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Kbeat rated on 29 Feb 2012
[Version 18.0.1025.45]

Kbeat commented on 14 Sep 2011
As a long time VMWare Fusion (1, 2, and 3) user, I've looked over a the Parallels camp with a bit of envy, as their app of choice was updated more frequently and with much better performance. Now, after waiting a long time for version 4, I can pay VMWare $49.99 to upgrade, or upgrade to Parallels 7 for $29.99. It's a bit sad that Parallels offers a better upgrade path for Fusion users than VMWare does. Goodbye Fusion, hello Parallels!
[Version 4.0.1]

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Kbeat replied on 14 Sep 2011
A little research before replying please. Parallels offers a competitive upgrade for Fusion users for $29.99. As far as "better", virtually every head to head review I've read, and I've read a bunch, say Parallels is the better, faster product. Guess I'll find out soon enough as I have a lot of experience with Fusion to compare it against.

Kbeat reviewed on 13 Jan 2011
The decision to remove support for the VERY DEFINITION OF OPEN .264 video codec is ludicrous. Stop allowing Google to control the internet and remove Chrome from your browser selection.
[Version 8.0.552.237]


Kbeat reviewed on 30 Dec 2010
LightSpeed isn't perfect, but if you've spent anytime using or researching POS systems, you'll quickly realize none of them are perfect. There are things I'd like to see improved, and Xsilva is working regularly to do so, but as it stands it's by far the best solution on the Mac, and a major player on any system.

We just launched our new web store, which was built on LightSpeed. We're very pleased with how it turned out and so far it's operating very well. http://www.restoration.com/
[Version 3.3.3]


Kbeat reviewed on 17 Dec 2010
I've been using the app since it was first released. 1.8 worked great, however after updating to 2.0, I can no longer control the brightness on my LED Apple Cinema display. I'm removing it for now and assume that the dev, who is usually quick about fixing bugs, will have an update out soon.
[Version 2.0]


Kbeat reviewed on 06 Apr 2010
To those having issues installing the Flash beta, per the release notes be sure to download the Flash "uninstaller" first and then install the latest beta. If you visit the developer's site, link above, you'll find the uninstaller right below the latest version of Flash.

Once you have it installed, you'll find that Flash performance in Safari, and on OS X in general, is still anemic compared to comparably equipped PCs. I can only hope that regular Safari users will get access to iPad, Flash free sites too.


Kbeat reviewed on 11 Nov 2009
Two things immediately grab you when using Google Chrome; it's very ugly and it's very fast. For now I'll stick with Safari which is fast enough and much better looking, but Chrome has a lot of promise.


Kbeat reviewed on 06 Oct 2009
I used to love this app, and for older scanners it's still a God send. However, it's become dated and is in need of an overhaul. I'd like to see it become a Cocoa based app with a built-in update engine, but Ed's desire to maintain Windows release parity make this unlikely.

As a result, I no longer use one of my all time favorite Mac apps. Snow Leopard has made scanning so easy, that with a modern scanner there is no reason to use third party scanning tools, even the ones that come with the scanner. I can get quality scans from my Canon 8800F using Image Capture, Preview, and even Print & Fax in System Preferences. You can scan directly to a folder, iPhoto, Aperture, Mail, or Preview. Scanning capture is also built in throughout the OS using the services menu in apps like Pages.

Again, I'm not knocking VueScan, or Ed who has done a remarkable job updating the app to support thousands of scanners. I'm simply questioning it's value under Snow Leopard with newer scanners, especially in light of VueScan's dated architecture and lack of update engine.
[Version 8.5.35]

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Kbeat replied on 07 Oct 2009

I don't pretend to know what the target user or average user of VueScan is, or who Ed intends to use it. I do know that I've always that of it as a swiss army knife of scanner apps. It'll work with just about any scanner you throw at it, on just about an OS you run. It is simple to use and generally always works.
It is not, in my experience, the most powerful scanner software, and I don't personally know any professional shops who use it. Most publishers and archivers I know use the pro version of SilverFast or twain directly to Photoshop. Heck, the twain plug in that comes with my Canon offers more features than VueScan, if I need to dig deeper.
If you want a decent, clean scan the built in scanning features of OS X work well. I prefer, as do a lot of other professionals, to do image and color correction with Photoshop and Aperture, rather than scanner software, so for me the advanced features of VueScan are unnecessary. If you want to be able to get a decent scan, from virtually anywhere in the OS to anywhere in the OS, Snow Leopard's tools works great. Clearly they don't apply, nor do I suggest they do, if you need to scan using Linux and Windows as well.

Kbeat reviewed on 17 Sep 2009
It works, it actually works. Launch the app, start playing songs in iTunes, and magically the lyrics will appear in the song. No errors, no user input, no problems.

After trying widget after widget after widget, I have to admit I'm a bit stunned. It can't be this simple can it? I don't have to look them up? I don't have to tell it to copy the lyrics to iTunes? No "lyrics not found" messages?

I'm amazed it took this long for someone to make a lyric tool for iTunes that actually works, but hats off to you for finally getting it right. Great job!
[Version 2.0.4]


Kbeat reviewed on 09 Jul 2009
Great way to bring GPS to Aperture. If you've been envious of "Places" on iPhoto and are looking to fill in the gap until Aperture 3 arrives with it's own version, then use Maperture Pro. It's easy, intuitive, well-designed, and simply fun.

I use my iPhone to gather GPS logs when I'm out shooting, and Maperture Pro to marry the data to my RAW images. It's a beautiful combination and a great way to get into GeoTagging.
[Version 1.2.4]

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