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Jayce reviewed on 03 May 2013
I have been using this for years and it keeps improving. There are no tricks to it; just pick your screenshot, take the shot, size it as you wish, drag it to where you want it--no fuss, nothing arcane, just use it and get back to whatever else you were doing.

Ease-of-Use rating is FIVE stars but this web site decided otherwise. Hah! I'll beet the web site never used it.
[Version 3.0.5]


Jayce reviewed on 16 Jan 2013
Overall rating should read FIVE STAR.

Reluctantly let go of NetNewsWire which has not functioned well since Simmons left. Looked for replacement, found Gruml--excellent! All the best of NNW, easy to configure, pulled in all my subscriptions without error (and there were far too many of them.) I may at some point find something to nitpick about but, after two days of heavy use, not yet.
[Version 1.3.0]

Jayce commented on 29 Aug 2011
Check the developer's website for the new lion-ready beta (which is also great in 10.6.8.) It's great to have an updated well-functioning version. At least it sure makes me a lot happier now that I have it installed and running.
[Version 4.9.8]


Jayce reviewed on 09 Feb 2010
I have loved this app every since it appeared and it keeps getting better and better.

I like the way I can fiddle with it when I have the time or inclination, to make new combinations of sounds and soundfiles, monkey with the tempo, turn the volume up here and down there and save the result as a new entry. And I like finding out bit by bit about all the goodies in SonicMood that I didn't even know about or at least hadn't played with yet.

But I love being able to turn it on and pick one mood or one combination of moods to play while I work or read (on the computer) or edit text or pictures. And it's wonderful when I'm with my MacBook in an airport or on a plane or in a motel; I can plug in my earphones and just listen. Or listen and work. Or listen and play Scrabble. It takes relatively little space in contrast to iTunes, seems to have very little CPU or memory usage.

I bought a second license for SonicMood when I put it on my MacBook. It was--and is--one of the very few single-machine apps that I was glad to buy a second time/


Jayce reviewed on 11 Nov 2009
Because I have a lot of downloaded short stories and other printed material, I use Narrator to read me a short story so I can rest my eyes, to read a short story to add to iTunes so I can listen to it later on an iPod, and increasingly often to read me a page of how-to or tutorial when I am working on something like photo development where it really helps to have an audio walk-thru of a new process for a time or two. I enjoy having Narrator for those read-alongs because I can change both the actor and the quality of the actor's voice, or for long pieces have parts read as paragraph-dialogs.

Narrator has a lot more flexibility than I have ever used, but it is so well developed and so clearly explained that I have never spent frustrating time trying to get it to do what it claims to do. I know that if I spent more time with the program I could do more with it but . . . the program makes it so easy just to Go.

This is a wonderful program.
[Version 2.0.6]

Jayce commented on 06 Oct 2009
Both the MacUpdate link and the link at the developer's web site download an outdated version of Saft. This is not likely to entice new users to this application.
[Version 12.0b4]


Jayce reviewed on 01 Oct 2009
I asked the developer whether Blitz worked on Snow Leopard; he said it does, and he was right. Now I can listen to an iTunes playlist while working on photos in Lightroom, and still not have to restart the computer every 45 minutes or so. And I can leave Lightroom open in the background if I need to deal with incoming mail. I think this application is worth buying.
[Version 1.1]


Jayce reviewed on 26 Sep 2009
I have used NetNewsWire ever since its first release, was glad to pay for it as it developed, kept using it when it became free, and was delighted to pay the comparatively low price to run this version ad-free. (I didn't mind the ads, which were unobtrusive, but I think the developers deserve to be paid for their efforts.) I very much appreciate the syncing of NNW to GoogleNews because it seems to work much better than the dotMac or MobileMe syncs ever did. This release loads fast in 10.6.1 and quits fast, unlike a few of the earlier versions. Adding new feeds is easy; deleting feeds that are no longer interesting is easy; keyboarding through feeds and entries is easy.

Free or inexpensive, fast, responsive, easy to use, no memory loss or CPR hogging--there's nothing to complain about and much to admire.
[Version 3.2]

Jayce commented on 15 Sep 2009
I like most things about this application but not the fact that after I use it, Safari crashes if I try to drag a url into a bookmark folder. The only work-around I've found is to run Bookdog, quit Bookdog, go into Activity Monitor and kill the little piece of Bookdog that's still in touch with Safari, and then go into Safari's menu (once) for the Add Bookmark process.

I hope someone finds an easier way to get the two to co-exist.
[Version 5.3.6]

Jayce commented on 09 Sep 2009
Aurora 4.0.10 works just fine with Snow Leopard too.
[Version 4.0.11]

Jayce had trouble on 27 Apr 2009
Trouble! This update doesn't work for me, just pulls up blanks even when I'm already signed in to Flickr. I'm going to trash it and try reinstalling but if that doesn't work I'm going to try to find version 1.0 and reinstall it. I really liked this program--when it worked.
[Version 1.1]

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