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Hello, there. I'm a Web site designer (www.shriekingtree.com) and a musician (www.grimfeather.com). That's all I can think to write about myself right now. Here are some projects I've worked on, if you're interested:


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JustinNorman commented on 24 Nov 2007
Does anyone know if this software conflicts with PithHelmet? After installing CosmoPod with PithHelmet already installed, Safari locked up and gave me an error saying it couldn't read the PithHelmet plug-in. It did this every time I opened it, so I decided to uninstall both CosmoPod and PithHelmet. Unfortunately, now Safari won't open at all, even after restarting my computer.
[Version 1.9.4]

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JustinNorman replied on 24 Nov 2007
Alright, I think I found the problem. It looks like this plug-in and the latest version of AcidSearch conflict with one another. I uninstalled all my plug-ins and then reinstalled CosmoPod. Safari works fine until AcidSearch is reinstalled. Then Safari just refuses to launch. Weird.
JustinNorman commented on 30 Oct 2007
I too am really hoping that the author updates this for 10.5. It's a great little piece of software!
[Version 0.62]

JustinNorman commented on 30 Oct 2007
PithHelmet won't install on the shipping version of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
[Version 2.7]


JustinNorman reviewed on 05 Jul 2006
After a couple of years, Desktop Manager continues to be on my (very short) list of OS X startup programs. Even though it hasn't been updated in a long time, it still tops VirtueDesktops (in my opinion) by including the ability to put the desktop pager in the menubar, which is the only place I ever use it. Simple, stable, and potentially very useful for those who work in multiple applications simultaneously and like to have their work organized.
[Version 0.5.3]


JustinNorman reviewed on 03 Jul 2006
I'm so glad someone made this widget. Now that I have this in my Dashboard, I very rarely visit Wikipedia in my browser. Generally, my encyclopedia searches are for fairly quick information regarding questions I find in my usual Web searches, so keeping this in a nice little widget, separate from my regular Web browsing, is great. It's even more useful for my less computer-savvy relatives, who don't know what Wikipedia is. I've installed it on at least three other computers, and they're enjoying it too.
[Version 0.9]


JustinNorman reviewed on 03 Jul 2006
If the Apple Stickies widget didn't provide enough quick note-taking functionality for you, I highly recommend trying this widget out. The ability to create multiple, searchable pages is very useful, and something completely unexpected from a widget, seeing as though the majority of them are very simplistic. The only other thing I can think of that would be great would be an undo command for times when I clumsily delete important information. For the price, NotePad does enough though.
With its nice font size and well-positioned buttons, NotePad allows me to cram a ton of information into a tiny space, quickly and easily.
[Version 2.1]


JustinNorman reviewed on 03 Jul 2006
I bought this widget several months ago, but have had a fairly unpleasant experience using it so far. It seems to frequently delete a note or two after restarting, which is a huge pain when important information gets lost. It looks nice to me, but the functionality seems pretty unreliable. Hopefully an updated version is developed soon, and some of the bugs are worked out. The company's text note widget is excellent, so I'm betting they have the ability to improve upon this.
[Version 1.0]


JustinNorman reviewed on 03 Jul 2006
A well-packaged set of tools for viewing a nice load of information about what your computer is currently doing. I mainly use it to see how much of my CPU certain programs are eating up, but it also displays other information on memory, disks, networks and more. I can't view anything in the temperature tab, but that's the only flaw I've run into.
[Version 1.51]


JustinNorman reviewed on 03 Jul 2006
Audio Hijack is one of those programs that I don't use regularly, but which works well I need it to. Being able to record bits of online radio shows or the audio off Quicktime or RealPlayer movies and DVDs is a nice ability to have, and relatively easy to execute.
However, I was a bit confused with one thing when I first tried the program out. In order to "hijack" the audio of a program, you must add it to a list. When you click the "New" button at the top of the list to add a new program, an "Untitled Session" appears in the list, rather than opening a dialogue box to allow you to choose the program. Instead, you must use the Inspector window and click "Select" to get the program. It seems as though it would be less confusing and easier to use, if this step was skipped, but it's nothing major.
Audio Hijack does waht it says, and does it well.
[Version 2.2.5]


JustinNorman reviewed on 03 Jul 2006
$19 sounds very expensive for the simple convenience of having your iCal notes and alerts in your menu bar, but the free features on this program are pretty useful. It's come in handy several times when I wanted to look up a date or weekday but not launch an extra program.
If all you want is a simple menu calendar, you can just click on a button to disable the features that require payment. After that, there are no annoying pop-ups or requests for registration. You can just enjoy the free features, which are quite nice.
[Version 2.5.1]

JustinNorman had trouble on 05 Jul 2006
Audacity is a nice little program for simple multitracking and audio editing. Most of the time, I use Logic to record, but when I want to quickly edit a sound file or just record a few quick ideas, Audacity is a fine lightweight application for getting those tasks done speedily. Unfortunately, I've had it crash on me pretty frequently, but for being a free program, it's certainly worth checking out.
[Version 1.3b]

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