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Julian Krainin reviewed on 17 Apr 2014
A very helpful and easy to use ap. As they add and improve functionality I'll add a star.
[Version 1.0.5]


Julian Krainin reviewed on 25 Aug 2012
DesktopLyrics is a pure pleasure and joy to use! If you enjoy lyrics and you find that having them displayed on a screen enhances your music experience, then this latest version of DesktopLyrics is well worth the modest $3.99 price. The newly added easily customizable features are simple, effective and in combination make for a delightful and handsome presentation. I don't understand those who quibble over a developer charging a very modest price for the effort he or she made to in order to create a very useful, practical and well designed piece of software. About a year ago I complained about what I felt was a problem in the earlier much simpler version of DesktopLyrics, By so doing likely inflicting what was probably disproportionate grief on the part of the developer. But as a result of my comment the developer promptly corrected the problem. This is an example of the responsive and attentive service provided by this developer. But the bottom line is that this is an excellent piece of software that works works well, looks great, is conveniently and easily customizable, overall a pleasure to use, and worth every penny of the $3.99 that is charged for it.
[Version 2.0.1]


Julian Krainin reviewed on 14 Nov 2009
FolderGlance is so valuable and works so flawlessly, that every time I use it (which is all the time!) I wonder why the Mac Operating System doesn't come with it already built in. This easy to use and seemingly simple application supplements the way I work so profoundly that the Macintosh experience would be noticeably less speedy, less fluid and certainly less fun without it. Moving a file, copying it to some other location, or making an alias of it somewhere, takes significantly less thinking and less time then it did before using FolderGlance. But FolderGlance has lots of other handy and nifty directly related functions as well as customized controls that I continue to discover as the weeks go by. It is thoughtfully and intelligently designed by a developer who is responsive to your questions and your requests for support. I am so dependent on FolderGlance now only a couple of months after purchasing it, that at this point I simple don't know how I'd get along without it. Please don't let my enthusiasm for this product lead you to believe that I am either somehow connected with this product or personally know the developer. Neither is true.
[Version 2.5.7]

Julian Krainin commented on 01 Oct 2009
Just one additional suggestion that I have for an extra feature that I forgot to include in my previous review of BusyCal. In the "New Event" and "New To Do" windows, include a mini-month so that you can simply click a date on the miniature month and thereby quickly enter a new date, instead of only being able to enter a new date by typing it in as numeric text in the conventional slower and slightly more cumbersome way.
[Version 1.0]


Julian Krainin reviewed on 01 Oct 2009
BusyCal is a winning calendar and scheduling program!!! It works flawlessly, and is very flexible, customizable and intelligently designed. BusyCal is a welcome solution if you have given up in frustration on Now X, after literally years of waiting, only to find Now X in its current state to be undependable, buggy, confusingly cluttered, overproduced, unintuitive, albeit at least relatively attractive to look at. To various degrees I have sampled as many PIMS as I could find for the Mac and have discovered all of them to be simply lacking, faulty, or unacceptable in various and important ways, including such programs as: SOHO Organizer 8, Contactizer Pro, UCalendar X, Things, Daylite, and my previous old standby Now Up-to-Date. In fact Now Up-to-Date which was originally a masterfully designed program, and way ahead of its time, (initially developed by the creator of BusyCal), no longer fully works in Snow Leopard. Now Up-to-Date's alarms and notifications are now inoperable, and according to one of their spokespersons, there are no plans to make it fully operable with current or future versions of the Mac System. Many have commented on how responsive both the developer and the business head of BusyCal are when it comes to suggestions and inquiries. However, there are still a few relatively minor extras as well as visual enhancements that I'd love to see added to BusyCal, but I suspect that because the two individuals who head this company have already proven themselves to be so responsive to suggestions, that we may see some or all of these features implemented in the near future. In no particular order, here are a few of my hoped for additions: (1) Improve the overall appearance of BusyCal by providing for the possibility of a variety of background color schemes or themes behind month, week and day views. (2) Create some shaded color difference between alternating lines of the To-Do list, such as currently exists in Now Up-to-date and Now X, which like the addition of background colors to months, weeks, and days, would serve to enormously enrich and liven up the overall look and feel of BusyCal. (3) Find a place to include a miniature set of adjacent monthly customizable calendars that you can choose to be always visible, and that display the current month and say the next two coming months, such that you can click on any date in these miniature monthly calendars, and you are shown that highlighted date in the current full calendar view. (4) In addition to a column style for the weekly view, also have the possibility of choosing a rectangular stacked block view of the days of one week, similar to what both Now Up-to-Dat and Now X offer. (5) For all To-Dos in addition to “Done” or “Completed” also have an additional option such as “In-process” or “Partially Done.” (6) Allow the “Find” and filter function to locate text in dated events and dated To-Dos that are not displayed in the current view. (7) Have the names of the days of the week customizable with regard to their size, color, boldness and font type, because currently the font size for the days of the week is too small and doesn't stand out enough. Improvements such as these would turn BusyCal into an even better and more attractive calendar and scheduler than it is now, and for single users, families or small organizations and business groups, as I've said, BusyCal is already the very best that there is!
[Version 1.0]

Julian Krainin had trouble on 31 Aug 2011
WARNING! Arrow keys completely malfunction with the current 1.3.5 version of DesktopLyrics running under Lion 10.7. At least for me that was my consistent and repeatedly demonstrable experience. Because there is no information out there yet about this issue and because it was completely unexpected, it took a combination of the Apple Genius Bar and AppleCare more than three hours to find the culprit responsible for my arrow keys improperly working or not working at all in my MacBook Pro. The arrow keys malfunction under DesktopLyrics 1.3.5 in menu lists, and file & folder lists as well as in text applications such as the current versions of Pages and Word for the Mac. Before this problem occurred I loved using DesktopLyrics and it worked very well. Hopefully this issue will be addressed promptly by its developers.
[Version 1.3.5]

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