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Just-Annutha-Dewd reviewed on 19 Mar 2014
I generally like the app just fine, but there's one little issue that bugs the daylights out of me. I have SnapNDrag set to open up on login. Since it is a menubar item, I expect it to open up silently, like every other menubar item in existence. But SnapNDrag? Its main window quite often (not every time, though it has every time since the recent update) opens up on login, forcing me to close the blasted thing. I contacted the developer several months ago about this, and was assured they'd look into it. Well with the recent update, the behavior isn't fixed. If anything, more persistent than ever. Sooooo.... 1 star for you. There are alternatives, free ones even, that fit my needs just fine and don't pester me with pop-up windows "thanking me".
[Version 3.5]

Just-Annutha-Dewd rated on 15 Dec 2013
[Version 1.1]


Just-Annutha-Dewd reviewed on 15 Dec 2013
I'm in the process of trying out a variety of finance apps after being disappointed yet again by an update to the one I have been using for a few years. In the course of my testing, I've needed these apps to do one simple thing: import a QIF file that was exported by my existing finance app. Every single piece of software has imported it flawlessly... except MoneyWiz. The balance was off by several hundred dollars. I have no idea why it was so far off, but if it can't handle something that basic, then I can't trust it. At all!
[Version 1.4.5]

Just-Annutha-Dewd rated on 09 Dec 2013
[Version 5.0.2]

Just-Annutha-Dewd rated on 22 Oct 2013
[Version 2.8]

Just-Annutha-Dewd rated on 06 Sep 2013
[Version 2.6.1]


Just-Annutha-Dewd reviewed on 05 Sep 2013
I recently decided to try iStat Menus while searching for a tool that would let me monitor the temperature for my HDD, SSD, and CPU. Surprisingly, this was the only one I could find that did all 3, or at least the only one that puts the values up in my menubar. But it does so, and the degree of customization of the display in general is simply fantastic!

There is one feature I'd like to see that would really be helpful. Right now, iStat Menus has an option to let you manually set the fan speeds for the CPU, HDD, and Optical Drive (where my SSD is). I'd really love it to be able to more actively change the speeds based on the temperature, much like the way Mac Fans Control does. In fact, MFC would be my choice of software if it could display the temps for all 3 sources. Alas, it cannot so I am forced to use both apps to fulfill my needs.

I encountered an odd bug while setting iStat Menus up. It initially put up a bunch of monitors on my menubar despite them being turned off in the setup screen. To get rid of them, I had to turn them on, then back off. Not a big deal once I figured it out, but I imagine this has tripped up quite a few people.

At any rate, overall this is simply a great app and I'm hard pressed to recommend anything else. If the author could consider enhancing the fan control, it would be a home run. Nay... not just a home run, they'd get the trophy!
[Version 4.06]


Just-Annutha-Dewd reviewed on 10 Aug 2013
I've been using MP4Tools and MKVTools on and off for some time now. Although it can useful for some very quick batch remuxing of MKV to MP4 files, this software is just so riddled with bugs that I'm hard pressed to recommend it since there are much better alternatives.

My main beef is that it completely ignores chapter markers. If you want to remux (use passthrough options) a video and prefer to keep the chapter markers, you will lose them completely. The second problem is with the feature to extract a segment of an MP4 video. I tried extracting a single segment of about 7 minutes, and I instead got several thousand extractions lasting about 1 second each. That was a heck of a mess to clean up.

Since getting fed up with the faulty features in MP4Tools (and MKVTools, which has similar issues), I've moved on to other software. I've gotten particularly fond of iFFmpeg. It's a much more difficult piece of software to grasp due to the overwhelming number of options it has available, but once I worked out a preset to do simple audio/video passthroughs (remux), it's been a piece of cake and works flawlessly. Another great alternative is Subler. It's not good for batch remuxing, but excels in what it can do.
[Version 3.3.1]

Just-Annutha-Dewd rated on 30 Jun 2013
[Version 2.5.1]

Just-Annutha-Dewd commented on 30 Jun 2013
I don't see a way to run a "long" SMART self-test. Am I missing something? This option exists in SMARTReporter and SMART Utility.
[Version 1.1.0]

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Just-Annutha-Dewd replied on 01 Jul 2013
Ah.... thanks! I was scratching my head trying to find the "blue button", and finally did. I have 2 drives: an SSD and an HDD. The SSD doesn't have SMART logging available, so the Self-Test submenu was missing completely as a result (I presume). I finally spotted it under the HDD. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the breadth of information presented here.
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