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Jsh commented on 11 Oct 2011
Hung on install. geez. try to reinstall, and I get the "waiting for other installations to complete". What a crock! C'mon Apple! More and more like Microcrap.
[Version 10.5]

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Jsh replied on 11 Oct 2011
Second attempt was successful. Must've been something else. (Lion is not the best OS in its current state, which is the source of a lot of my issues.)

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Jsh reviewed on 03 Jan 2011
java error when launching. no explanation.
[Version 100.0]

Jsh commented on 10 Nov 2010
I cannot get this update to install. I tried the Combo updater and the Software Update approach, and both times, it's still 10.6.4 in About My Mac...

I received the Helvetica error also.
[Version 10.6.5]

Jsh commented on 17 Jul 2010
WIsh it had an interactive, software-based baseball scorecard so you can enter each play in real time as the game is being played. I've been looking for a Mac-based baseball scorecard for years... rather than using the ol paper based scorecard.
[Version 3.4]

Jsh commented on 13 Jul 2010
Does this update fix the bug reported at


[Version 1.4.2f5075]

Jsh commented on 23 Jun 2010
Doesn't 1Password already do this, or not? Just asking.
[Version 1.5.9]

Jsh commented on 15 Jun 2010
I've had none of the issues listed. So why would I upgrade?
[Version 10.6.4]

Jsh commented on 09 Mar 2010
Not on their site yet. Wish MacUpdate would wait until the company itself posts the update.
[Version 5.0.9344]

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Jsh replied on 09 Mar 2010
Not available via "Check for Updates" yet either, as of 5:15 EST

Jsh replied on 10 Mar 2010
Yes, the Parallels Updater is what I meant - although going to their site, there's no "update" per se, just the opportunity to download a trial.

Jsh replied on 10 Mar 2010
Hey, thanks, Misha - appreciate the real-time response!
Jsh commented on 13 Jan 2010
First step to getting out of debt - don't pay $28 for a program that says it'll help you get out of debt!
[Version 3.2.2]

Jsh commented on 11 Dec 2009
Not too bad. I agree with another poster - totally non-Mac like. Plus, it doesn't recognize screen edges - hints pop up and run off the edge of the display.
[Version 1.5.0]

Jsh had trouble on 29 Oct 2010
broken link
[Version 2.7]

Jsh had trouble on 06 Nov 2006
Same issue here - can't install due to privileges problem.
[Version 3.11.14]

Jsh had trouble on 31 May 2006
How do you control the aiming of the weapon?
[Version 1.0.2]

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