 20 Oct 2010
Both these things can be done in Camino.
To copy a tab, drag the favicon (the little icon before the name in the tab) to a new tab or empty space in the tab bar.
To make links open in the background, select that option in Camino's preferences, under the tabs settings. ("open in the background", last option on that page) Now when you middel-click (with scroll wheel or ball, or when you hold down the command key) links will open in new tabs while the current page stays active.
[Version 2.0.4]

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Kees De W replied on 20 Oct 2010
That was supposed to be a reply to PASSANSTOI below
Kees De W had trouble on 27 Oct 2011
Is auto-save optional? (can it be turned of in the preferences?)
If not, that's a deal breaker for me.
I'm finding Apple's implementation of auto-save with the duplicate thing and self-locking files very counter-intuitive and truly disruptive to my productivity.

The whole concept that anytime a user opens any file, anything done to that file must be saved at all time, is fundamentally flawed to me.
[Version 2.0]

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