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Jreffner reviewed on 25 Oct 2013
This app is no longer listed on Metakine's site. Is it discontinued?

It was the best at what it di, but just like the last person to post, there were problems with versions 7 & 8 that were never resolved. I suppose thats because they knew it was going to be abandoned. Sad, this was a very easy and flexible transcoder. I especially loved the ability to do hard or soft subtitles.
[Version 8.0.3]

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Jreffner replied on 26 Oct 2013

Thanks for the info. I hope it is going to live on. It is a great app.

Jreffner reviewed on 18 Jun 2013
Well, I'm done as well. There is no way I'm renting this software. But rather than complain, I'd appreciate Photoshop alternatives. Please feel free to list them for us all.

[Version 14.0]

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Jreffner replied on 20 Jun 2013
I will check those two out. Thanks. Also, I agree that CS6 still works, but eventually I'll need to switch. Perhaps it is simply better to switch sooner rather than later.

Jreffner reviewed on 10 Dec 2012
There are some situations where a person must have access to an administrative account, but you want to keep them out of personal stuff. For example, my wife runs a doctor's office. Her employee must have access to a particular app. That app required an administrative account. Giving someone an administrative account can allow them to access your data. This app works great. We used to use Espionage, but they removed the ability to password protect an app in version 3. So, since it is now useless for us, we were very happy to find Mac App Blocker.

I'd love to see this for iOS.
[Version 2.0]


Jreffner reviewed on 20 Oct 2012
I've never been a victim of computer theft, but I have been a user since version 1. That being said, I have been very impressed with each upgrade. Especially version 5. Orbicule is very creative with the features they have added. I'm especially impressed with the ner HQ features...
[Version 5.1.1]

Jreffner commented on 16 Oct 2012
Thank you to everyone who has posted here. I'll stay with version 10 and not waste my money.
[Version 11.0]


Jreffner reviewed on 02 Oct 2012
First of all, this is the best spam filter for the Mac OS period. I've used it for over 6 years. Nothing else touches it.

Secondly, The support is amazing. Mountain Lion screwed up my Mail app. Long story short, after 5 days of Michael helping me try to fix SpamSieve (which was only messed up because of Mountain Lion's Mail...) he eventually made me a version of SpamSieve that not only fixed it, but also fixed my Mail problems!

Honestly, what more could you ask for? Buy his app. It works, and you'll be supported!
[Version 2.9.5]


Jreffner reviewed on 02 Oct 2012
I must admit that I'm very impressed with this software. AirServer may be great for AirPlaying my iOS source to my Mac, but I needed something to AirPlay a video from a web browser to my Apple TV. Air Parrot does it, and does it well!

I don't have to, (but can) Mirror the Mac or PC to the AppleTV, but even better is that I can AirPlay a specific app (such as Safari) so that I can watch an episode on regular Hulu, or a major network site such as ABC.

Why would I do this? Simple, if it isn't on Hulu Plus, NetFlix, or Amazon, and it is on Hulu or a netwok site, I can watch it on my TV!

Yes, I tried watching it on the Boxee browser from a Boxee box, but it has some massive Flash limitations. Air Parrot works with it all!
[Version 1.4.3]

Jreffner commented on 28 Jul 2012
So will there be a version For Mountain Lion?
[Version 1.0]


Jreffner reviewed on 10 May 2012
Just like iPhoto it hangs towards the end of the installation. Only on this MacBook. The iMac and Mac Pro are always fine. If your laptop hangs with iPhoto installs, it will probably hang with the 10.7.4 combo installer too.
[Version 10.7.4]


Jreffner reviewed on 03 Mar 2012
There is no better way to back up and especially restore your Windows drive/partition than with WinClone. I've tried backing up from within Windows. It Sucks. Yes, even Acronis. It's not consistent. WinClone is the only way you can easily restore your entire Windows drive in one swift process. I've restore three times with this app and it has never failed. $20.00 is a bargain for what it does.
[Version 3.0.1]

Jreffner had trouble on 01 Mar 2013
Flip4Mac WMV Advanced
Flip4Mac WMV Import

Both QuickTime plug ins cause other apps such as Epson scanner and Timbuktu Pro to crash.

I'm using of F4M, and the latest of everything else.

Jreffner had trouble on 26 Feb 2013
Is LS 3.0.3 why my Java quits at startup or is it something else?
[Version 3.0.3]

Jreffner had trouble on 20 Jan 2013
Am I the only one who updated CloudStation on his DiskStation and was then told that the client is out of date? 2291 is what I'm running and appears to be the latest.

[Version 2291]

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