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Jimw reviewed on 22 Apr 2014
This seems to do exactly what it states it will do. It is actually a GUI front end to a Unix script that it runs. After running it cleans up after itself and closes the terminal window. It solves an annoyance that has bugged me for years but was not a big enough annoyance to motivate me to investigate. Nice to have this issue resolved.
[Version 1.0]


Jimw reviewed on 29 Mar 2014
The only way I could find to quit this app was either to use Activity Monitor or reboot my computer. It also has large ad at the top for the companies other products that can't be removed.
[Version 8.0]

Jimw commented on 28 Mar 2014
Just be aware that by using an alpha or beta software you are essentially testing the product for free, especially if you are reporting issues or bugs.

I have found that more often than not, published alpha or beta version offered for free turn into pay versions of the product when released and that 'tester's are rarely offered the product complimentary or free as a 'thank you' for their testing efforts.

This is why I no longer use alpha or beta versions of a product unless the developer states in advance that the product will be free when the final version is released, or the testers will be offered the product either complimentary or at a substantial discount. This is because I believe that testing a product adds value and that my time and efforts have value as well.
[Version 0.5.5]

Jimw commented on 23 Mar 2014
In my opinion this is overpriced given its limited functionality - i.e. only diagnosis SSD's and at least one user has had support issues with the developer. It also should be noted that Windows platform users get a demo before buying but Mac users do not given its only source is via the Mac Store.
[Version 1.1]

Jimw commented on 21 Mar 2014
So 'whats behind the curtain'? Only a reduced feature version is free that limits you to download from 6 institutions, once a week, and gives you 500MB of storage. The plans that are seriously useful cost anywhere from $2 to $5 a month with discounts for paying a year or more in advance (assuming you believe the company will be around for that long).These plans provide more offline storage space on their cloud and a greater number of institutions you can setup. Only the $5 per month plan gives you daily downloads. However you can use other clouds or your computer for storage. iCloud is not however mentioned in the list. The number of institutions that the product can access is limited as well. They were proud to hit 200 a year ago. Unfortunately the only way to find out if your institutions are on the list (they do advertise a few major ones) is to setup an account. I could not find a complete list published on their website.

So if your institutions are covered by their service, you desire such a service, and either can make due with the limited free service or are willing to spend $20 a year or more for it, you may be interested in this product.

I'm not, especially since my finance program, which access a huge number of institutions, downloads my transactions from within the program or lets me see the bill from my downloaded transactions in my checking account without a monthly fee.
[Version 2.0.3]

Jimw commented on 18 Mar 2014
Thanks for the offer, but for as little as I need to print folder file listings, I'll either use the free version, one of the alternatives listed above, or take snapshots and use one of the OCR programs I have, either in PDFpenPro, or Abby Fine Reader, to convert it to a delimited text file, or put it in the spreadsheet to output XML. Frankly I think my $20 offer me more than put towards another application, such as PDFpenPro or Abby Fine Reader. These may cost more, but they do a whole lot more and offer more value for your money.
[Version 5.0]

Jimw commented on 13 Mar 2014
Nice idea and useful in concept but my menubar is already half full and this just takes up too much menubar real estate judging from its video and snapshot. Thanks but I will stick with the widget version which still works in 10.9 even though it has less features.
[Version 4.20]

Jimw commented on 05 Mar 2014
After much discussion with Nuance I have negotiated a mutual settlement for Dictate for the Mac running on Mavericks for myself. They have also agreed to consider alternate upgrade policies for other users that have been impacted by the inability to run Dictate 3.x under Mavericks on a case by case basis. Here is what needs to be met as I understand it:
- You must have installed Mavericks near the date of official release.
- Mavericks must be your primary OS that you do most of your work on.
- You must have purchased or updated Dictate to 3.X before you installed Mavericks or purchased it with the indication it would run normally under Mavericks.
- Your current version of Dictate must be freezing when running under Mavericks to the point of being unusable.
- You must have filed or proceed to file by phone or e-mail a Nuance tech support incident documenting the above and run any tests and/or provide logs of the issues you are having with Dictate.
- You must then contact Nuance customer service and request that your issue be examined for special consideration.

Since this is done on a case by case basis, I cannot guarantee that the outcome will meet your expectations but I speak from experience that if these procedures are followed with some kind of documentation or evidence of the above you may be considered for an alternate upgrade other than the standard upgrade pricing.

Hope this helps.
[Version 4.0]

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Jimw replied on 05 Mar 2014
One other thing I forgot to mention:
When speaking to customer service you will need to ask that the call be escalated to a supervisor or manager. It is my understanding that at this time, level 1 agents are not empowered to consider alternative pricing for this issue.
Jimw commented on 23 Feb 2014
Wonder if it is really needed for OSX 10.9 (Mavericks). Safari Autofill puts in the shipping and billing information with a single click on its icon and fills in the credit card info when the field is clicked, except for the security code, which is good.
[Version 2.4.0]

Jimw commented on 17 Feb 2014
Latest inquiry to and response from Dragon Dictate Support:

Customer By Web Form 02/17/2014 05:24 PM
This is an update and reminder that you have not as yet offered a fix or workaround for this issue and that this issue remains active and therefore Dragon Dictate for the Mac is virtually unusable. I am also formally requesting an estimated time for a patch or update to be issued that addresses this issue.

Thank you for contacting Nuance Technical Support. This email is regarding the "Application freeze when giving any command" that you were encountering with Dragon Dictate.

There will be an update within the next two weeks.


Nuance Technical Support
[Version 3.0.4]

Jimw had trouble on 14 Dec 2012
Unfortunately the You Control iTunes Engine does not seem to install properly in 10.8+ However their is an easy manual workaround:

- Open up System Preferences; then click on 'Users and Groups'
- Choose 'Login Items' and move to one side you your screen.
- Locate the App 'You Control iTunes', usually in your Applications folder but do not launch it.
- Right Click on it and choose 'Show Package Contents'
- Click on the 'Contents' folder to open it
- Look at the resulting contents and open 'MacOS'
- Drag the file "YouControlTunesEngine' to your 'Login Items' list. It does not matter where you place it. You should now see it in the list.
- Close all your windows.
- Restart your system. The YouControl icon should now appear in your menu bar after it fully loads.

Hope this helps
[Version 1.7.2]

Jimw had trouble on 26 Aug 2012
As it turns out increasing your Hard Drive size in Fusion 5 Settings will not increase the amount of space that is available to the Windows Hard Drive. Buried in documentation is the mention that you must hold down the Option Key when increasing the drive size in Settings to allow you expand the size of the drive in Windows using its tool. I had expanded my drive to 250MB before finding this out and it could not be shrunk after I found this out. What I found in Windows is that the drive was still at 15Mb and could not be expanded. Expanding the drive in Settings had the effect of wiping out all my previous backups that I was using in Time Machine so now I am starting from scratch with a whole new clean system losing all my previous Windows work. Thanks a lot VMWare.
[Version 5.0.0]

Jimw had trouble on 26 Aug 2012
If you are using XP and need to install from original disk from scratch, which could happen given the issues with Fusion 5, you will NOT be able to use the MS Update to update are add service packs. You first need to set your browser to a blank page as current pages may cause it to crash. Then do a search for XP Service Pack 3. This will p provide a jumping off point to get you started so that you can download the updates manually do you have enough installed machine to switch to automatic updates.
[Version 5.0.0]

Jimw had trouble on 20 Feb 2011
A recent compiled version is now located here:


Install the executable file here:

Where $home is your root directory of your hard drive.

The 'bin' folder is hidden so you will need to us the Finder 'Go To Folder' menu item or a utility to reveal hidden folders.

In an application that needs it, such as Scribus, in preferences point the gs file path to the executable in your 'bin' folder.

To pont to this file, open the 'bin' folder or leave it open from the install. When in the Open dialog in your program, click on the executable in the 'bin' folder.
[Version 1.3.9]

Jimw had trouble on 16 Jan 2011
If you wish to remove this package it is located is:
/Library/Application Support/Apple/Mail/Stationery
[Version 1.0]

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