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Jan Bergeron commented on 16 Jul 2011
This is a piece of c*** app. It does not work. You can't get help. The online help is useless. It doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Don't waste money on the juck.
[Version 3.18]


Jan Bergeron reviewed on 16 Jun 2011
I really like CopyPaste Pro, but I wanted to add a warning about something that happened to me recently. This applies to Mobile Me, so in some ways it is moot, since Mobile Me will be going away in favor of iCloud; however, this problem might occur with other apps.

I was having difficulty doing anything on Mobile Me once I logged in. Couldn't switch apps or even log out. Spent a long time with an Apple rep on chat. Rebooted my Mac. Did everything I could think of and still it would not work. Figured the problem had to be with Mobile Me. So I tried it on my new Macbook Air, and no problem. So back to the Mac. Closed every app I could think of, and no problem with Mobile Me. Started opening apps one at time until, Bingo. Problem occurred with CopyPaste Pro open. Closed CopyPaste Pro, problem went away. Opened it, problem returned.

A minor issue, and a non-issue for anyone not using Mobile Me, but I suppose it might happen with other browser-based apps. And, BTW, it also happened with Chrome.

So, If you have CopyPaste Pro running and you run into a problem with an app in your browser, try closing CopyPaste Pro to see if the problem goes away.
[Version 3.2]


Jan Bergeron reviewed on 03 Jun 2011
This is my second try at posting a review. I guess they don't like negative reviews, so they don't post them. But I do want to get my message across, so I'm giving it another try. If they delete this one, I guess I'll know for sure that they don't like negative reviews.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a waste of money. It adds more clutter instead of helping. The app reconfigured my mail window every time I restarted my Mac, so I had to spend time resetting everything. This was in spite of saving the settings and turning off everything that I didn't need or want. At least the developer had the foresight to include an uninstall function.

Please save your money. Apple mail is just fine the way it is, this is certainly no improvement.
[Version 1.0.2]

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Jan Bergeron replied on 16 Jun 2011
The implication was that MacUpdate removed (or didn't post) the review, perhaps under pressure from the developer. The bottom line is that I have no idea why it was removed. All I know is that I posted the review, which was very pointedly a non-recommendation for Mail Perspectives (no profanity or anything that would have gotten it pulled), and it appeared shortly after I posted it. The next time I looked, the review was no longer there, which is why I made the comment when posting it a second time,

Jan Bergeron reviewed on 02 Oct 2010
I tried several password and account storage apps on my iPhone but found them all lacking either due to the fact they were hard to use and/or did not have a desktop (Mac) version. Then I found 1Password! All I can say is WOW! This app is perfect. I have it on iPhone, iPad, and multiple Macs. It makes handling online accounts so simple and fast. Logins, inserting credit card info, and so on, couldn't be easier. I only gave it a 4 for stability because I had a problem with one upgrade, and I was in a panic because I thought I might have lost everything. But support response was rapid and effective. A simple reinstall was all it needed and all my data were safe (lots of automatic backups built in). I am very happy to recommend this program.
[Version 3.4.4]

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Jan Bergeron replied on 16 Jun 2011
Wanted to add and update to this. When I first posted the review, I didn't say anything about syncing. At the time I was syncing through WiFi, which was a bit cumbersome in that I had to have 1Password open on each device and connected to my network. I later discovered I could sync through Dropbox, and that works like a charm. All I have to do is make an entry on one device and it is automatically synched to all my devices. Still love the app, now more than ever. Highly recommended.
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