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Julifos rated on 07 Sep 2013
[Version 4.0.1]

Julifos commented on 08 Mar 2013
I don't use this app nor WoW (although I'm a long time fan of Warcraft), but I'm impressed with the discussions here on MU.

You have a machine and you SHOULD automate every human-like repetitive task. You are absolutely allowed to keystroke ENTER manually and programatically in your machine, or have an app to do it for you. There is no EULA nor law in the world able to forbid that. If that behaviour somewhat "breaks" a game (or whatever service), there is something wrong in that game's conception.
[Version 16669.2]


Julifos reviewed on 21 Nov 2012
Something like this is needed in the Mac (after many years existing similar utilities in the PC-side of the life!). Doesn't seem to save the audio. And it preserves the frame-rate at the cost of skipping lots of frames, which entirely ruins the purpose of this kind of app.
I could use some more features, such as batch-mode, auto capture (starting in the beginning and ending in the last frame), show cursor, choose audio input or browser integration (many movies won't work out of a web browser).
Crashes trying to save WebM (worked fine divx & mp4, although without sound, as I said).
[Version 1.50]

Julifos commented on 13 Oct 2012
Most intimidating screenshot ever seen ;-)

Seems like it includes a bunch of useful features, but lacks of some basics, such as a decent memory footprint, text encoding auto-detect (opens as Mac-Roman a '' html file) and specially OS integration (access to services, standard file browser in a "save as" or "open"dialog, etc.).
[Version 4.5.2]

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Julifos replied on 13 Oct 2012
* missing text: opens as Mac-Roman a meta charset=UTF-8...
Julifos commented on 25 Jun 2012
I'm not a pro, but I took a random photo on my HD and processed it thru JPEGmini, PS's "save for web" (60%), Preview (60%) and GraphicConverter's "save for web" (60%) and I can't see great differences, but for the final file size:
-original: 3,1 MB
-JPEGmini: 1,6 MB
-Preview 60%: 1,5 MB
-PS "save for web" 60%: 1,3 MB
-GC "save for web" 60%: 687 KB
[Version 1.2]

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Julifos replied on 25 Jun 2012
test: http://homepage.mac.com/julifos/archivos/jpegminitest/compr.html

note: the "original" there is already a pre-processed PS file (so not quite the true original, but the original in this test).

Julifos reviewed on 11 Apr 2012
Most of times, CPU/RAM-consuming flash threads are due to bad application design, not to the Flash Player itself, which is what we're judging here.

And, please, don't compare HTML5 (that non-standard-nothing) against a very different animal, which is a plug-in concibed to bring advanced features to the browser, just like Java or Unity apps. BTW, did you notice that previously, before the "html standards", browsers had a memory footprint similar to basic text editors or mail clients? Take a look to your main browser's threads and sum. Advanced features are not a low-cost, seamless transition ;-)

On my side, Flash Player uses to perform very well if you don't make use of pr0n-like websites (such as online magazines or newspapers). The Debugger version uses to be more buggy, but that's a reasonable behaviour when you're dealing intentionally with wrong code. Go blame the pr0n-like sites, so they hire good pros to create their ads, or just uninstall this absolutely optional "plug-in" if you can't find a real use for it.

For me, it's a top-ten if we take into account the broad audience, the long support to the internet community (you, youtube addicts and short-term gamers) and the overall performance across the years under smart developing conditions. Some critical bugs for the minorities persisted for a long time (such as weak unicode support in the text engine for linux and mac) and that's because I rate 3.5 for stability.
[Version 11.3.300.214]

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Julifos replied on 12 Apr 2012
Surely you can make a post in a blog explaining in detail such limitations or point to an existing one. I'm running a flash-based virtual world and I would be very interested.

Julifos replied on 14 Apr 2012
Well, there are many considerations to take into account. If that example video is in a totally unsolicited ad, then I understand the user hates it. But if that example video is the only reason because I arrived to that page, hosted in a site called "high-quality-music-videos.com", I wish it takes all the needed resources in my machine in order to play it the best quality and full-screen. I don't ever expect them to have low-quality versions (such as youtube). Or, if I'm offering a full-blown virtual world where you can interact with many people in real time, I'd expect that flash movie to take as much resources as possible to make it an enjoyable experience, just like if you were playing WoW full screen.

I don't really see an "automatic" way to inhibit or restrict resource usage without punishing at the same time good and bad developers.

For me, it's up to the web host the decission. For example, newspapers decide from time to time hosting ads containing hi-res video, loading external contents (ie, facebook data) and maybe with the worst programming available, as the marketing company ordered the developer to make the app so fast, without time for testing and so on... They're paying for the ad. The end-user is consuming 95% of resources to see the add, 5% to reach the contents. So, start the round: don't visit anymore that website or block the ads in your browser. That's the first step to make the things work better, IMHO. I think we should restrict bad habits, but not user habits. I deserve my rigths to install and run crap on my machine. Ie, what kind of "quality control" is that offered in the "app store" for the iPad/iPhone? I have my own quality controls, don't need someone else's, and we can't/shouldn't cap the users.

Your idea of controlling rendering and behaviour looks OK, but difficult to implement. What's up for example with movies not using many graphics resources, but loading 2MB of data only to display the info of all your friends in three social networks. Will you prevent as well loading external and unpredictable content? What if the man hosting the flash movies configures them all as high-quality and, appart from this, places 57 on every page? The "framework restrictions" have been broken. One more barrier is the user (that about "auto" you mentioned). It's the same. Auto or not auto? For me, it would be "auto" for some pages, "low" for others and "none" for most. If think it's better having a good content manager, where you can absolutely kill anything you want, including ads (flash or not flash-based), and everything tailored to your needs.

Anyway, I like that idea about the users having the option to render movies in "low quality mode" if they wish so, at least for that web browsing sessions when you must visit hundreds of sites in the same day ;-) I think this could be a new wonderful setting. And meanwhile a javascript-based extension for the main browsers: setup the "quality" tag to one of the available ones: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash/kb/flash-object-embed-tag-attributes.html#main_Optional_attributes => Although it still can be overrided from within the trojan horse, that's bad!
Julifos commented on 11 Dec 2011
The download seems to contain 2.0.2, which isn't launchable in Lion because "Python quit unexpectedly while using the QtCore.so plug-in."
[Version 2.0.3]

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Julifos replied on 11 Dec 2011
Yeah, already visited that page. The zip there (v 2.0.3) brings a 2.0.2 version dated from 2009. The source code points to a 404: . I found here a 2007 working jar file, as well as some dictionary files (just in case someone finds it useful): And after that I dropped further investigations ;-)

Julifos replied on 11 Dec 2011
links stripped, they were:
Old jar and some dictionary files:

Julifos rated on 24 Oct 2011
[Version 1.4.3]


Julifos reviewed on 03 Apr 2011
Add-on to prevent launching add-ons I installed previously. Hope I could apply this to politics ;-)
[Version 2.2b2]

Julifos rated on 11 Jan 2011
[Version 4.0]

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