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Joshmunkey commented on 18 Jun 2013
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[Version 14.0]

Joshmunkey commented on 18 Jun 2013
Anybody else feel that Macupdate should change "Buy" to "Rent"? I mean, it's just more correct.
[Version 14.0]

Joshmunkey commented on 19 Feb 2013
iTunes, as it is right now, is such an incredible let down. The UI is the gateway to any application, and 11 has one of the worst I've personally ever seen. I've never had to roll back an Apple application before, but I did with this.
[Version 11.0.2]

Joshmunkey commented on 14 Feb 2013
Nice little application, works wonder with social media sites that I always want quick access to. More complex sites that utilize certain plug-ins are a drag at times though, such that they may not work without tweaks here and there, or not even at all. Netflix Instant and HBO Go are some examples.

I came across a solution for getting Netflix Instant Streaming to run on fluid: Change the default User Agent in the plist file. Instant will run if you change the User Agent from default to Safari, but it reverts back with every start up. To change that:

Right click the fluid-created Netflix app, and go to Show Package Contents. Go to Contents folder, then Resources folder, then open UserAgentStrings.plist up in your choice of editor (in 10.6.8, I used TextEdit). In the "Default (Automatically Chosen)" string, the default is listed as "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X %d_%d_%d) AppleWebKit/%@ (KHTML, like Gecko) %@ Version/%@ Safari/%@". If you look below, there's a whole host of other strings, such as Safari, iOS Safari, IE, Firefox, etc. Figure out which one enables Instant for you, copy that string, and paste it in the place of the default. Save the plist, and reopen the Netflix app; Instant should now work. Not sure if updates will bork this trick, but quitting the application certainly doesn't.

As for HBO Go, I haven't figured that out yet. Whenever I try and login with my provider, it jumps me to Safari and the HBO app remains on a grey page with no activity. If anyone can give some advice, that would be lovely.
[Version 1.6.1]

Joshmunkey rated on 31 Dec 2012
[Version 2.7.2]

Joshmunkey commented on 05 Nov 2012
MakeMKV has always worked without a hitch on my system (iMac, 10.6.8) though the DASPI 1.3 kext basically tanked my system upon install. I had done the usual preventative measures of permission checks, restarts, etc before install, but even then install forced a blank folder icon at reboot and forced me to reset SMC. Thankfully I was able to pull it back into order and uninstall.

MakeMKV: Worth the download.
[Version 1.7.9]

Joshmunkey commented on 18 Oct 2012
Amongst anime fansub consumers, VLC has always been the butt of many jokes, with stalwart MPC + CCCP hailed as the only true choice for aficionados. Nowadays though, especially in the OSX environment, VLC is a powerhouse of stability and functionality, a key component in ones media arsenal that stands above the default stagnant Quicktime option and easily rivals the sleek group of Mplayer spinoffs.

Paired with Handbrake, it's the most productive combination of media tools in my applications folder.
[Version 2.0.4]

Joshmunkey commented on 15 Sep 2012
Extremely buggy compared to even slightly older versions. What happened? Major downgrade to quality control. Simple mp4 files crash it, as well as matroska. 10.6.8 iMac.
[Version 1.0.17]

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Joshmunkey replied on 15 Sep 2012
Just checked and rechecked, looks like there was a binary recompiling that fixed the crashing issues. If you have crashes, get version 1630 1.0.17, not 1627.
Joshmunkey commented on 31 Jul 2011
ffmpegX used to be my go-to for video encoding... and it still has that potential, if Major has some big things up his sleeve that he's been keeping hush-hush for years. But frankly, applications like Handbrake have suited me fine for quite some time in ffmpegX's absence. It'll take some convincing to draw me back, but I'll keep apprised of where ffmpegX goes in the coming weeks/months.

If Major wants to really wow me, he'll tackle an area relatively neglected by most encoding apps: robust handling of stylized subtitles ((advanced) substation alpha) with regards to burn-in on encoding. It's an anime fan niche to be sure, but frankly with how jam-packed the encoder app scene is these days maybe appeasing a subculture would be a smart way to stand out.
[Version 0.0.9y-L]

Joshmunkey commented on 30 Jul 2010
Possible issue with H264 videos under 10.5.8 with version 4.2.0:

Symptoms: All H.264 video muxed into an .mkv container come up as green screens when played on Quicktime (7.6.6) with Perian installed (1.2.1), will not play through MPlayer OSX Extended rev13, but will play through VLC (1.1.2). Xvid video appears unaffected by the muxing process and plays fine in an .mkv container regardless of application.

Steps: Open MKVMerge. Add existing .mkv file with H.264 video. Choose desired streams. Mux. Once completed, open file in applications listed.

Note: H.264 video (identical to problem files) muxed into an .mkv container under previous builds of MKVMerge, played through the same applications, work without issue.
[Version 4.2.0_2010-07-28-5549]

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Joshmunkey replied on 20 Aug 2010
Pacanug- Are you also running 10.5? Unless my memory deceives me, I remember previous builds listing 10.6 as a requirement- When I saw 10.5, I was surprised but thought nothing of it and was actually happy to see it. Maybe this is where some of the issues are arising from?

Joshmunkey replied on 28 Aug 2010
Well if it's not OS-based as an issue, and seeing as how numerous applications vary on handling the outputted files, I'm thinking that it may be a systemic issue within the build of MKVToolsnix that somehow applications with looser or broader tolerances can handle, while others cannot. This is something that the dev should be made aware of, though whether they check these comments or not is something I am not sure of.

Joshmunkey replied on 02 Sep 2010
In case anyone wants to roll back to an older version...

Joshmunkey replied on 10 Sep 2010
No problem. I'm still wondering what the developer's feedback on this issue is. Has anybody tested the latest version (4.3.0) with 10.5/10.6 and had positive results using the methods of error reproduction I posted above?

I've also noted that the dev team behind the WDTV product line put out a recent beta firmware upgrade to address issues pertaining to MKVMerge... I'm wondering if this issue extends beyond OSX and has permeated throughout all of the varying OS builds?
Joshmunkey had trouble on 13 Dec 2013
OSX 10.6.8, all updates, MPlayerX 1.0.20

Had 1.0.17 running just fine, update popped up, ran it, restart, application wouldn't launch and gave a -35 error when trying to start up an .m2ts file which played fine immediately before update. Ran a .mkv file through it, which worked, now it plays the same .m2ts fine and seems to have fixed the -35 error. Not sure how to qualify that as the problem resolved itself but maybe something worth investigating for the next update.
[Version 1.0.20]

Joshmunkey had trouble on 22 Nov 2012
Sort of an odd situation, but I've discovered that mplayerx doesn't use the standardized method for frame by frame advancement on pause that Quicktime uses (left & right arrows). The right arrow will advance 1 frame at a time per click, but the left arrow will jump the video back back 10 seconds.

Would be nice if the developer could standardize these things in the next build to be consistent with other players (and user expectations).

Latest build, using 10.6.8
[Version 1.0.17]

Joshmunkey had trouble on 21 May 2009
Again, RiDATA DVD+R DL troubles. This time Burn 2.3u, but thankfully it ejected the DVD rather than going in infinite loop.

DRErrorStatusKey = {
DRErrorStatusAdditionalSenseStringKey = "Focus servo failure";
DRErrorStatusErrorKey = -2147352542;
DRErrorStatusErrorStringKey = "The device failed to respond properly, unable to recover or retry.";
DRErrorStatusSenseCodeStringKey = 04;
DRErrorStatusSenseKey = ;
DRStatusCurrentSessionKey = 1;
DRStatusCurrentSpeedKey = 3324;
DRStatusCurrentTrackKey = 1;
DRStatusPercentCompleteKey = -1;
DRStatusProgressInfoKey = {
DRStatusProgressCurrentKPS = 3250.39599609375;
DRStatusProgressCurrentXFactor = 2.299999952316284;
DRStatusStateKey = DRStatusStateFinishing;
DRStatusTotalSessionsKey = 1;
DRStatusTotalTracksKey = 1;

The error list continues for a while. Can post more data if needed.
[Version 2.3u]

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Joshmunkey commented on 22 May 2009
Coincidentally, I verified that the batch of DVD+R DL's from RiDATA were without error or issue with the inner workings of OSX just tonight by using Apple's Disk Utility application. It handled the burn fine and reported back zero errors. The content was the exact same as what I wanted Burn 2.3u to handle. Very odd.

Burn handles my other standard DVD's just fine, so I guess that I'll just go to the Disk Utility in the future if I want to burn a DL. Too bad it cost me 2 DVD+R DL's to find out the proper course of action...
Joshmunkey had trouble on 10 May 2009
Encountered major error when burning RiDATA DVD+R DL. Application hung indefinitely in "closing session" phase before verification could begin. Allowed copious amounts of time to see if app would fix itself. It didn't. Quit yielded no results; force quit disappeared UI but app hung in dock. DVD would not mount on desktop nor eject by any means. Force rebooted, but DVD still in burn mode would not allow the computer to reboot. Cut power, rebooted. DVD would not mount nor eject. Rebooted again, this time holding eject button at chime. Worked. Following link has screen cap of error report:
[Version 2.2u]

Joshmunkey had trouble on 19 Aug 2007
application will not start up, period. no action on the dock, nothing. no blips from Activity Monitor either. running G4 533 dual processor (Digital Audio), 768 RAM, OS 10.3.9, all updates current.
[Version 1.0.2]

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