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Jbssm reviewed on 01 Dec 2013
tl;dr stay away from this app if you plan to use it anywhere else but in a - very - closed Apple ecosystem
And still no proper Android client.

I must say that on the Mac, 1password actually come above the competition (although the competition is free, like LastPass that it's looking better and better with time).

But exactly what is the purpose of a password keeper that only works in one place? IF I was to use it only in the desktop I would use Apple Keychain or Firefox Password repository.

The Android App is unusable. It's has these bugs that you could check them just by using the app twice. It's impossible that the devs don't know they exist and they seem to have forgotten android for more than 1 year now.
[Version 4.0.9]


Jbssm reviewed on 01 Dec 2013
Great concept, poor execution.

I really, really wanted to like this app. I was tired of having to check my Gmail account in a browser. It's slow, cumbersome and I never know if my messages are really downloaded when I need them.

Airmail solved this problem, it was the only app (after the demise of Sparrow) that put a Gmail feel in a desktop client.

But, it's broken, severely broken.
I't highly unstable, it crashes at least once a day.
And it keeps taxing the CPU unreasonably. It's always in the 90%, even after the initial download of the messages.
After some hours on, it uses more than 100Mb of RAM.

How can a mail client keep using the system resources like this? This app needs to stop focusing on features and solve the technical implementation issues that plague it, only then it will actually become usable.
[Version 1.2]


Jbssm reviewed on 08 Oct 2013
The new Opera is a mixed bag.
In a way it was finally updated to the XXI century when it comes to speed and memory usage.

But in order to do so, the developers trashed everything that made Opera different for the better:
- You can no longer stack tabs to organize them.
- You can no longer load tabs only when they are used (so your computer comes to a halt everytime you start Opera to a previous session that had 10+ tabs open) meaning with huge memory and processor usage.
- You don't even have a bookmark system.

Bottom line: This is a great new engine for Opera, but it's just that, an engine. Now the devs need to actually make it usable.
[Version 17.0.1241.45]

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Jbssm replied on 08 Oct 2013
Hi Nontroppo. Lazy session loading doesn't exist in the prefs. Perhaps is platform dependent but it doesn't show up in OSX.

Jbssm reviewed on 03 Oct 2013
Why, oh why still no real Android app for this?

Seriously, the Android app dates from January 2012, doesn't allow adding sites and doesn't have a keyboard mode to login into sites like LastPass and PasswordBox.

I wonder if it's really that difficult to take a programmers week and make this usable on Android.
[Version 4.0]

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Jbssm replied on 04 Oct 2013
@lamontDakota: you are pretty ignorant if you don't know practically all except the very small Mac developers, check this site to get feedback about their products.

Jbssm reviewed on 26 Jan 2013
I've been giving a run to Opera and I must say it impresses in several areas. It's speedy enough (when there's not a bad behaving page in the background using the resources... more on that later), well polished and has a quite good tab management (something Safari and Chrome simply lack even when using plugins).

In fact I'm starting to notice a tie in terms of usability between Firefox tab management and Opera. The only thing lacking would be a tittle for the different tab groups, so that instead of having the top site name, we could assign it something like Design/Research/etc.

I can also notice that the memory used by the browser is much lower than both Firefox and Chrome (I didn't compared it to Safari).

On the downside, one thing I clearly miss from Firefox (although Firefox it's the only browser doing this so far as I know) is the load on demand for pages. I have a lot of tabs open in Work/Home/Design/etc and I really don't like that Opera loads them all at start and that they are all active in the background, something that increases quite a lot the processor usage when idle compared to Firefox.
[Version 12.13.1725]


Jbssm reviewed on 15 Apr 2012
Warning, this app sends a message to all your contacts without your approval for "flirt". It's a ridiculous and totally unacceptable behaviour to any app, more so for a paid app,

Avoid at all costs.

Besides this, it doesn't add anything to Facebook, the interface it's awfull, it doesn't present you with notifications and the only good thing thAt it does is to remove advertising from FB, something you can easily do in the browser with free plugin that doesn't harass all your FB fronds like this app.
[Version 1.0.28]


Jbssm reviewed on 14 Jul 2010
It just doesn't work.

Tried 3 barcodes of different sizes in my Macbook Pro Unibody with integrated iSight camera and nothing. It doesn't recognize absolutely anything.

I can tell Delicious Library works OK with this camera so, it's not an hardware problem, but a software one.
[Version 1.2]


Jbssm reviewed on 27 Mar 2009
Although I cannot abide to praise the ease of use of iPhoto, the truth is that Apple doesn't seem to care for some clients at all.
This software is out for almost 6 months, and so is the Panasonic Lumix 3 camera which is a fairly popular camera, still, after all this time and after 2 updates, still no support for RAW mode in this camera.
I mean, is it that difficult to add a library to the program that is already made and that gives the desired functionality?
Adobe did it in a bit more than 1 month in their software ... Apple is making us wait for more than 6 months.
Also, as interesting and innovative as the face recognition may seem, the truth is that is practically always wrong. All the faces need manual checking and tagging.
[Version 8.0.2]


Jbssm reviewed on 28 Nov 2008
Snipping is not working all together.
I've lost 6 auctions by now simply because it doesn't snipe and it doesn't even give an error message, nothing ... it just lets the time pass.

Since I bought this software, more than 1 year ago, the developers haven't add any new features.

This is a paid software, when we buy it we cannot really demand new features, but it's our right to demand that it works and it simply doesn't work!
[Version 1.1b2]


Jbssm reviewed on 10 Nov 2008
The bidding/searching is partially broken since the 27 of October when eBay made some changes.
Since then, no update was made to the application in order to solve the problem and no news were given or posted on the developer website about this problem.
JBidwatcher, a free application similar to Auction Hunter, also hasn't corrected the problem still, but they have promptly put an notice in their website stating the problem and it's origin in order to warn the users.
One would expect more from a paying software like Auction Hunter.
[Version 1.0.5]

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