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Jazzygb1 reviewed on 01 Oct 2012
Thanks for this, you've made using OSX a pleasant experience again.
How anyone can argue that indistinguishable difficult to read grey icons in the sidebar is better for navigation is beyond me.
The colour makes it MUCH easier.
Feel like I've got a new Mac - brilliant! :)
Thanks again!

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Jazzygb1 replied on 06 Oct 2012
I've noticed that the save dialogues are still grey.
If you could replace with colour here too, then you be an even bigger star! :)
Thanks again.

Jazzygb1 reviewed on 10 Aug 2012
Love my Dymo Labelwriter 400, but sadly this software has lost support for using the Dymo as a shared printer on a Mac network when running OSX 10.8 :(
I have 2 iMacs in my office and could print my labels from either of them in 10.68 by enabling printer sharing via system preferences.
This feature worked fine on both Macs in 10.68, but refuses to in OSX 10.8.
It prints okay directly from USB on the host iMac, but when I try and add the Dymo as a shared printer on the networked imac (running OSX 10.8), I get a message saying 'The software for the printer you are trying to install is no longer supported. Please contact the servers administrator'
I was hoping this update ( would resolve this issue, but sadly it does not.
Please fix this frustrating problem ASAP, as I cannot properly use the label writer as it currently is.


Jazzygb1 commented on 02 Sep 2011
The problem with Parallels is the cost of ownership is exorbitant...it IS NOT $79.00!
As someone who has owned and supported Parralels since version 2 (when it had the fiasco of halving the RAM in my Mac Pro just to run), I resent the disproportional upgrade fee's that I have to pay.
A $49.00 upgrade fee for a $79 product is 62% of the full price, which is absolutely scandalous.
I am being punished for being a loyal customer which is an outrage. A new customer can own the current version for 60% less than someone who purchased v6, released less than 12 months ago.
V5 released just 2 years ago will have cost the owner double. That the cost to own it should double in just 2 years is immoral.
So I'm not upgrading (again) this time. Until I'm rewarded for my loyalty instead of being punished for it I'll get by with Bootcamp.
How sad that Parallels have managed to alienate someone who has only ever been supportive, but I just feel like a sponge and I wont be squeezed anymore!
[Version 7.0.14920.689535]


Jazzygb1 reviewed on 26 Jan 2011
The problem with Flux is unless you are familiar with HTML code already, it's interface and way of working is totally alien.
There's no way to switch between templates like you can on iWeb for example - something that a new user instinctively wants to do.
Now I know that creating compliant websites isn't easy and I'm sure it's an extremely big ask to get true WSIWYG web design, but if its to be truly accessible then that's what needs to happen. After all if you are going to have to 'learn' to use it, you may as well 'learn' industry standard Dreamweaver instead.
To date only apple with iWeb have made a product where you can truly create a document and then upload it as a website. I'm sure Flux is a good alternative for experienced web designers and cheaper and even easier to use than Dreamweaver, but for a novice it's intimidating, unnatural & confusing, so definitely NOT one for the novice with no previous experience.
[Version 3.1.11]


Jazzygb1 reviewed on 04 Jan 2011
I do a lot of downloading with usenet clients and am a registered user of most Mac NZB clients.
On the Mac I first registered Super NZB for $49. It was quite good actually with its automated repairs using par files, but a little buggy (often I had to quit & relaunch to complete downloads) and it was a HUGE memory hog making other Mac apps crawl when it was used. Its interface was basically an (ugly) port from its PC counterpart and At $49 VERY expensive. However it was also the first NZB client at the time (Early 2009) that was easy to use and quite powerful too.
NZB Drop was announced about 6 months or so later & was a really good client with a much nicer OSX native UI. It was reasonably priced at $29 too. I purchased it immediately. Unfortunately (V1.3) didn't have the repair functions of Super NZB, so I would often have to revert to Super NZB to complete downloads that would fail in NZB Drop. This might have been rectified in later versions, but by the time v1.6 was released is wast a scandalous $19 upgrade!!!
Totally unfair that someone who has already supported & purchased the programme from inception, should be punished by being made to pay 66% of the fee again. Its on v2 now - another PAID upgrade. If I had paid for all the updates to keep me current, the total cost of owning NZB drop would now be nearly $70!!!
NZB Vortex came out early 2010 I tried it for 5 minutes before buying it. The UI is fantastic. You can tell its a Mac app the minute you start using it. It does all the technical stuff in the background (stitching, repairing etc) and it'll even tidy up after itself by moving the used files to the trash afterwards - perfect! :)
I can't tell you how much I love this app and at $19 it's a the best value NZB client BY FAR!!!
The creator has promised all updates will be free to registered users, so its a 'no brainer' just buy it!
I've used a string of clients on my PC at work too but NZB Vortex trumps them all.
Apps like this make you pleased you own a Mac!
I don't care if I sound like a plant, or a paid for endorsement (which I'm not), it's simply that good and I'd wholeheartedly recommend this app to anyone looking for an NZB downloader, there is quite simply no reason to look at anything else!
I'd give an extra star to the developer if I could for his fantastic customer support too. He has today (V2) implemented my request (as he promised) for multiple servers - what a star!
Thanks very much. :)
[Version 2.0.0]


Jazzygb1 reviewed on 02 Sep 2010
What a terrible release.
Why oh Why would Apple think changing colour icons to grey would be an 'improvement', It's absolutely absurd!!!

The nice easy to read colour icons found in the side pane are gone & replaced by icons that are all the same colour.

i mean when something isn't available they 'grey it out'. The grey Apple have used just makes everything look like it's unavailable for selection (which it isn't) & makes it far more difficult to immediately see what you're doing.

it such a step backward GUI wise that I can't believe it got released.
AT least give me the option to have them in colour!!!

Add to this stability issues (crashed my iMac twice) it just seems an ill conceived and rushed piece of software that offers no advantages over it predecessor, except for social networking.

[Version 10.0]

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Jazzygb1 replied on 05 Sep 2010
Thanks, I'll check it out! :)
Jazzygb1 commented on 29 Aug 2010
$339.00 is NOT shareware.
It's a commercial product & should be listed as such.
Its VERY misleading to advertise a $339 product as shareware & doesn't instill much faith in the company behind it.
What next - Photoshop as 'Shareware' - I mean come on!
[Version 1.3.4]


Jazzygb1 reviewed on 16 Aug 2010
Brilliant little NZB app that keeps getting better.
Simplicity is the key, it's the easiest to use, light on CPU usage & the cheap too! :)
I've used SuperNZB & NZB Drop which are both okay, but NZB Vortex leaves them far behind in price & performance.
If you need an NZB client, look no further.
[Version 1.5.0]


Jazzygb1 reviewed on 16 Aug 2010
As a past customer its very disappointing to find that an upgrade to v2 would cost me another $19.00.
NZBVortex is the best NZB client around at the moment & at just $14.99 is $5 less for the whole application than it is for me to upgrade to v2 of NZB drop - that says it all.
Upgrades should be free, but if you have to charge at all, a reasonable fee like $9.99 would be far more fair - after all I've already paid you once.
NZB Drop is a nice app but overpriced - especially for the upgraders.
NZB Vortex is better & cheaper and (so far) hasn't charged a penny for the upgrades either.
Until NZB drop lowers its price point it represents poor value for money.
[Version 2.0]


Jazzygb1 reviewed on 10 Mar 2010
No subscription needed at all.You do have to register, but that's all.
Zattoo works well, the problem is it's really been surpassed by catchup tv (www.catchuptv.com) that offers more channels & can even be viewed on your iPhone.
However for what it does it does well.
[Version 4.0.4]

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Jazzygb1 replied on 10 Mar 2010
Just to add I'm in the UK.
Subscription might be required from outside the UK.
Jazzygb1 had trouble on 30 Jul 2012
Just to clarify that I am using Dymo software v8.4.1.1803 on both iMacs. The host iMac is running OSX10.68 and has the printer connected via USB (printer sharing enabled in system preferences).
The other iMac used to be able to see and print to the Dymo like any other shared printer, but since the recent update of one iMac to OSX10.8, this has become impossible.
It still see's the printer, but when you try and add it you get the error message.
Please fix, as it's the only thing stopping me from installing OSX10.8 on both iMacs.

Jazzygb1 had trouble on 30 Jul 2012
Love my Dymo Labelwriter 400, but sadly this software has lost support for using the Dymo as a shared printer on a network in OSX10.8 :(
I have 2 iMacs in my office and could print my labels from the networked iMac just by enabling printer sharing on the host Mac in 10.68.
This feature worked fine in OSX 10.68, but is now broken in 10.8.
When I try and add the Dymo as a printer on the networked imac (running OSX 10.8), I now get a message saying 'The software for the printer you are trying to install is no longer supported. Please contact the servers administrator'
I was hoping this update would resolve this issue, but sadly it does not.
Please fix this frustrating problem ASAP.
Many thanks


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