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Jeepster reviewed on 29 Jun 2013
A most excellent useful utility that makes editing the hosts file child's play.

Three minor issues that I have:-

1. using this utility adds and additional 'Permissions Repair' job to OS X's permission repair procedure when executed from Disk Utility. There is a permission repair for the 'hosts file' that never goes away every single time permission repair is executed. It is perpetual.

2. Not sure why, but if I click on setting within Gas Mask the setting windows won't show unless I open the editor window and then suddenly both windows open. This never happened on a previous version (a few versions back I think).... Or is it the other way round, i.e. click on settings to get the editor window open; I'm not 100% because I've just reinstalled Mac OS X & Bootcamp and have yet to install Gas Mask back as well as many other apps.

3. If I remember correctly, Gas Mask may not always automatically run upon 'log-in/boot up' even though start with login is enabled.

Otherwise an excellent utility and a must have if above could be remedied.
[Version 0.6]


Jeepster reviewed on 19 Apr 2013
Very handy indeed! Took a little while for me to understand the relationship between the 'Disable Lid Sleep' first setting you see upon clicking on InsomniaX in the Menu bar and the 'Disable Lid Sleep on....' settings within Preferences for the various power settings and rules; basically I realised that the latter settings don't appear to take effect 'until' you remove the Magsafe Power connector and then re-connect it, then hey presto all is activated and makes sense.

One little additional feature could prove handy though (and has probably been mentioned already), which is to have an option to auto enable Display sleep upon Lid-Close. Therefore when the Lid is closed and the MacBook Pro continues to run (without system sleep), if anyone besides the User opens the Lid then they are presented with the password logon for security purposes, providing the user has set this within OS X's Security & Privacy within OS X's System Preferences.
[Version 2.1.3]


Jeepster reviewed on 19 Apr 2013
Great little Utility. I like the ability for setting which programs will keep the system awake, it's very easy to use, has a great little Icon in the top Menu bar and of course is free...!

Just one thing and if the Dev could possibly take note; the reason I downloaded this was in the hope that I could prevent the system from going to Sleep upon closing the Lid/Screen on my MacBook Pro (thus keep the system awake with MacBook Pro in 'clamshell-mode). Sadly this is not the case and my MacBook Pro 8,3 goes to sleep whenever I close the screen. Therefore if this ability could be somehow implemented into Wimoweh with maybe some additional options such as never sleep when lid is closed (plugged into power supply), sleep after certain conditions are met with lid closed (i.e. set time or finish of tasks etc) and shutdown while in/from sleep if on battery with 5% power remaining - then this would be fantastic and a real Gem.

For those that would not like this proposed feature, then they simply don't have to enable it, then no one is left out and everyone's happy.

With regard to my model of MacBook Pro 8,3 (17" intel i7, early 2011) Apple state that clamshell mode 'is' supported for this mode, however the only way I have ever been able to use it in clamshell mode is when an external display like the Apple 27" Thunderbolt Display was plugged into it; closing the MacBook Pro would retain display on the Thunderbolt while switching the MacBook Pro's LCD screen off and preventing the MacBook Pro from sleeping. The Macbook Pro NEVER overheated and always felt the same if not cooler because the LED backlighting was off in the Lid and so was the LCD screen (which gets lit by the LED backlighting.

Its still a great App and well worth having as a very handy and useful Utility.

(I didn't rate full 5 stars for stability having only just installed it as of same day of this post/review, therefore have not tested it for long enough.)
[Version 0.41]


Jeepster reviewed on 04 Oct 2012
Seemed great from the start, however there's increasingly more and more video's/links that just don't work (and some that do).

It's a real shame because I thought this was the one to have. Seems like YouTube won't rest in their efforts to block user's downloading a video - trouble is when your on limited internet data allowances (using USB 3G dongles) it hammers your data usage for watching a video more than once on YouTube; so that's why we need these programs to work.
[Version 3.1.5]


Jeepster reviewed on 26 Sep 2011
This software could have great potential, but sadly in reality it crashes constantly which makes it unworkable. I tried it out on a mac running Lion and used one of the templates; I deleted the text in the template and proceeded to use the two separate image objects but when attempting to move the second object it kept crashing, for some reason it allowed me to move the first object but repeatedly crashes and aborts when trying to move the second.

If they could address the crashing and implement some needed edit features that are more professional as the title suggest, then thats a start. Price is bizarre in its current state, needs to be one tenth what it is once they sort out the crashing problems, then increase the price a little when they incorporate much needed essential basic features (i.e. opaque/transparencies and much more besides) and only then put the price back up once they incorporate truly professional features.

Oh and put a demo out!

But all's not lost, as I said it has potential and is currently at the 'make and break point', therefore if they take note and practice the above then this could have a happy ending and Logo Design Studio 'Pro' may soon or eventually be a very worthy piece of software.
[Version 2.1.000]


Jeepster reviewed on 20 Sep 2011
Awesome that it's free!

I did try AppCleaner and AppZapper side by side on an App and have to say that AppZapper did pull up a couple of extra related-to-the-App files - just an observational test that showed me AppZapper appeared to be more thorough, however in all fairness I didn't test them both for uninstalling a number of other different Apps as I continued to use AppZapper. If I can remember which App it was, then I'll post back here (was several weeks ago that I noticed the results).
[Version 2.0.5]


Jeepster reviewed on 28 Jul 2011
I'm genuinely looking forward to buying this when it has been fully fixed.

I've run the demo on Lion and was hoping the comments were untrue with regards to the problems. However unfortunately there are issues and Lion becomes ill with Hands Off running.

Lion and Apple are not without blame as there are glitches and bugs in Lion (being the fist public version) and Lion has made many other Apps become problematic and I envisage a long slow uphill experience of identifying problems, researching, querying, downloading, updating and an initial period as painful as having your teeth pulled out before reaching an eventual stage where everything is happy on OS 10.7 (probably just months before OS 10.8 comes out in the future... it's not that bad really, just joking!).

Hands Off is very promising and does way much more than what Little Snitch could ever do and has infinitely more power and control, which is why it upsets Lion as it may be being a little to restrictive on some undisclosed operations that Apple have added before enlightening everyone.

I'm sure Metakine is working flat out to cure the problems and while it is temporarily broken, it wouldn't be such a bad idea if they reduce the selling price further just for the time being so that people could maybe install it and set it disabled OR network firewall mode only with also just the update checks enabled as well, so that users could immediately download any fixed version when detected and use it fully with fixed disk access control as well, the minute the fixed version is made available. How about it Metakine?

Easily Five stars when fully fixed for Lion (with backwards compatibility for Snow Leopard, for multi boot systems).
[Version 1.3.2]


Jeepster reviewed on 11 May 2011
Trying the Demo version and liking it!

Small detail I know, but would like the 'mouse-over' the network monitor within the top menu bar to temporarily show the larger fully detailed network monitor window, until you move your mouse pointer away (just as with Little Snitch). That way you can see it on-the-fly when you so desire without clicking on any settings and then mouse away for it to fade away and not obstruct the desktop.
[Version 1.2.2]

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