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Jazzica reviewed on 22 Feb 2014
Today, I received an e-mail from Dropbox, which told me how they are tying to keep my information, on their servers, safe from the NSA and other alphabet-agencies. I applaud their concern. I am 66 and a proud citizen of a place called the USA. Our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for this country. It's our job now to make sure that it doesn't slip into what happened in another country just before I was born.
The USA was once the beacon of freedom, and we can be again. All it takes is courage and the commitment to do the right thing . . . to "not be evil", I believe the CEO of Google once remarked.
It seems to me that Dropbox has all its priorities, and its ethics, in the right place.
Bravo! It is rare that a software outfit takes a stand like this.
Good luck with the fight for freedom.
[Version 2.6.13]


Jazzica reviewed on 18 Feb 2014
I really like this app and rely on it, use it every day. I also will give it five stars when it updates internally. Having to check the latest version numbers and go to MacUpdate for the updates is not a big deal as I usually hit MacUpdate every day or so, but it shaves a half-star off of my rating. Otherwise, no complaints at all! Every update has helped to make it work better.
[Version 2.6.12]


Jazzica reviewed on 10 Feb 2014
The best of its class. I don't even worry about the betas. I just want to know why it's free, doing all that it does so well? I hope users are using his Paypal Donations button at his web site.
[Version 2.8.3b2]


Jazzica reviewed on 21 Jan 2014
When I get old and grey (well, old) I won't want to read about how high my utility bills were back in 2014 or how much I liked "Cloud Atlas." I discovered, through this app, that I am NOT a journal-type person. I collect info, undated, pure info. Jounler was great for that and now I use MacJournal. But for the die-hard "where was I on June 14, 2016," it's a perfect app. I think forgetting is as important as remembering!
[Version 1.9.2]

Jazzica commented on 17 Jan 2014
I would love to love this app. But it does not paste URLs and email addresses as links. Just plain text. Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong (same with Flycut) . . . I am using ShelfMenu which is great but seems unsupported.
[Version 0.4.3]

Jazzica commented on 16 Jan 2014
Can I get away with saying that someone is asleep at the switch here? I mean, versions come out like eggs out of chickens, with brand new bugs, while old bugs are fixed . . . sometimes. Hawke, you may be right about it being the same designer, but I think he may be on vacation. I'm happy with Audition 6.
[Version 4.6.10]


Jazzica reviewed on 14 Nov 2013
Excellent. All tasks run smooth as silk. A question, developer . . . are you ever going to charge for Onyx? It's probably the best overall utility to perform these functions. Seems you should be paid for an astounding amount of work.
[Version 2.8.1]

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Jazzica replied on 09 Dec 2013
He's been doing this for so long, I'm pretty sure he has thought of it. Why should all music and art and literature and, yes—even software—always be free?
Jazzica commented on 13 May 2013
I eed some advice. . .

I am a pianist. I want to make "beds" for my piano, using my Rodes microphones and analog hardware to record the piano parts after I complete the "frameworks" on my Mac Pro. I may record direct to my Mac but believe I will need some sort of modular interface to do live recordings not using all digital instruments. I may want to do piano, bass, and drum tracks and then import them into the DAW that I choose (with your help).

I was set on Logic Pro. Now I see Logic Express at the same price. Are these upgrades or full programs?

Which is a better program?

Should I move towards Ableton or Cubase? I've used Cubase and I get somewhat confused. Any other ideas?

I'll consider any suggestions (on this topic), and thank you in advance for your expertise and your time.
[Version 9.1.8]

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Jazzica replied on 13 May 2013
Here's the lost 'n' . . . I said I was a bit confused . . .
Jazzica commented on 06 May 2013
Hi, David. I agree. I'm using Adobe Audition (Creative Suite 6) for most jobs. Yes, the drawn icons in Sound Studio are very hard on the eyes.

David, I am looking for a good music program to record my piano and overdub synths, drums, bass, who knows what else. Cubase? Amadeus? Logic? What do you use to layer music that has a click track, prints out the music, and has decent samples? I have a Yamaha 7ft Grand and a Yamaha XF88 Motif, plus an M-Audio 88 key controller also. Ideas? I don't know a DAW from a DUI.

I don't drive. Good thing.

"Never go back, never back down, feet to the edge, face in the wind."
[Version 4.6.2]

Jazzica commented on 17 Apr 2013
Mikael B: "Why are you getting the betas? Or do you meant the releases have beta-quality? Say that then."

Or do I meant?

What in the heck do you "meant?" And, a simple rule. Do not tell me (or anyone) what to say.
[Version 11.7.700.182]

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