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Jp7 reviewed on 02 Jan 2014
I wrote to the developers asking if this was abandonware and the reply was "retired."
[Version 3.3.8]

Jp7 commented on 17 Dec 2013
I have version 5.5.5 installed. Today I upgraded to OS 10.9.1. Now every time I reboot Netshade says it needs to install a helper tool. Little Snitch stays out of it. I install. Next time I reboot, it wants to reinstall a helper for Netshade again. What's up?
[Version 5.4.4]

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Jp7 replied on 17 Dec 2013
Sorry, 5.4.4
Jp7 commented on 08 Nov 2013
This updater breaks GPG Mail. Going to the GPG blog they say to reinstall GPG Suite and restart the computer. That did not work for me.

Turns out you download PGP Mail 2.1 on MacUpdate and install while is off. Then restart your computer. After it restarts open Mail and check Mail preferences. GPG is back.

However, if you click on "Updates Check Now," a newer version of GPG Mail 2.1 is available (Build 601). It installs within I restarted my computer again and everything seems good again.
[Version 1.0]


Jp7 reviewed on 13 Feb 2013
Well, it's version 6 now and $49 for the Hybrid version= mac and windows. I work on my mac, but have to post EMR on a hospital windows 7 machine. My USB is formatted for PC so it works fine between Macs, but when I put the usb in the windows machine and clicked on the only icon showing, it says "wrong disk." Go figure. It's possible a hospital IT administrator may have to give an initial OK before this will work on a PC. Put in a request and maybe they'll get to you.

The website is confusing and I did not see an immediate way to email support. I'm also aware I'm not going to put a lot of effort into figuring out the problem-I'll ask for a refund from PayPal. That may seem harsh, but I wanted a quick painless solution. So far, this is not it.
[Version 4.0]


Jp7 reviewed on 31 Dec 2012
The inability to easily edit the built in templates ruined this program for me. Except for that, it met my needs. However the template that was best for my work was too pale--grey and reddish--so that when I emailed my invoice and they printed it out, they could not read it. I wasted most of a day trying to work around the problem, but I'm done with it for good now... A major problem for an otherwise excellent program.
[Version 3.7.6]


Jp7 reviewed on 07 Aug 2012
I have been using ML since it's day 1 release on a 2.7 GHz Core i5 iMac w/ 8 gig of ram and a 13" 2.3 GHz Core i5 MPB w/ 8 gig ram. Both are noticeably faster now than when with Lion, and I have not had one system or application lockup--correction--Dragon Dictate. Lion on the other hand had app crashes and at least weekly system freezes.

I don't like that printers and the archival utility do not automatically quit, but hopefully this will be addressed in an update. I don't like that Safari's cache cannot be easily cleared and just keeps getting bigger and bigger, but PrivacyScan deals with that.

Most of the day I am on a computer. Most of my apps are Internet or research oriented, or word processors. I don't do much intensive imaging or gaming.

Often the first few weeks of a new operating system can be pretty painful. Other than waiting for Snapz Pro to get up to speed, this has been a painless experience for me.

All-in-all, I'm pleased.
[Version 10.8]

Jp7 commented on 02 Aug 2012
Free download didn't work via Safari 6, but PayPal did.
[Version 1.0.2]

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Jp7 replied on 02 Aug 2012
Actually, when the download opened it said it was damaged.

Jp7 reviewed on 09 Mar 2012
God I hate Intuit, but I must be addicted to hitting my thumb with a hammer because I've kept on doing it all these years. When I had to go to Quicken Essentials with Lion from Quicken 2007 I was ticked. iBank just doesn't do it, although I gave it a trial period--on two different occasions. So when I saw an opportunity to go back to 2007 on Lion I bit for another $14.95 plus tax. Well there's that thumb again. Despite following their instructions, regardless of one's alleged ability to set export range dates, Quicken Essentials decided for itself what it would export to 2007. Plus, it truncated 6 of my accounts. Importing into 2007 lost six months of transactions in my main checking account. When I tried to connect to my bank online with 2007, it wouldn't connect despite the correct password, and I was locked out and had to change my password with my bank. So screw Intuit, I'm getting that refund I was promised within 60 days. Well after taking me to a refund link, it's not letting me check the refund box. I'll give it another try on Monday, but refund or not, it's the last $ Intuit will see from me. I changed from TurboTax this year to H&R Block because I'm so sick of them. Burn...
[Version 16.1.0]


Jp7 reviewed on 28 Feb 2012
After trying it an liking it since it came out, I uninstalled it today. Despite adding our emails to our iPhones; yesterday it started failing if she was not on wifi. It didn't automatically then send SMS as it had been doing before. Missed several texts that screwed communication up.

When it's in 10.8 I believe it will slide in and out of the right side of the screen. It's too big and clunky hanging out all the time--especially on a 13" MBP.
[Version 6.1]


Jp7 reviewed on 02 Dec 2011
Developer's site says version 3.3.8 is best for Lion.

I wish MacUpdate would let ratings be adjusted. They should all be 5s.
[Version 3.3.7]

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