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Jbb reviewed on 23 Oct 2013
My Mavericks upgrade has gone well, with the exception of one significant casualty: Mail

I use mine with a couple of Exchange Server 2003 IMAP accounts. Mail has always worked well with this setup, until now.

Issues so far:

- The app intermittently hangs when closed, and must be forced to quit.
- Emails sent take a long time to clear the outbox
- Numerous error messages in the system log
- Intermittently unable to permanently delete messages

I've tried rebuilding my mailboxes, but it didn't help.
[Version 10.9]


Jbb reviewed on 23 Oct 2013
I'm seeing problems with 0.17.4 sorting correctly with Mavericks.

Using the 'Arrange folders on top' feature causes the following entries in the system log:
Finder[3118]: +[TDesktopMultiWindowController initialized]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x1025e1948
Finder[3118]: Error loading plugin XFFoldersOnTopPlugin
Finder[3118]: +[TDesktopMultiWindowController initialized]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x1025e1948

Some of my folders will sort correctly, but the icons on my desktop won't.

I emailed the developer yesterday evening, but haven't heard anything from him yet.
[Version 0.17.4]


Jbb reviewed on 01 Nov 2012
I was hoping this release would fix the broken wifi access that I've been experiening ever since iOS 6 was installed on my iPhone 3GS. It doesn't.

I have a Netgear WG102 access point, which has been trouble-free for years with all of my iDevices, until iOS 6. My iPad, which is being held back at iOS 5.x, continues to enjoy trouble-free access.

My Apple TVs, also running the latest version of the OS, unfortunately, have also been having wifi problems related to the latest release. I had to switch them to a cabled connection to restore connectivity.

Apple seems to have a reputation for wifi problems with their software releases.
[Version 6.0.1]

Jbb rated on 02 Sep 2012
[Version 11.1]


Jbb reviewed on 24 Aug 2012
I've tried the release of version 5 alongside of version 4.1.3 on my Mac Pro, and here are my observations so far:

- They have failed to provide power assertions to the OS, one of the key requirements for apps that are updated for Mountain Lion. These prevent the host from going to sleep while the app is active. With Fusion, having the host go into sleep mode causes the guest's network to go down. In my case, it causes the VPN connection I use with my VM to also go down, which wrecks the connections that the apps within the VM are using. I have to disable sleep in the OS to prevent this.

- Their sleep support with smart cards is still broken.

- Version 4 no longer sees my license and now thinks it's an evaluation copy.

- I fail to see what they base their increased speed claims on. The main app appears to run a bit quicker, but the performance of the VMs is more important to me, and if anything, I see a slight decline in speed with my test VM: I duplicated the Windows 7 VM that I've been using with version 4, allowed Fusion 5 to upgrade the tools, and if anything, the VM's boot time seems slower.

- I've noticed that the memory footprint for the Fusion 5 executable has gone from ~99 MB with version 4 to ~175 MB in 5. Not a deal-breaker, just a note.

- Most of the new features are of little value to me.

- Compared to Parallels and VirtualBox, VMWare appears to be slow in releasing updates and more interested in piling on features while asking for more money.

I'll continue to hobble along with version 4 until they are able to provide fixes that improve my daily experience.

I'm dismayed by the number of 5 star ratings that other people give this or any product. A 5 star rating should be a rare event for any app. This one certainly does not deserve it.
[Version 5.0.0]

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Jbb replied on 28 Aug 2012
I removed this dog from my machine today. Two other problems that I found:

- The VMware tools installer does not remember that I have selected "Don't Upgrade" the tools when starting one of my version 4 VMs that has the version 4 tools installed. I have to manually cancel the installation from within the VM every time I start it. The final straw was that I did not cancel one of the installations in time, even though it was cancelled while the tools appeared to still be unpacking. It managed to corrupt the version 4 tools installation and I had to reinstall them to regain their functionality. WTF?

- The app *never* remembers where to connect my USB DVD drive, even though I have selected the checkbox for "remember my choice". I have to direct it every time I plug the drive in.

It makes me wonder if anyone at VMware actually tests this sh#t.

Jbb reviewed on 14 Jun 2012
About VMware in general:
- Painfully slow release cycles that contain too few fixes
- Weak tech support
- Poor support site orgainization

About Fusion 4.x:
Appears to be poorly tested
- Buggy sleep support
- Buggy smart card support
- Intermittent problems with maintaining window geometry when switching between windowed and full screen mode

These issues may seem trivial or non-existent to most readers, but I use this product daily, and it's a pain in the @ss. I had to write a script to work around the smart card problem (VMware is aware of the problem and said dev would fix, to releases ago). I have to run my script prior to starting Fusion.

And only two fixes in this release? One of their techs told me that VMware doesn't itemize every single fix that goes into a release. They must be trying to copy Apple like everyone else does!
[Version 4.1.3]

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Jbb replied on 24 Aug 2012
Nielsr: Thanks for the reply. I did try to evaluate VirtualBox, but it did not work out because it wouldn't allow me to import the most important VM that I have: A Windows 7 workstation with a lot of installed software and configuration. In order to simply *evaluate* VirtualBox would have required days or weeks of rebuilding that VM from scratch, which was just too much work for me, so I let it go.

Jbb reviewed on 11 Oct 2011
I'm experiencing a problem with my VMs hanging on startup if the host computer has slept. Fusion remains partially functional, but has to be force-quit in order to close it.

This is on a Mac Pro running 10.7.1 with 8GB of RAM and Fusion 4.0.2. The Mac has to be restarted to regain use of the VMs. The same machine running Snow Leopard with Fusion 3 was very stable. I wish version 4 was.

I've opened a bug report with VMware, but so far, all I'm getting are boilerplate responses. Frustrating.

I'm able to reproduce the failure on a clean install of Lion as well.

Anyone else seeing this?
[Version 4.0.2]

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