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Jerry Krinock reviewed on 25 Sep 2013
Agree with everything said by Cattus. A few years ago I bought SigMaker from FontLab for 30 USD, but the current version on the FontLab website is still a PowerPC app which no longer runs on modern Macs. Apparently FontLab has decided to let it die, and my very occasional need for a font editor does not justify the price of a commercial font editor. For occasional use, FontForge is a good replacement for SigMaker, and I thank the developers.

I needed to tweak one glyph in one font. When you launch FontForge, Mac OS X will probably tell you that you need to install XQuartz or X11. Follow the link given by Apple and do it. Then, FontForge will run. It's weird. X11 apps are like Windows apps. They do not use the main menu bar, so you need to use the menus and buttons in the window. Remember it's free, so don't complain! Just roll with it.

I was able to figure out how to do what I wanted and get it done in about 30 minutes. The technology of fonts is deep and wide, and if I had any idea what the hell I was doing, it would have been much faster :)) FontForge does have a Help menu which can help you out.
[Version 20130718]


Jerry Krinock reviewed on 05 Jul 2011
After procrastinating for years on updating Quicken, and after testing many other products including iBank, See Finance, Checkbook Pro, Moneywell, that Ching product and several others which don't even deserve mentioning, about 9 months ago I finally purchased Quicken Essentials. I must say that I am very pleased. It's been rewritten from the ground up and it's really a Mac product now. Let me put it this way – if you hated the old Quicken, you'll probably love Quicken Essentials. I've used it once or twice a week for the last nine months and it has never crashed nor even presented a perplexing error.

The reason why I took so long is that there was no way to get a free trial, and because Quicken 2005 was such a dog, I didn't want to buy before try. But then I found that Intuit was offering Quicken Essentials for $9.95 if you signed up for a stupid Chase VISA card. So I did it. I haven't used the Chase card, but Quicken Essentials for $9.95 is a steal.

Regarding the other products, MoneyWell was the only one that was able to correctly import my 12 years of Quicken data. But I don't like MoneyWell's "buckets" system of budgeting. If strict budgeting appeals to you and you can't get the $9.95 deal, try out MoneyWell.

As for not being able to print checks, uh, well, don't we have electronic banking nowadays, and are we not paying 98% of our bills electronically? I need to write out a check once or twice a month. I have a box of several hundred hand-write checks that will last me the rest of my life. There is an amazing tool for that called a ball-point pen. They're cheap, reliable and readily available. You can find them in the "stationery" aisle of your favorite drug store. I can write out three checks in the time that it takes the "can't print checks" whiners to load the special paper into their printers. And I don't have to worry about paper jams.
[Version 1.6.0f6607]


Jerry Krinock reviewed on 26 Mar 2011
Thank you, Jon. Apple should have included this in Mac OS X. The 'open' command has been in since NeXTSTEP. Why not 'quit'?

Anyhow, I added an option '-f' which says to *not* print an error message if the requested app is not running. Following is the 'diff' output which shows the difference between Jon's original and mine. Users can add this option to the script using the 'patch' command on their Mac.

Basic tutorial:

Intermediate tutorial:

Here's the patch text, created by diff. I hope that MacUpdate's system doesn't munge it up.

> #
> # This is Jon's version 1.3, with the -f option added by
> # Jerry Krinock, 20110325
< echo "Usage: `basename "$0"` [-a] [-p] [-s|n] "
> echo "Usage: `basename "$0"` [-a] [-p] [-s|n] [-f] "
> echo " -f Do not print an error message if app is not running"
< while getopts "apns" opt
> ignoreNotRunning="false"
> while getopts "apnsf" opt
> f) ignoreNotRunning="true" ;;
< echo "No running application matches "$arg""
> if [[ $ignoreNotRunning == "false" ]]
> then
> echo "No running application matches "$arg""
> fi
[Version 1.3]


Jerry Krinock reviewed on 29 Nov 2008
The main new feature added in the latest update, 4.3, activation by "double tapping and holding the ⌘ key", instead of just holding it down for X seconds, sounds complicated, but it is a huge improvement. Although I do naturally hold the ⌘ key down when I can't remember the keyboard shortcut, I also do it while I'm thinking of what I want to do next, and in these instances KeyCue was annoying. The new activation method is a great idea and, if the developer has not done so already, I'd recommend making it the default trigger setting for new users. Users who were annoyed as I was by previous versions should give 4.3+ a try. Open the KeyCue Settings ► Activation panel and set to "press ⌘ twice and hold".

Cool app. Next challenges for the developer: Give me cues for my function keys (F1, F2, etc.), and cues for keyboard shortcuts that I have set using QuicKeys X3.
[Version 4.3]

Jerry Krinock commented on 25 Apr 2008
I've used Cheetah3D for about 10 hours now and am particularly impressed that, even with the complex relationships that it must be maintaining between objects, 'Undo' has never given an unexpected result and the thing has never raised an exception or crashed. The design must be very well thought out.
[Version 4.5.1]


Jerry Krinock reviewed on 23 Mar 2008
I had been using a previous version 1.3.2 and found that, when reading in sdef files, it would wipe out the 'type' of the 'direct parameter' of the 'open' command of the 'Standard Suite'. This version 1.5.2 has that bug fixed. Works great now. Thank you, Jean-Daniel!
[Version 1.5.2]

Jerry Krinock (developer) commented on 20 Sep 2004
We're testing a new version which fixes the issue of characters & ' and/or " confusing SafariSorter, and also makes fixing duplicates way faster and much more enjoyable. Especially if you think you may have many duplicate bookmarks, I recommend you wait until Sept 28 and download the new version.
[Version 3.1]

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Jerry Krinock (developer) replied on 25 Sep 2004
The new version I referred to is 3.4 and was released 3 days early.
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