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Jppagliaro reviewed on 19 Dec 2012
It does what it says it does in the documentation & the main feature of blending is very time-saving, it is very easy to use, very fairly priced considering the amount of work it saves you, and seems very stable.
[Version 1.0.2]

Jppagliaro commented on 19 Dec 2012

In this update, PhotosBlender now has a fully functional demo.

The demo writes a transparent green word, "Demo," in the middle of each image in the blend.

This update also enables full resolution images in the result.

Ciao, Joe.
[Version 1.0.2]

Jppagliaro commented on 24 Oct 2010
This is a developer comment in reply to some of the other user feedback:

I just took a quick look at BwanaDik, looks good. Does very similar basic operation, but these are different applications. Also, the preferences have been moved into the app itself, rather than requiring a separate preference pane. This is something I will be incorporating into all my menu bar applications over time, in the near future.

IPSentinelStatus, although not free, is part of a bundle, my "Utilities Bundle." When you register any utility in the bundle, including IPSentinelStatus, you get all of them! I think that's quite an unusual deal and package of Mac Apps for such a low price, and upgrades to everything is always free. So give them a try! This is the home page for the Utility Bundle:

Finally, if anyone finds missing features or problems, in any of my applications, that they would like incorporated or fixed, just let me know. I always try to accommodate your suggestions, in any product I write. This is how the a product evolves. I am very accessible via email. Check out the website at: I check email much more frequently than the reviews because of time constraints. Please accept my apology for that, and I look forward to hearing from you in email!

[Version 1.1.5]

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Jppagliaro replied on 16 Apr 2012
I may be able to work out an option to achieve a menuless app; contact me directly at There are various approaches that can be taken.

For the other reply: $14.99 is the price for the entire utility bundle which IPSentinelStatus is a part of. The utilities are described here:

As for file size difference, isn't that difference in app size a bit irrelevant these days? I could see this a valid complaint, say, ten years ago. Hard drives continue to get larger and larger each year, not to mention generally cheaper - is this not true?

I am sorry to say I am not in this business just for fun. It is a lot of fun for sure, but I do have bills too, so I must charge money for my work. Do you get paid for your work? Sorry!

Jppagliaro replied on 16 Apr 2012
I just checked out Bwanadik, and although I do not like to point out deficiencies in other developers products, I must point this out since I was pressed for exhibiting a different between IPSentinelStatus and that product.

So, how about this, noted by that developer, for the last version:

"Ability to send email alerts removed, as Apple removed the ability to do this in Cocoa under 10.5."

IPSentinelStatus sends email alerts for changes to both internal and external IP addresses. And, this latest version now supports mail servers that require SSL, like Gmail.

I think if you do a detailed comparison of these two products you will find they are significantly different in that the feature sets only over lap in basically one way: they display IP address in menu bar.

And once again, I will point out, IPSentinelStatus is not sold by itself, but is a member of a very large software bundle of utilities I wrote for the Mac:

It's probably one of the best priced and useful software bundles that exists for the Mac.
Limit Point Software (developer) commented on 12 Dec 2007
DropImageURL is a "Staff Pick" at Apple.

[Version 1.0.5]

Limit Point Software (developer) commented on 25 Sep 2007
Picture Switcher is not free, the developer is asking $30 for it.
[Version 1.1]

Limit Point Software (developer) commented on 27 Aug 2007
Seatubes is just one program in the Limit Point Software Utilities Bundle.

See: for a complete listing of the included software.

When you donate you receive a password which unlocks ALL the software indefinitely (not just Seatubes,) including free upgrades to all.
[Version 1.0.6]

Limit Point Software (developer) commented on 27 Jun 2007
Some users were complaining of sluggish text field's in the Configuration editor. The cause was:

The current browser URL is displayed in certain menu items of the "Grab" menu. As it turns out keyboard processing is related to menu updating, unfortunately, and that caused an overhead when the program was checking for the current URL in the your browser as characters were being typed into certain text fields of the program.

This has been fixed by adding an option in Preferences to display full menu items in the "Grab" menu. This option is off by default. To edit the option select "Preferences..." from the Blue Crab menu, and then select the "Behavior" pane.
Turn the option on by selecting the "Show full titles in "Grab current web page" menu items.
[Version 4.9]

Limit Point Software (developer) commented on 29 May 2007
Well, I don't consider your review "real" for a few reasons, which boil down to a sense of unfairness I have about it. I'll point out some of them:

First of all your star rating is highly suspcious. For example, you give stability a 1 star rating yet didn't provide any examples of how the program is unstable. The other ratings also seem a bit harsh. I think that people who give 1 star overall ratings are likely being unfair.

Then you list your problems with the program, the first of which was the startup window. Restricting demo programs in such ways is common practice, and I don't think it warrants mention in a "review." When real reviewers want to use the program I usually provide a free password so that the window isn't a usiance and they can conduct their experiements without the window displaying.

You also don't point out what specific sites you had trouble with, at least in a personal email to me. If you had then I could at least determine if there is indeed a problem that needs to be addressed or not. I'm just curious about why you won't send me the URL of the websites that are causing you problems. Perhaps I can offer a suggestion on how to get it to work better on those sites, or resolve a possible bug in the program, if one exists. The web is a big place, and I know there are sites that don't work as well as others. But I find it hard to believe that Blue Crab doesn't do as well as others on your sites. And until you can prove me wrong I can't change my opinion on that. But if you can then I will openly admit I was wrong ;-)

As for the sluggish text field, I do know that there was once an issue of that nature, fixed a long time ago. I'd like to know what version of Blue Crab you are using to be sure you have that fix, because I am not receiving problem reports from others of that nature.

Finally, and most importantly, most real reviews provide the pros and cons of each program, not just the one they are seemingly trying to knock. It seems to me that your "review" is more of a means to another end.
[Version 4.8.9]

Limit Point Software (developer) commented on 08 May 2007
Oh, by the way. You seem to think I don't put serious work into my utilities, so why don't you go look at the reviews for my other utility, AddMovie, over here:

Seems some people disagree with you. Then maybe you can jump off the QuitsApps heckler bandwagon :-)
[Version 1.0.3]

Limit Point Software (developer) commented on 20 Apr 2007
Version 1.1.7 provides the option to not "flatten" movies, so that the joined movies may be referenced or self-contained.
[Version 1.1.6]

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