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Just Fred reviewed on 19 Jan 2014
Mavericks (10.9.1) is reporting "'JBidwatcher' is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash." I've downloaded it twice with the same result. Is it Mavericks and GateKeeper, or is this a munged file?
[Version 2.5.5]


Just Fred reviewed on 14 Nov 2013
I really liked this app. WireTap became too convoluted and I didn't really like recording the audio output of my Mac. SBlaster takes a different approach and records the output of a specific app. Thus, I can record one app, and use another without interrupting the recording. I listen to a lot of streaming audio (podcasts, etc.) and I like to record them to listen on an iPod when I go running.

Unfortunately, Mavericks breaks this app. I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.9 and now SBlaster is unable to record any audio from a browser (I haven't tried other sources). I contacted Ondesoft tech support (I'm a paid customer) and was told they are working on a fix.

Please do. This app meets my specific need perfectly!
[Version 1.02.1]


Just Fred reviewed on 11 Nov 2013
Wow, talk about great timing! I just today removed all the old versions of these screen savers because they no longer worked under Mavericks (OS X 10.9)! Nice to not have even a day without them!

Thanks to the developers. You're awesome!
[Version 5.23]


Just Fred reviewed on 19 Jun 2013
Like others, I've been using the Abyss web server on a variety of platforms, and simply put: It.Just.Works.

My needs are simple: I typically need an intranet web server, and I don't need one that runs around the clock. Of course, when I have needed to run it around the clock,

The Linux version is as robust and as stable as the Mac and Windows versions, and it installs as a Linux "service" flawlessly.

I know that Aprelium offers a for-pay version, and if my needs were such, I'd willingly pay for it. As it is, the free version is more than excellent, and imagine my surprise when I saw that the company had updated it! I don't know that I need the update, but I'm going to install it. It probably won't (or can't) work any better, but it's nice to be on the current release.

Nice job, Aprelium. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

(To Macupdate: The star ratings for some reason won't let me make the "Value" five stars. It is, in my opinion!).
[Version 2.9]

Just Fred commented on 14 Dec 2012
The beauty of the free enterprise system is that it allows anyone the freedom to create a product - no matter how simple or useless it may appear to be - and ask others to pay for it.

The marketplace determines the success or failure of such products. Me? I don't need it because I use other means if I have to find my public IP address. But others may like it and will spend the $.99.

Caveat Emptor
[Version 1.2]


Just Fred reviewed on 04 Dec 2012
There aren't a lot of reviews for this program, and perhaps that's because the price is a little off-putting. $35 for what is essentially a single purpose utility is a little steep.

However, if you're like me, it's a small price to pay to rescue data from multiple Apple products!

I have (in no particular order), an iPhone 5, an iPod touch (1st gen), a couple of iPod Nanos, an iPad 2, a Macbook Pro and a PowerBook. Yeah, I have an iPod Shuffle 4, too, but that's not germane to this review.

I also just bought a new car that has a number of ways of listening to music. Since I recently had a hard disk crash, my music is scattered in numerous libraries on multiple drives. How then, to recover the music I have on my iPad and transfer it to my iPhone when I don't have it already in iTunes?

Enter TouchCopy. I researched the web for utilities that would allow me to copy data off my devices, and TouchCopy kept appearing in my search results. I downloaded the demo and gave it a whirl.

Before I had run out of items allowed by the demo, I had connected to the online store and purchased the app! It does everything it claims to.

I've read reports that it is very slow; not this version. At least not for me. Dozens of music files move in seconds. The interface? Not a problem for me, although I've heard some call it ugly. I think it's intuitive and very Mac-like, even if the icons don't have the Apple "look" to them.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this program. I see that an update has been issued only a day or two after the iTunes 11 release. That's pretty darn responsive, if you ask me!

Nice job. I'm a satisfied customer.
[Version 12.02]


Just Fred reviewed on 20 Nov 2012
Allow me to add my appreciation and thanks to the developer. While I have (slowly) moved from a G4 PowerBook to a MacBook Pro, my old, trusty G4 still works as a streaming audio server and as a utility backup machine.

The SeaMonkey for PPC has revived a machine that could no longer operate well in today's web space. It's fast, reliable, and does everything I want it to. Kudos!
[Version 2.14]

Just Fred commented on 12 Nov 2010
I subscribe to the (free) RunningAhead web site. One of its features is the ability to upload Garmin data from my Forerunner 205. In order to do so, the Communicator Plug-in has to be installed on my computer. Works like a charm!
[Version 2.9.3]

Just Fred commented on 06 Jun 2009
Downloaded v1.2 from your website and copied it to ~/Library/Application Support/Camino/PreferencePanes and restarted Camino. Did not appear in the preference pane.

G4 Powerbook, 1.67Ghz, Mac OS X 10.5.7, Camino Version 1.6.7 ( 2009032711)
[Version 1.2]

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