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Jfm commented on 19 Dec 2013
Great step forward with version 2! The interface is nicer. It works faster. It seems to have become stable (it does no longer quit suddenly after doing the work). It is more user-friendly. I am glad I paid the fee for the upgrade.
[Version 2.0.2]

Jfm commented on 10 Oct 2013
A fine app indeed! Just uncertain about the best way to upgrade: as an owner of v. 2, I am entitled to upgrade at half price - but if I buy currently on the App Store, it is offered at half price as well. Wondering if I should seize the opportunity to switch to the App Store version, or continue to follow the usual upgrade route...
[Version 3.0]

Jfm commented on 02 Sep 2013
I had received old WriteNow files. Unable to open them, or documents that could not properly be used... Then Ii discovered LibreOffice. I downloaded it, made an attempt to open my WN documents. And... WONDERFUL! It would open them and keep all the formating!

I am very impressed and congratulate LibreOffice team for such a fine product. I had never considered it before as a word processor, but I will now!

Jfm commented on 23 Feb 2013
Where could I find a copy of v. 1 of MyNotes. I do not use this app frequently. I recently upgraded to v. 2, but didn't use it after that. And today, I realize that I had some notes in v. 1, that I had not exported in order to be able to import them into v. 2. Not a lot of notes, but still some useful notes. If somebody could direct me to a copy of v. 1 that I could download, this would be much appreciated - since there seems to be no way to contact support...
[Version 2.0.4]

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Jfm replied on 23 Feb 2013
Just found it: http://download.cnet.com/myNotes/3000-2351_4-10540837.html
Jfm commented on 28 Jan 2013
Getting always better - and easier to use. Access to recent documents, but also to templates has become very easy and nice-looking. This is the most obvious change in the newest release.

And always: what I find amazing with Mellel is its absolute, permanent stability, throughout releases. I have been using several word processors since I switched to the Mac ten years ago. If I remember correctly, Mellel is the only one that did NEVER quit, and always conveys a feeling of fluidity in writing.

I use often other word processors due to dominant standards. But Mellel is the most pleasant to use for writing (still space for improvement when it comes to include other elements).
[Version 3.1.0]

Jfm commented on 09 Jan 2013
I have been using it for a few days, as soon as I received the mailing from Nisus regarding the release.

It is too early for rating it, but I do already tend to use it for any search that is not a simple one: i.e. I have been using iut a few times every daysince I installed it. It proves quite useful for narrowing a search: for instance, when looking for a specific mail from somebody with whom there has been a lot of correspondence.

The way it sugests possible matching words/names/addresses as soon as one starts typing is also working quite well.

The indexing of the mail database (in my case more than 60,000 messages) took less long than initially announced on the progress bar (it said it would last one hour, but it took probably half that time.

It is important to knpw that it works only for Apple Mail: it won't index messages found in other mail clients.
[Version 1.0]

Jfm commented on 27 Nov 2012
How is it possible that, two months later, an app that is provided by Tumblr itself (not some third-party or independent developer) , should remain broken, especially considering that there is no real alternative on the market and that backing up is crucial? Do Tumblr staff people pay attention? I am disappointed.
[Version 1.0]

Jfm commented on 15 Nov 2012
Nicely improved interface, greatly improved search tool, easy move from the data to the new interface: my first impressions are quite positive. I am pleased with that step forward. For now, not noticed any issue with the new Evernote.
[Version 5.0.0]

Jfm commented on 12 Nov 2012
I use it in French, it is a wonderful, very efficient tool. I use it most of the time for reviewing thoroughly an article or book after writing it: it does its job and helps me greatly, if only for spotting those small remaining mistakes that I overlooked — it saves time. I am really glad to discover it exists in English too, and from my very positive experience of using the French version for more than five years, I can recommend it without any hesitation. If there was the equivalent for French speakers writing in Engish, I would buy it without any hesitation.
[Version 8]

Jfm commented on 07 Nov 2012
Something intriguing - I post my question here, because it might interest other users too. For the past few days, when I use MacUpdate Desktop for updating apps, I see some apps in orange (which I understand usually signals that one needs to install a higher version of OS X): and there is a message "necessite 428" ("needs" or "requires" 428). However, if I do the internal update of any app thus signaled, they update normally. And I have the latest version of Mountain Lion installed.

What does that mysterious message "requirews 428" mean? I would be interested to know. Should I proceed anyway with such updates using MU Desktop?
[Version 5.1]

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Jfm replied on 07 Nov 2012
Thank you very much for the explanation!
Jfm had trouble on 22 Aug 2007
Very good app indeed, it has helped me several times.

FYI: version 2.8.2 does not decompress correctly (neither the download through MacUpdate nor the update from the app itself. Probably some corrupted file. Maybe the developer could inform us on MacUpdate once this is fixed.
[Version 2.8.2]

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Jfm replied on 22 Aug 2007
Thank you, I will try again later, after restarting my Mac. Since I had the same problem both through MacUpdate and inside the app, I had not expected the problem could be on my end - especially since the previous updates went flawlessly.

Jfm replied on 23 Aug 2007
OK now!
Jfm had trouble on 14 Mar 2007
On Power PC:

Some initial problems for opening Finder, solved after selecting once "Macintosh HD".

Other initial problems for opening existing Keynote projects (Keynote would refuse and quit). After repairing permissions a second time, however, problem solved.

Evertyhing seems fine otherwise.
[Version 10.4.9]

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