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Jimmy-D commented on 25 Apr 2013
It looks like a nice program. Unfortunately the author isn't interested in supporting a common legacy format SITX. I suggest the developer look at The Unarchiver for a list of additional formats to support.
[Version 2.0.1]

Jimmy-D commented on 15 Mar 2013
Does anyone know if it fixes the data loss and volume corruption issues that started with 10.80? A few comments today sound positive about 10.83: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4218970

If so the next big question is can volumes be formatted under 10.6 and work fine in 10.8, or must everything be formatted with the 10.83 Disk Utility?
[Version 10.8.3]

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Jimmy-D replied on 15 Mar 2013
I'm still running 10.68 and have a lot of external drives formatted with that. I'd rather not transfer everything off and reformat under 10.83.

Jimmy-D reviewed on 26 Sep 2012
I've been using GraphicConverter for several years and am grateful to the developer for ongoing development. This is the ultimate tool for converting and manipulating any graphic format, even if it is obscure.

The developer is one of the most responsive I have encountered. A basic question or suggestion is always responded to promptly and nicely. Over the years I had only two features that I needed GraphicConverter to have, and the developer added them quickly. I'm quite impressed.
[Version 8.3]


Jimmy-D reviewed on 14 Aug 2012
FontAgent Pro is and has always been the best and only stable, safe choice for an advanced font manager.

With that said, I upgraded to version 5 for Mountain Lion and CS6 compatibility. The new icons are nice I guess, but I can't find any new features.

A word of caution to Quark 9 users. Their installer litters your XTensions folder with all FAP extensions for Quark 5 through Quark 9, and doesn't delete the old FAP4 extension, so you'll have multiple FAP extensions running unless you delete the extras. And if you're confused when you're manually cleaning up their installation, their Quark 9 version of FAP5 is incorrectly labeled as version 4.18 even though it's 5.x. I've contacted their tech support and was told their developer, a third party I assume, appreciates the bug reports and they will fix all of this in another release.

They also auto-install a Font Agent Pro Server app and Server Preference Pane that I don't need, so I deleted those.
[Version 5.020]


Jimmy-D reviewed on 14 Aug 2012
This is my all time favorite Mac app and developer. I've been using DragThing for as long as I can remember, which is many many years back to OS 9. It is what Apple's oversimplified Dock should be. It makes my Mac even more of a joy to use.

I love being able to have tabs for different categories of software, like Graphics and Utilities, and have a clean easy way to find and launch the programs I need. It is highly customizable. If you enable the preference you can see what apps are running, if they are 32 bit apps, etc. It also can put the Trash Can on the desktop and choose from lots of different appearance themes. DragThing has my highest recommendation.
[Version 5.9.11]


Jimmy-D reviewed on 09 Aug 2012
I used Deja Vu for years and was happy years ago because of the simple design, so I bought multiple copies. Then I experienced bugs preventing data from backing up. The developer wouldn't solve the bugs, dismissed my reports, and like others have experienced stopped responding to email. The bugs and lack of support made me wisely switch to ChronoSync for backing up multiple Macs on a local network.

It's nice that the author is updating Deja Vu now, and it may work now, but the previous multi-year update hiatus and unfriendly approach to his customers should be considered if you're considering this.
[Version 4.3]

Jimmy-D commented on 20 Jun 2012
Quicken support says that Quicken 2007 Lion will not work with Mountain Lion, and they were vague if a new version will be released.
[Version 16.1.1]


Jimmy-D reviewed on 01 Jun 2012
This is one of my favorite and most-trusted drive utilities and it is installed on all the Macs I manage. The author has generously given away the previous version for years and is now charging a fair price for a major revision. It has a comprehensive set of features expanded from the previous version. The author has always provided top-notch support with a fast response and has my thanks for writing a great program.
[Version 3.0.1]


Jimmy-D reviewed on 26 Apr 2012
Version 12 has nice theme enhancements, but like most Filemaker upgrades, most of what they upgrade doesn't have value for most common users, as they mostly target enterprise customers. The best value in this upgrade is that it works with their free iOS apps.

Power users need simple usability improvements too, and Bento's complete lack of files is too simple for anyone with slightly complex needs. Bringing improved usability like is found in Bento is sorely needed. My Filemaker suggestions that have been ignored for years:

Undo: It is easy to accidentally hit return and erase data, and there is no way to undo that once return is pressed, apart from using Time Machine. It should be easy for Filemaker to copy and remember the contents of the cell being edited, regardless of Filemaker's excuse that it is a real database that makes changes instantly so undo is impossible. Impossible, really?

Table View: add copying/pasting/deleting and selecting across multiple cells/columns, like you can in a spreadsheet and Bento. There is no way to do this otherwise and it would make working with data lot easier.
[Version 12.0.1]

Jimmy-D commented on 17 Jun 2011
Version 6 has been out for about a year and is a significant update.
[Version 5.7.5]

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