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Jeffrey Mcpheeters reviewed on 03 Jun 2011
I've been impressed by the ease of use, power and functionality, speed and also assistance from the developer when my computer developed an odd issue where Aperture could not launch it properly. He stayed with me and had some suggestions that finally paid off and we got it working fine again. I am impressed by the developer's attentiveness to details.
[Version 1.9.24]

Jeffrey Mcpheeters commented on 24 Mar 2010
I'm still getting version 3.8.6 from the link, not 3.8.7.
[Version 3.8.7]

Jeffrey Mcpheeters tipped on 09 Dec 2009
You mention the app will not even launch fully? Have you tried creating a new user with no 3rd party prefpanes or startup items and then launch it from that user? Did you look at the logs? I would expect if you had tech support on the phone they already suggested all this, but just in case, I thought I'd pose the question. The one Mac I don't have is a late model 8 core Mac Pro.
[Version 4.2.1]

Jeffrey Mcpheeters commented on 29 Oct 2009
I want to second the suggestion to manage updates across the LAN. We have 5 users in our family and I manage all the updates through a single system. With a 50GB cap on monthly bandwidth, I try and conserve this when possible. Please allow the software to identify a 'central' download directory for all users so that updates can be applied locally when available.
[Version 5.0]


Jeffrey McPheeters reviewed on 07 Mar 2009
Mr. Gecko was able to answer my questions and I am a little more confident than I was that it is safe to use the software. I'm going to continue to use it for the time being and see how it fares, and, hopefully, if I get VideoBox working correctly again or they fix whatever is preventing it from working with WebKit, I can compare the ease of use. Personally, I'd prefer the approach YouView takes. It would be nice if I could have an 'Open In YouView' option in Safari's Develop menu, as some point, or a way to direct youtube URLs to open automatically in YouView.

One nice thing I enjoyed in VideoBox was the ability to que up a dozen youtube clips and then download and convert them all at once. So, it may be I'll need both apps and pick the right tool for the particular job. I've also tried yFlicks and it's installed on another computer. It's not as intuitive, but it's more into media management than just transcoding/downloading.

For the happy browser, YouView is very handy. For someone needing to download and transcode, it's got real promise, so I'm raising my rating to 3, but it's starting to lean toward a 4 and may eventually get there as it's still being developed, I think.
[Version 0.3]


Jeffrey McPheeters reviewed on 06 Mar 2009
I just downloaded this today because I was having trouble with VideoBox plug-in for some reason, perhaps since I installed then uninstalled Safari 4 Beta, so I looked around for something that would be handy for viewing and converting youtube videos for use on iTunes to sync with my iPhone and this looked promising. The free version worked fine for viewing so I went online and donated some money for key and received an email response almost immediately. I then was able to watch AND export a youtube clip (didn't try HD, yet) and it worked pretty well, although it doesn't automatically add it to iTunes like VideoBox would have done.

My concern at this point is that an hour or two later I received an email from the developer asking if I had 'moved' the app, I guess wondering if I was using multiple copies or had put it on another network, which I hadn't, and a link if I wanted to 're-register' the key and a warning that it can only be re-registered 3 times per year.

Thus, my concern is that somehow their spyware-bot is not only sending out information about my location, but is actually not doing it correctly, since the app was in the same place on the same network it had been since I downloaded and tested it shortly before. The gobal IP is the same, although my firewall would likely vary the publicly visible ports and will masq the MAC addresses to protect against intruders.

I've emailed my query to the developer but have not heard back, yet. Any other donators having this problem with their key?
[Version 0.3]

Jeffrey McPheeters commented on 05 Feb 2007
Okay, the latest 1.9.116 version still crashes at launch on any of our G3 iBooks, even though they have the video ram qualifications to play the game. They work on older version 1.9.66 and previous, but the 3rd party missions are not available on those versions.

On the PowerMac G5 and the PowerBook G4s the latest version continues to work fine and restores the functionality of 3rd party missions. That's a good sign. Just wish all our iBooks would also work with this so everyone could join the same mission.
[Version 1.9.116]


Jeffrey McPheeters reviewed on 19 Jan 2007
This is a much needed work in progress, and hopefully will see fulfillment in a truly stable, cross-platform release in the not too distant future. As it is, if you are a Descent lover, remember to keep the incremental updates around, just in case a new update breaks on your particular setup. That way you can get back to the older version and continue playing at least.

1.9.69 and 1.9.91, the most recent updates, are broken on our iBook G3s. 1.9.69 just freezes in the startup screen, leaving a black, blank window. It eventually crashes after a few minutes. 1.9.91 crashes almost immediately on launch. So we continue to use 1.9.66 as the most recent version that works on those.

1.9.69 and 1.9.91 do work fine on the G4 PowerBook and the PowerMac G5.

3rd party missions also no longer work on any of our systems, iBooks, Powerbooks, or G5s. They just are not being read by the program. I've heard from other Mac users that the missions recently stopped working for them as well. Hopefully we'll get a fix for this. Someone is looking into it.

Overall, the game plays very well, considering the difficulty the developers must have in attempting to do what they are doing without much funding or support. Kudos to them for the time and effort put in to what I think was one of the all time best 3D games ever devised.
[Version 1.9.91]


Jeffrey McPheeters reviewed on 31 Mar 2006
I have missed this product for a few years now, since I was not only an early adopter of OS X, but also left Classic more than 2 years ago. We don't use Classic on any of our 6 Macs, and have an older Mac around that can run OS 8 just in case we need to access some old data or disk. So I haven't had TextSpresso on my systems for at least 2 years, probably 3, and in our publishing workflows it's sorely missed. SmartWrap is helpful in some cases, but we needed the robustness and customizing capabilities of TextSpresso.

Anyone who has to repurpose text from one format to another really needs this. One feature that I'd like to see in a future version would be to be able to open PDF files, like Preview does, and then convert them to other formats such as RTF or HTML or plain text.
[Version 3.0b1]

Jeffrey McPheeters tipped on 06 Mar 2006
I use PhotoZoom for photos, particularly portraits and people oriented. I use Fractals for graphics, such as Illustrator designs, and Architectural photos or any image with a lot of well defined edges.
[Version 1.2]

Jeffrey Mcpheeters had trouble on 31 Oct 2010
Like the concept, but is there any way to prevent it from gradually using gigabytes worth of real memory? After a while, it's using close to 2GB to 4GB of ram! I have 8GB of ram for a reason and it's not to give a small utility such as this free reign over memory I need for pro apps.
[Version 1.0.5]

Jeffrey McPheeters had trouble on 26 Jan 2009
I don't think the auto updates will work since they are not asking for administrative privileges before attempting to run the process.

Jeffrey McPheeters had trouble on 30 Dec 2008
I have emailed the support email twice in November and December asking why the two registration numbers I purchased in September have ceased to work and cannot be input. I'm pretty certain I was able to use Hookup successfully between my G5 and an iMac when I purchased the two licenses, and now that our older son is home from Oxford, I thought we could use the second license as well, but now I see none are working and when inserted, the modal box says these are invalid or expired. Anyone know if the developer is answering emails? The software directs me to "" for help, but I have received no response and it's been 6 weeks since I began to inquire. Perhaps there is another email address I should be using, or perhaps they are busy with the holidays and preparing for MacWorld? Any help is appreciated.

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