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Jedik commented on 16 Jul 2010
I don't think it's free: there are both an "Order" and "Pricing" links on its website.
[Version 1.8.8]

Jedik commented on 04 Oct 2008
Latest version seems broken in my MacBook Pro (Leopard 10.5.5): many components are messing from the user interface, like buttons and buttons. As it created a new preferences folder in my user folder (.gimp-2.6) so I don't think it's a settings-related issue...
[Version 2.6]

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Jedik replied on 04 Oct 2008
Latest version seems broken in my MacBook Pro (Leopard 10.5.5): many components are missing from the user interface, like buttons and dividers. As it created a new preferences folder (.gimp-2.6) I don't think the issues are related to program settings...

Jedik reviewed on 24 Aug 2008
It's a very nice application: simple but does what's needed. Some suggestions:
- some parts of the program are still in French, making it 100% localized in English would be nice;
- it would be nice if the program saved the windows postions as well as the column widths;
- ability to choose the columns displayed in the main windows by the user, adding 'case/project', for example;
- ability to edit invoices or at least undo some operations like 'cancel'.

I hope the developer keeps this project alive. Thanks for making it free! Kudos!
[Version 0.9.2]

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Jedik replied on 24 Aug 2008
Oh, and a custom icon would be nice as well. ;)

Jedik reviewed on 21 Apr 2008
I've tried to use Fluid for a while but run into a couple of problems:
1. Setting 'Accept cookies only from sites you navigate to' does not work, Gmail complains for instance, although it works with Safari;
2. The RSS button does not open the link in the default RSS reader, but in the default browser instead;
3. Showing the current in the Status Bar even when mousing over other links is annoying at least;
4. App crashed when trying to run a Java applet (it works fine in Safari/Camino);
5. Maybe the worst, 'middle-click' on links does NOT open them in another tab like all other browsers do, COMMAND+click works tho;
6. Links that open in a new window aren't redirected to a new tab, i.e. single window mode isn't possible.

- Allow the user to run Fluid as a normal browser even if s/he doesn't want to create a SSB. It will probably increase your user base and also allow newbies to use it and test its incredible nifty add-ons like the Cover Flow/Clipping plugins;
- Make the 'Mail this link' use the default mail application and not only;
- as it's a SSB it would be nice to open RSS feeds in an online service as option, like Camino/Firefox do;
- allow some kind of user CSS like Safari or add some kind of 'ad-blocker' feature.

I don't know if the dev look at MacUpdate so I am sending this to his email asap. Thanks and keep it up! =)
[Version 0.9]

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Jedik commented on 21 Apr 2008
Another annoying bug: changing tabs makes the Flash widgets to reload, so you cannot buffer a YouTube video while navigating to another site in another tab, for instance...

Jedik reviewed on 01 Apr 2008
Sorry, but the software isn't that much user friendly and takes ages to load after it's loaded every time it's launched. I just wanted the "old" Tiger "Show All" window... The new one on Leopard just sucks (and it does not saves its config between launches, what sucks even more).
[Version 1.1]

Jedik commented on 01 Feb 2008
It's a really good add-on to Safari, but since I installed Leopard there is no way to keep its buttons in the Safari toolbar after restarts. Fix it soon, please!
[Version 3.0L154]

Jedik commented on 06 Nov 2007
Netscape? Should be easy, as the bookmarks are like in Firefox, just in another folder.
[Version 2.5]

Jedik commented on 06 Nov 2007
Hmmm, if you must create the aliases with the programs you want, you have the same trouble anyway, just a different presentation format than a stack...
[Version 0.1a]


Jedik reviewed on 24 Oct 2007
It's very nice, and free. Suggestions for the next release: add a diff function (shows the changes related to another file). Kudos! =)
[Version 1.0.6]


Jedik reviewed on 17 Oct 2007
Great idea. Almost there, needs a few features to be 'the' (free) choice for media browsing on Mac IMO:
- double click opens in external viewer/editor (option)
- more info for items (maybe a floating window when you mouse over or CONTROL+click)
- more control for media playing (volume, etc)
- and slideshow for pics would be awesome! =)
[Version 1.0]

Jedik had trouble on 22 Oct 2008
Doesn't work here (iPhone 2G running firmware 2.1, no jailbreak): freezes for a while showing a bue striped background then crashes back to springboard. Any tips?
[Version 1.0]

Jedik had trouble on 14 Mar 2008
Actually the download is an experimental native build (no X11) for Intel only! Hoooray!
But it seems that it does not work on Leopard 10.5.2:
- first launch: crash
- second launch: does nothing, no windows, no nothing, just the app icon on the Dock.
[Version 2.4.5r1]

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Jedik commented on 14 Mar 2008
Just got it to work. Wait for a while after you get it running, and you should see the start-up panel. If it does not work, make sure you have your OS setting to U.S. in the International System Preferences: Language, Formats and Input Menu. It seems that's what fixed it for me here.
Jedik had trouble on 26 Dec 2006
Hmmm, click through does not work, I will keep using 1.6...
[Version 1.8]

Jedik had trouble on 09 Sep 2006
Upgrading from the previous version didn't work, the app quit after launching (see reply for Console log). I had to delete the plist file and re-download the dictionary.

Now it says on every launch that there is a new version (0.10.1), but even after downloading and restarting it's not updated (still version 0.10).
[Version 0.10.1]

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Jedik commented on 09 Sep 2006
Console log after updating from previous version:

2006-09-09 02:20:46.488 Translator[12333] *** Uncaught exception: Cannot create int from object {
description = "Buildin German-English dictionary by Frank Richter";
downloadurl = "";
file = "de-en.ding";
installscript = "";
lang1code = de;
lang1name = German;
lang1rtl = 0;
lang2code = en;
lang2name = English;
lang2rtl = 0;
name = "Ding: German-English";
status = installed;
type = buildin;
} of class NSCFDictionary
Jedik had trouble on 28 Aug 2006
I don't know why, but it's reporting always the total number of files -1. For instance, if there are 6 image files, the app reports 5, and if there is none it reports -1. Weird...
[Version 2.3.1]

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Jedik replied on 28 Aug 2006
I am using Mac OS X 10.4.7 and QuickTime 7.1.2.
Jedik had trouble on 22 Aug 2006
Besides the related problem with audio/video chatting with iChat (not 100% sure as I didn't test it again after uninstalling Throttled) , I could not start the OS X built-in firewall.
[Version 0.4.5]

Jedik had trouble on 28 Jul 2006
Still getting AppleScript errors like:

- Can't make "10.4" into type real. (-1700)

- NSReceiverEvaluationScriptError: 4 (1)
[Version 0.8.5]

Jedik had trouble on 02 May 2006
A old rm file that I have plays awfully (image artifacts) in 10.1 while the same file played nice in 10.0.x. And the Internet plugin now crashes Camino. :(
[Version 10.1]

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