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Jimblue reviewed on 11 Jul 2013
excellent review of an excellent product made by an excellent software company.

i enjoyed reading your well-worded review. very nice, thanks.
[Version 2.6]


Jimblue reviewed on 01 Jul 2013
macphun software really is fun. and their marketing strategy is nice also -- they give it away on the regular.
[Version 2.3]


Jimblue reviewed on 02 Jun 2013
I like CleanApp 4.x.x better than CleanApp 3.x.x. It's pretty feature rich if you know what you are doing -- average user. It's finding invisible files and deep system files better than before, and the average user would probably never find them. Even for an experienced user it would take a lot of digging and know-how to catch what this app does on the fly. Still it takes average user skills to know what to delete and what not to delete.

One thing CleanApp has always been is thorough. So much so I imagine without a little bit of knowing what one is doing one could delete a wrong file. Still it has no great learning curve.

And CleanApp is much more effective if you install the Logging application.

CleanApp could use some tweaks and refinements, but Synium Software is a longtime supporter of the mac community and they have some pretty excellent software. They hardly rest on their laurels or accomplishments and are usually improving their current softwares while keeping a keen and discerning eye out for a niche that may need to be filled.

For myself personally, The Caches and Log files tabs could use some work/refinement. And I'm not sure why CleanApp has the System Maintenance tab with its four accompanying categories, unless it's of the utmost importance these four maintenance scripts are run before you start deleting.

I know CleanApp protects essential system files by its nature but i'd feel a little better with a button or click-box in the preferences that says, "Protect essential system files," under CleanApp/Preferences/Excluded Applications/.

Most of the MacUsers I know have had at least 3 or 4 years experience, so CleanApp is the one I recommend to them, and I've been using it for much longer with never a single problem.
[Version 4.0.1]

Jimblue rated on 23 Apr 2013
[Version 6.3.8]

Jimblue commented on 23 Apr 2013
it does seem awfully intrusive google runs their auto-update thing transparently in the background. it's nice they offer a version of google earth without the auto-update. i wonder why they don't just use sparkle. sparkle is free and most of my apps have sparkle built in. i did notice google started offering google earth without auto-update shortly after they first released chrome. they don't offer chrome without the auto-update, that's why. i like safari and it is my main browser but chrome is one nice browser too. the only way to get around the auto-update of chrome is to use chromium. google makes it so bothersome to avoid the transparent auto-update in their two most popular softwares it makes it feel like they have an ulterior motive -- more than just information gathering. yeah, it feels like spying.

i've been using chrome for a couple years now for its built in flash, so i don't have to install flash on my computer -- and it is a nice browser. but, after all this time and all these wonderful, smart macupdate users (cheap applause) shouting out that the auto-update thing just doesn't feel right, i think i'll give chromium a try. gather information google, that's fine. but do it like other browsers do -- with tracking cookies, invisible files and what not. i trust you are doing no evil, google, but with your transparent background app it is possible you could record everything i do online with whatever app i use online. i suppose you could even record my offline stuff and gather that info once i sign online. there really is no privacy these days anyway, but why be so blatant?

Jimblue commented on 14 Feb 2013
This update -- SMC Firmware Updater 1.7 -- is showing up in software update for me and I have a MacBookPro8,3 (17-inch, Late 2011). I wonder what gives?

Boot ROM Version: MBP81.0047.B27
SMC Version (system): 1.70f5

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)
[Version 1.7]

Jimblue commented on 08 Dec 2012
like i said before i only use two third-party widgets and this is one of them. it's a great widget but i'm having trouble installing it because of apple's new Security and Privacy preference. i have "Mac App store and identified developers" checked. must i check "Anywhere" to install this widget and have it work properly?
[Version 1.3.53]

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Jimblue replied on 21 Dec 2012
ahhh thank you

Jimblue reviewed on 01 Dec 2012
great job apple. this redesign of itunes is very well thought out and much simpler and easier to use than itunes 10 and prior versions -- it's way more intuitive.

doing away with the need to view the sidebar really makes a difference in ease of use. btw, i discovered one can apple-1 through apple-7 to cycle through Music to Apps.

album artwork automatically sizes doing away with the old manual Small, Medium or Large -- what a waste of time that was. the whole interface is substantially cleaner and better organized.

the status bar comes and goes with an apple-backslash (/) just like in safari, so it's easy to make it pop up on the rare occasion i need it.

and you finally gave me the minimization i ask for in this thread on 12 Nov 2010 (2nd paragraph) -- you minimized the top bar in the itunes window and made things look more embedded.

added some nice new options and did away with some which turned out to be not so practical.

the only thing i'm missing is iTunes DJ.
[Version 11.0]


Jimblue reviewed on 30 Aug 2012
this is a very nice program with many unique, nice features. i got it with a macupdate bundle and used it for awhile but decided to uninstall it because 1) you lose the option-click info from the built-in apple menubar items. 2) the drop-down menus and font are too small on my macbook pro. 3) i could never get iStat Menus to show just one temperature in the menu bar -- just the cpu. 4) the drop-down menu under cpu would show the four on the chip and the four threaded ones, making for one long drop-down. and i couldn't condense those to only one graph to represent them all on an average. 5) most menu bar items icons are not as clear and legible as the apple ones, and i tried them all from the many choices/types.

i would use this if i had a 20" or larger screen. i went back to the widget which is great also, and i use atMonitor to monitor cpu, ram, network and temp in the menubar.
[Version 3.24]


Jimblue reviewed on 25 Aug 2012
still the best for being thorough -- all you gotta know is what to delete and what not to. CleanApp makes it so I understand by telling me where files are located and by using the "Reveal in Finder" function.
[Version 3.4.12]

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