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Jude22 reviewed on 16 Dec 2013
With version 4.1.1, AppDelete joins the ranks of only a very few uninstallers like iTrash in being able to truly get rid of every last bit of an app you wish to uninstall. In general, almost every uninstaller, while claiming to remove every last traces of an app, completely ignores hidden folders like for instance the one called "private" which has many sub-folders with receipts (.bom and .plist files), tmp files and other app files which are systematically recorder under ~private/var/db/ .

So, unlike practically every other uninstaller, AppDelete is able to search out and remove all of these files when uninstalling an app you don't want any more or when you are checking out an app and decide not to keep it anymore.

Among other features of AppDelete is the capability to see hidden files which allows the user to remove files that AppDelete might miss. AppDelete keeps getting better and better.

The tech support is very attentive, conscientious and responsive to ideas for new features or needed fixes.
[Version 4.1.1]


Jude22 reviewed on 05 Sep 2013
Version 4.05 is finally out and the search problem with the eternally spinning gear has been fixed!!! The tech support people told me that in the next part of this year, they are going to work on CleanApp per requests and complaints from the users. With the logging service, CleanApp is a good uninstaller IMHO.
[Version 4.0.5]

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Jude22 replied on 05 Sep 2013
One constructive criticism. The rating gauges which tell someone whether it is probably safe to delete an app's file are impossible to understand. Perhaps all that is needed is better explanations in the Help. Too, CleanApp no longer tells you if a file is shared by other apps and what those other apps are! Perhaps, that could be an added feature in the future.

Jude22 reviewed on 15 Jul 2013
This is easily the best installer/cleaner around. Several individuals have mentioned that CleanApp 4.0.3 never stops searching for Applications when you launch the app from the dock. You have to click "Widget" or some other task to stop the little gear from spinning endlessly...then you have to click reload to get the proper scan. I expected to see this fixed in 4.0.4, but apparently this is a more difficult task which hopefully will be fixed by 4.0.5 which I hope comes soon as this search problem is the only thing which seems gleamingly wrong with this otherwise hot app.
[Version 4.0.4]


Jude22 reviewed on 22 Jun 2012
A brand new version of Grappler 1.0.5 was just released Yesterday (6-22-12) and it totally works tremendously well. This is after many many months of the previous version not working at all. After much hard work, I am sure, the developer has done a fantastic job with this app. I rate it a five!!! Well worth the price.
[Version 1.0.5]


Jude22 reviewed on 30 Sep 2011
With version 1.1.2 of VidConvert comes some crucial bug fixes that make this little app shine. I now find that while I own "ultimate" converters that cost as much as $69.99 that most of the time it is just simpler to use this capable little app. Several reviews below address bugs in installation from earlier versions or problems that made it hard to see how fine this app works. Reggie has rapidly responded by fixing those problems for good and optimizing the video bitrates for the codecs, optimizing the speed and performance of previewing, joining (stitching together) clips and putting the finished clip in the correct output folder. Virtually all known issues have been address in my opinion. Now, all an interested user need do is download it, try it, like it as I do and then buy it!
[Version 1.1.2]


Jude22 reviewed on 27 Aug 2011
I think iTubeX version 9.0 is just so neat! Here are the features I like about it:

a) The new iTubeX is written in Cocoa from the ground up and runs more smoothly.
b) The interface looks like the latest Safari browser and is very streamlined in appearance.
c) Multi-downloading
d) when you choose a video to download from any site like YouTube...get this!...a panel comes up which lists all the .flv and.mp4 files available to download in descending order of quality with the top-notch quality video highlighted for you already!
e) ITubeX has a lauchpad like Lion does!! It is called Quick Launch. Rather than line up all your other media apps like video converters, video clip editors, DVD creators, etc. on your already crowded Lion's doc, you can configure those apps which are your favorite in Quick Launch. After downloading a clip, clicking Quick Launch allows you to launch one of these apps or even a group of your favorite apps from within iTubeX without having to ever levee iTubeX! iTubeX is like a mini-Lion because of Quick Launch. To me, this makes iTubeX the "control tower" of the airport for my audio/video experience.
f) Lastly, when you launch a video app or a group of video apps which use a lot of memory and you need every last drop, you can check off that you want iTubeX to shut off after launching that app, thus freeing up valuable ram.

I have been a fanatic enthusiast of Joris' for the last couple of years. I didn't expect this great and feature-loaded version which makes downloading so fun and easy and productive.
[Version 9.0]


Jude22 reviewed on 08 Aug 2011
Perhaps the manual statement reconciling method could be simplified. It is not hard to understand how to do that kind of reconciling, just takes a long time, that's all.

I found the page of complaints below to be pure non-sense! here are my points:

1) It is impossible for the overall UI to be ugly as the guy states because virtually every column, every color, every kind of "transition" from one register of one account to another has 14 ways to customize. The interface is the best Apple provides developers and in preferences one can change shade, gradient, etc. of the side panels and trim around the UI. The app is pretty as it is...or can be changed by the user to her heart's content.

2) It is impossible for the developers to be flippant. they wrote me when I needed help and when on occasion I needed more I received a full page and a half reply, telling me step by step how to do something. They were concerned, attentive to the point of hand-holding and thoughtfully conscientious.

3) The Splits are a snap. what is this fuss over intuitiveness. With the examples in the help, anyone can figure it out if it doesn't come naturally...can't believe the fuss below about splits.

4) Its okay to not like a financial app. That's why there are other apps around more to someone's liking. But it is a cheap shot to say that all the five star ratings are fakes. how does that guy know one way or the other. It's slanderous for all intents and purposes.

5) Notice how kind and attentive the developer was in this litany of complaints on this page by this one user!? This is flippant? no. this is customer service for the developers to put themselves out like this below in front of millions of comment readers on Macupdate. It takes faith in your product, a kind heart and knowledgeability to fend off the guy who wrote in below.

6) As for the guy, I do not attack him. He seems to mean well. he just seems mad that everything was to his liking and doesn't know when to shove off to another application! Yet, much was learned about SEE Finance, its developers and a few things that will be improved in the future so these litanies of posts by this guy have actually helped everyone here on this comment/review column.

I think SEE Finance is a breath of fresh air myself. If someone doesn't think so, move on, Pal. If you complain so much, however, I am sure it could be done privately and if not, I am sure this developer will revise any imperfections pointed out by the earnest user through concise, well-thought out critiques or criticisms of the product...not a novella or a tome however.

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Jude22 replied on 08 Aug 2011
Oh, obviously, I am referring to the commentary of Mr. DthDunn. I want to make it clear that I am not making fun of him or ridiculing him in any way. He brought up some interesting points and meant well, I am sure. But, based on what he said in his comments, he cannot blame the developer(s) for providing correction of inaccuracies even if the developers called it "technical support" in order to be polite and Mr. DthDunn claims he never asked for it...

Jude22 replied on 11 Aug 2011
Pzs, your point is well taken and I stand corrected. What is more important here is that developer staff at SEE Finance spoke directly to the issue of flippancy which you experienced...
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