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Jd_1 commented on 12 Nov 2013
After working fine for the last month it seems the same problem is back. I don't get anything but the spinning load graphic. All but the NHL is not displaying any games and nothing is working anymore.

Anyone else having this problem? Hopefully there will be a quick fix to this soon.
[Version 1.3.66]

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Jd_1 replied on 13 Nov 2013
1.3.67 has fixed everything but the NBA page.

Jd_1 reviewed on 12 Oct 2013
Version 1.3.65 seems to have everything back running smoothly. All the scheduled games for the NCAA, NFL & NHL are displayed correctly and this fabulous widget is working again as it has for many years.

Thanks Andreas!
[Version 1.3.65]

Jd_1 commented on 12 Sep 2013
For me, both College & NFL football scheduled games are not being displayed. Everything worked fine the first two weeks of NCAA games & the first week of the NFL season. I noticed this with the last version & it's still not showing in the new 1.3.62 version as well.
[Version 1.3.62]


Jd_1 reviewed on 28 Feb 2013
I use this for making & recording a music set mix, not for performance style dj'ing in clubs etc...

I have had no issues like latencies & such with this app and is the best app of this type that I have had, including more expensive types like FutureDeck. it's easy to use & very well designed with the GUI.

Also, because I'm doing this for the final result which is for the recording, I find the interface fun & easy to navigate while performing the mix. Another big plus is that the app uses a sound check to make sure the volume for all songs are at the same level,thus helping to eliminate clipping.

I also really like the iTunes integration & search features which makes spinning a set on the fly easy while maintaing the flow you get into when performing a live mix.

I'm very happy with this app & even more so, really pleased with the quality of the recorded set. Definitely worth $20.00!
[Version 4.2]


Jd_1 reviewed on 17 Feb 2013
Excellent. This is the first fix for returning colour icons that has worked with Total Finder installed. All the other ones I tried would only work if Total Finder wasn't active. Either the colours would return & Total Finder wouldn't function, or the other way around. This is the first fix that allows both to work again.

I've been trying to get this fixed since Lion came out, so needless to say, I'm thrilled to have finally got this corrected.

Easy instal & a reboot was all it took. Thanks allot Simon!
[Version 1.8.7]

Jd_1 rated on 29 Oct 2012
[Version 8.0.7]


Jd_1 reviewed on 18 Oct 2012
Before I start, just want to clear my throat. Hold on a minute…

Fuck You Twitter!

There, that's better.

I'm not usually a martyr, for any reason, least of all with commercial purchases, but in this case I felt I wanted to be. Because of Twitters insane new policy, Tapbots will have only so many of these that they can sell to try and make a decent return on all the work that have put in. As I already love my iOS versions of this app & even emailed them requesting a Mac version about 8 months ago, I'm glad to be able to purchase it. Sure, it would have been cheaper if Twitter, you know, just didn't, but they did.

So yes, it's defiantly worth it. The other reviews here tell you all about how good the app is itself, I just wanted to chime in on the pricing.

The one thing that concerns me is Twitter's new policies might turn off allot of folks and that with that, we might see Twitter become like My Space in the next 5 or so years, only to be replaced with something else.

So be it.

Somethings are worth it and this is one of them.

Supporting Tapbots is also my way to say thanks for caring about what your customers think & thanks for creating & improving this great app!
[Version 1.0]

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Jd_1 replied on 18 Oct 2012
Sorry, that should be "Definitely" not Defiantly.

Jd_1 replied on 18 Oct 2012
You know I was thinking that as I was writing my correction. It DOES fit, doesn't it!

Jd_1 reviewed on 03 Sep 2012
This has become my go to browser. Safari has become, like iTunes, a bloated, unstable at times app.

For me, Chromium sings on my Mac Pro & iMac & is a pleasure to use, even more so now on Mountain Lion. Also works well on my wife's MacBook Pro. Fast & stable!
[Version 21.0.1180.89]

Jd_1 commented on 28 Aug 2012
Seems to be working fine for me. Scrolled through all my teams in all the sports covered by the widget & it all looks as it should.
[Version 1.3.47]

Jd_1 commented on 21 Aug 2012
I really like this app which I got from the App store a few months ago & I recommend it.

One complaint & it's a big one. I have now emailed support 3 times in a few days, making sure I used the "x14" in the subject line to get by their spam filters, which they say to do whenever writing them. I still have not heard back from them.

I have a rather simple question for them & am very disappointed that I have not gotten any response at all.

I'm posting my question to them here in hopes that someone can help me out:

I know there must be a simple way to do this, but I can't find out how. Can you please explain to me how I would go about renaming these type of files to insert the underscore character _ between each word in the file such as these examples below:

Acidic Slime.jpg to Acidic_Slime.jpg


Augur of Bolas.jpg to Augur_of_Bolas.jpg


Ajani, Caller of the Pride.jpg to Ajani_Caller_of_the_Pride.jpg

Any help would be appreciated.
[Version 9.13]

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Jd_1 replied on 21 Aug 2012
With which category & which action do I use & what change do I select from. Can you please write out the full selection procedure?

Jd_1 replied on 21 Aug 2012
Ok, I've got it. It took me a moment to figure out which category & action to choose. The big thing you helped me with was inputing the space bar.

Thanks very much Rawhide. Much appreciated!
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