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Jamesehale commented on 08 Mar 2013
$49.99 is 92% off!!
Normal price $618.
its $20.
What is this rubbish at the top of the page?
[Version 5.2.1]


Jamesehale reviewed on 15 Feb 2013
Now attempting to go open source under GPL for all non commercial use.
Quite large stretch goals set if the kickstarter completes.
I have been using LC for personal utilities since before it was Revolution. It only gets better and if made open source the skies the limit.
Ok, so I really like the program and what they are trying to do.
Check it out...
[Version 5.5.3]

Jamesehale commented on 03 Aug 2012
App reports latest version is 3.3.1
Developer's website reports latest version is 3.3.1
[Version 3.3.2]


Jamesehale reviewed on 16 Apr 2011
Yes the interface could be better and understanding what it can do takes time, but if you have lots of e-books there is nothing to touch it.
I recently discovered its server function and the ease to which I can take a book from my library and get it on my iPad. Very slick.
[Version 0.7.55]


Jamesehale reviewed on 16 Feb 2011
excellent app.
GUI still a bit cumbersome for my liking (usage pattern) but this is only a minor quibble.
Does what it says and (since 4.5, for me at least) does it well.
[Version 4.5.0_2011-01-31-46bf]

Jamesehale commented on 16 Feb 2011
4.5 working for me at last. Thank you.
Don't know what change enabled it to work once more for me, but it does.
Can now retire 4.1.1 and once more keep up with the releases.
[Version 4.5.0_2011-01-31-46bf]

Jamesehale commented on 05 Nov 2010
I also have issues with 4.4 not playing in MPlayer extended but does in VLC.
Encode same source in 4.1.1 and all plays fine.
Under 4.4 Mplayer extended launches, player window controller bar appears, inspector panel indicates movie loading etc, a short burst of the audio track is heard and then nothing. The inspector panel shows no statistics as the status is nor "Stopped". The movie controller bar is still present but there is no movie window.

I have latest versions of all support files (as far as I know) but have yet to get a fully working encode out of anything above 4.1.1
I produce my MP$s using DVDRemaster and or Turbo 264 HD.
With regard to comments re WDTV Live. I have discovered that it can't seem to handle MP4s produced by Elgato's Turbo 264 HD (the original WDTV v1 handled them fine.)

I will keep trying each release of MKVToolnix but it seems for the while I am stuck on 4.1.1.
[Version 4.4.0_2010-11-02-6315]

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Jamesehale replied on 05 Nov 2010
Media info mac shows no difference in files created by 4.4 or 4.1.1
Mplayer Extended shows the "Frames Dropped" counter rise quickly into the thousands before stopping on trying to play a 4.4 file.
Presence or not of a chapter track makes no difference.
Jamesehale commented on 29 Oct 2010
Apart from the annoying notification menu that can't be disabled yet, there is the matter of not remembering items you have told it to ignore.
I maintain multiple versions of quite a few applications and to continually tell MUD to ignore them only to find them highlighted in red once more is a real failing in user friendliness and usefulness.
56 updates!! no, only one or two.
Which one or two, scroll through a list including 54 false positives.
There is also still problems with installation of some items, i.e MUD downloads and informs the item is installed when in fact this is not the case (one case in point Contour Design's ShuttleExpress which requires a restart - I used MUD to download and install this twice, was informed of success twice, yet found no evidence [download package, version number, restart request] that this indeed occurred. A visit to their website and manual download and install did work.
However the major bugbear is the not remembering your selection of ignore updates between sessions. Given no application like this will ever be able to match versions correctly all the time (too many factors outside of their control) a way to prevent it trying is a must.

For now I will deinstall and await an update.
[Version 5.0.5]

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Jamesehale replied on 30 Oct 2010
Following suggestions from the developer I deleted my prefs and started again.
I was successfully able to eliminate most reported problems except for one which may only affect some users.

It appears MUD has difficulty when there are multiple versions of an app. I happen to have a requirement to keep multiple versions of some apps so I do want them.

My solution for all but one was to set the version number to current. This kept nearly all of them from appearing as out of date. Telling MUD to skip an app in this case doesn't seem to work as it only seems to be able to handle a single application name to skip. If you have more than two, one will always be out of date.

So, after deleting prefs, setting version numbers as current on recalcitrant apps (multiple copies) the scanning seems to be stable.
Jamesehale commented on 29 May 2010
What's new refers to Navicat PREMIUM, not Navicat MySQL.
From Navicat's site:

May 20 2010
Navicat for MySQL (Mac) version 9.0.5 is now available
If the row is selected, Filter Wizard will now display the words in white color.
Query Builder supports to show diagram for some incomplete statement.
Bug Fixes:
Crashed when getting server Information on Information View if connection failed.
Improper join lines were displayed when joining multiple tables in Query Builder.
Crashed when parsing some improper SQL statements.
Wrong bit field default values were displayed in Table Designer for MySQL version 5.1.31 or above.
[Version 9.0.5]

Jamesehale commented on 26 Mar 2010
UTF issue with chapter/text track included with EyeTV exports now resolved. Those who have not moved off 3.0 can now use the 3.3 version (yippee)
[Version 3.3.0]

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