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Jools912 reviewed on 25 Feb 2012
This is a great app. By far the best of all the CSS Sprite creation utilities that have appeared over recent months..

It consistently creates the smallest sprite sheet, in both file size and physical dimensions. CSS minifying options would be a welcome enhancement.

The interface is very slick, easy to use and bug free.

Clearly a lot of thought has been put into it.
[Version 1.2.2]

Jools912 commented on 31 Jan 2012
A full version jump just for a single bug fix?

Surely this should've been v1.0.1?
[Version 2.0]

Jools912 rated on 07 Sep 2011
[Version 3.0.3]


Jools912 reviewed on 21 Jun 2011
Absolutely awful. Looks like it was designed by a Windows programmer with no Mac design, UI, usability skills whatsoever.

Apart from the completely non-Mac standard UI and the picture of a hippo (WTF?) this does nothing that Spotlight (already built-in to Mac OS X) doesn't do infinitely better.

It doesn't even do a live search as you type to find applications.

Why use a floppy disk icon for saving preferences? When did Macs last have a floppy disk?

The Preferences menu in the app is grayed out, so you have to click a non-standard Blue "i" icon, which brings up a window labelled "About".

In the "Statistics" tab there are 3 icons, two of which are identical with no clue as to what they do. In fact the 2 identical icons appear to do nothing!

For some unknown reason this "About" window is slightly transparent, and when you close it, does a 3D flip before just vanishing. Why?

Pointless, poorly implemented animation, for a completely pointless app.

If this is the sort of rubbish Windows programmers are bringing to the Mac, please stay on Windows...
[Version 0.5.3]

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Jools912 replied on 22 Jun 2011
Thanks for the response, Steve. Here's mine:

1) Apple are constantly refining, enhancing and pushing the boundaries of their OS & app UI design. There's no mistaking iTunes or Garageband for Mac applications designed by Apple. HippoLaunch looks like a Windows application. There's been no attempt to make it look anything like a Mac app, or improve upon the current Mac UI.

2) The cupcake in Truphone is little more than a 'wallpaper' behind the application and obscures nothing. The hippo in HippoLaunch obscures potentially useful information behind the launcher, and flickers badly when moving up and down the app list. The hippo in the About window is sufficient, but not the one in the main application UI. The day Apple starts putting random animals in the main interface of their applications is the day I stop using a Mac.

3) HippoLaunch is not an iOS app, so I don't understand why you're making that comparison. Plus, most animations in iOS apps do serve a feedback, navigational or orientational purpose, due to the single window nature of iOS. How often do you re-install a Mac to see that screen-turning animation? Far less often than visiting the Preferences of this application. Plus, the screen-turning animation actually switches between different screens of information. The 3D flip in HippoLaunch just shows the same info before vanishing.

5) Spotlight is way faster for me even on old G5/G4 Macs. Spotlight is built-in to the OS, so there's no separate application to run. Spotlight learns the most frequent results and puts them at the top. Spotlight updates the results live as you type.

To launch Safari in Spotlight I just press Cmd-Space, type 's' and press Return.

To launch Safari in HippoLaunch (assuming its already running), I press Cmd-Return (not Cmd-Enter as stated in the instructions), type 'sa' (at a minimum to avoid too many matches), press Return, press down, highlight Safari, press Return.

How is HippoLaunch quicker? I don't have any need to know how many times I've launched a particular application.

A few more points:

a) You're unable to dismiss the HippoLaunch window without actually launching an application or quitting it.

b) You're unable to hide the app icon in the Dock like many other application launchers can.

c) You're unable to drag and move the HippoLaunch window.

d) Visual artifacts around the X button and 'i' button when clicked upon.

e) Clicking in the HippoLaunch window doesn't make the application active, so the menu bar is not accessible. You have to click the icon in the dock to be able to quit it.

f) Preferences menu is grayed out. Why is it there if you can't use it?

g) Even though there is a HippoLaunch icon in the Dock, clicking it doesn't invoke the launcher window.

h) Clicking between the 3 curved boxes in the HippoLaunch interface causes a nasty flashing effect.

i) What does the "i" in the Blue icon stand for? I presumed it was 'i' for 'info'. But in the documentation, it say's pressing the 'Info' icon brings up "Preferences", yet the window that appears is labelled "About". Sorry, but careless inconsistencies like this make the application look amateurish.

j) Why not use standard Mac-style icons for the ones in the Statistics window (which I now see have tooltips describing their functions), instead of Windows-style icons?

k) In the description it says "I want to hit my chosen key combination", however you can't actually make your own choice, you can only choose Cmd-Return (not Enter as stated) or Cmd-Space (which doesn't work as it conflicts with Spotlight unless you turn the Spotlight shortcut off).


Jools912 reviewed on 22 Dec 2010
Still no publishing to MobileMe iDisk in v1.7

"Rapidweaver" and "Courier" (also from RealMac) both support MobileMe so it's not like they'd have to program support from scratch. Users have been requesting it on their forums for years, and still this feature request goes ignored.
[Version 1.7]

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