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Jonnyg75 reviewed on 05 Jan 2010
I think this could be great if they just had a way to use/upload your screenshot from your clipboard instead of having to save it to the desktop first. A java gui ( or something similar) even on the pull down from the menu bar would be great to just "command-v" and paste my screenshot and hit upload. That would be golden!
[Version 1.04]

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Jonnyg75 commented on 05 Jan 2010
yah i noticed that after posting my review. One major problem still though is if you choose to take a screen shot (save to desktop) you can have it automatically upload and automatically delete/trash or move etc... but what if you want to actually do a normal screenshot for something else and keep it? You have to go change your preferences then. Would be nice to have their simply be a different short cut you set (again like skitch) for performing a screenshot with direct upload versus it being activated and one in the same as the command for normal apple screen shot.

i like the app... i just wish it had a few more options.

JonnyG75 reviewed on 02 Dec 2008
I think the program shows great potential based on what other people have done and shown using this program but its not intuitive, i'm sorry to whoever said that. They need to explain more what is going on, what all the dials do. THe First image that comes out is always horrid, and needs massive adjustments, and i find myself pulling random levers til it looks ok. A good tutorial working through several "Case Studies" of several photos would be nice so i could really learn the programs features.
[Version 3.1.1]


JonnyG75 reviewed on 29 Sep 2008
um... this app doesn't seem to do anything. There is no help for it.... and its not the least bit intuitive. I couldn't figure out how to do anything with it... or ever what its supposed to do. Even the description is bad. IS this simply a nicer front end UI for craigslist? where are all the features? How can i post something? HOw come when i create a search nothing happens. I guess thats why its beta. Should be sub- alpha still. If anyone can even figure out how to to a simple search or make the app do ANYTHING at all... let me know. Seems like it has potential to be nice.
[Version b1]

JonnyG75 commented on 09 Sep 2008
yah, you can just open hit command-n or file>new either/or and then paste/command-v and whatever was your clipboard is placed in a preview window. This a simple script. I'm all for scripts, but this one takes up desktop space for something not very helpful in the long run. I'd rather do the two steps than loose my desktop space.
[Version 1.0]

JonnyG75 commented on 03 Sep 2008
Some people might be interested in the same thing that updates immediately every update using TWITTER instead. It sends you a tweet every new deal.

check out :

ALso if you like whiskey militia (similar site) check out:
[Version 1.3]

JonnyG75 commented on 03 Sep 2008
Some people might be interested in the same thing that updates immediately every update using TWITTER instead. It sends you a tweet every new deal.

check out :

ALso if you like whiskey militia (similar site) check out:
[Version 1.3]


JonnyG75 reviewed on 29 Mar 2008
It seems like its really nice but when i go to enfuse it just hangs. I've tried with 2 different sets of 3 tifs. It loads up... i see the preview.... then hit enfuse but it takes about over 5 minutes to generate the enfused composition in demo mode. That doesn't really make me wanna buy it. Thats way to long to wait! I'm using a brand new iMac with 4gb of ram... shouldn't be having this kind of lag.
[Version 3.1]

JonnyG75 commented on 13 Mar 2008
Software isn't in english, and doesn't seem to do anything in leopard. I dragged, i dropped... nothing. Am i missing something?
[Version 1.01]

JonnyG75 commented on 13 Sep 2007
THis was one of my favorite little apps ever. If the developer would just make a universal binary i'm sure everyone would be willing to pay for it. I'd throw 10-15 dollars for it easy. Is there any other universal program anyone has seen that allows for right click menu size conversions like this? its so annoying how the other apps expect you to actually run a whole other UI and drag shit in and out. Quick image was for lack of better words "so much quicker!"
[Version 2.4]

JonnyG75 commented on 06 Aug 2007
Yah, I agree with the previous comment. This app looks great on the surface... but i have no clue how to use it. It has no intuitive way of using it at all infact. NO help screen. No even basic hints as to where to start beyond dragging your pictures in. I'd like to digg on this... but i'm left hanging here.
[Version 1.2]

Jonnyg75 had trouble on 17 Jan 2010
Ok, this might be obvious, but i haven't found the answer yet. Everyone says this is better than mobile me, but how do i sync my safari bookmarks?
[Version 0.7.97]

Jonnyg75 had trouble on 07 Dec 2009
For some reason when i'm using the NBA scoreboard, and i advance past the current day, it always says no games are scheduled. This has been happening for a long while and i'm hoping i can figure out what's causing it or it will get fixed. I really enjoy this app for its simplicity and seeing the upcoming schedule to find out what time and who my team plays later on this week is one of its best and most simple features, yet its not working anymore. I've tried re-installing/ re-downloading it and still doesn't work. Any suggestions?
[Version 1.3.19]

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