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Halcyon Software (developer) commented on 07 Oct 2007
I decided to use some keys that I thought of myself.

You need to read the tutorial if you want to find out which keys do what.

[Version 1.3]

Halcyon Software (developer) commented on 05 Oct 2007
Hi! Sorry about no updates for two weeks or so! I've been busy with school, friends and girls B) you know the drill..!

At the moment, Drumatix is going through something which will fundamentally change the entire way that you make patterns. The new version supports keyboard controls - so you can program beats, change instruments etc with your keyboard providing mouseless control (except with pattern saving, once I've worked it out then you'll get a release)

Thing is, I need help on where to put the keys. There's not a row of 16 buttons on this keyboard, so I really NEED your help! Where will the programming buttons go?

Eventually I'll be customising keyboards so that they have specific controls just for Drumatix, so in theory it WILL be a drum machine... The plans will be made public and modified software will be available, I'll just build them for you if you wish. This will happen as I'm doing it for a school project anyway :D

[Version 1.3]

James Stafford commented on 24 Sep 2007
Oh man... This app is a bit morbid isn't it? And the price tag... It sounds helpful, but it just looks to me like you're trying to capitalise on someone's sickness...

Halcyon Software (developer) commented on 22 Sep 2007
Strange. I'll try and cut out any necessary code then! :)
[Version 1.2]

James Stafford commented on 17 Sep 2007
What's the point of Quicktime Pro if you can watch movies fullscreen in iTunes?

And, and, and where's the iTunes 2.3 interface gone? That was a good interface.
[Version 7.4.2]

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James Stafford replied on 18 Sep 2007
Whaaat! Rip off! >: (
Halcyon Software (developer) commented on 15 Sep 2007
Okay, from this point onward, please leave CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. I don't want "it's a terrible application" or "use something else", I want answers. If there's something you don't like, TELL ME SO I CAN CHANGE IT.

If you're not going to contribute to the development of HunAgurk and are just going to be selfish by posting flimsy comments, then my recommendation to you is go and buy this book-> http://www.amazon.com/Learn-HTML-Weekend-3rd-CD/dp/0761526943 and open Textedit and code your own damn pages by hand. Sorry if I'm being rude or anything, but I'm frustrated with the three people who commented on this and said hardly anything constructive at all.

This is the line, above this line will be useful, what you like and don't like about my program, what you want changed, what you'd like improved etc... Got it? Good.
[Version 2.3]

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Halcyon Software (developer) replied on 16 Sep 2007
Thank you, that's better.

Originally I used styles to style the text, but it would do it for each and every paragraph which is the surplus of useless code ScottyArch was talking about.
I ditched the styles and then added the font tag for compatibility with old old old browsers and it seemed to make sense though, I can't work out styles and the font tag is much more friendly imho.

I'd have to restructure the whole program for styles, which is going to be a waste of time, and I'd have to add code for styles on and off, which would increase the size of the application. I'll try it, just not now.

You are right about the drop down menus, but I can't do dialogues for images sorry. It would try to access the images, like, where they are on the hard drive. Instead of docs/image/hi.gif, it would go to Macintosh HD:Users:Telstar:Desktop:Website:docs:image:hi.gif.

I will agree that not being able to insert code wherever you like is annoying, but I'm totally stumped as to how I'd get around that. I'll give it a try and we'll see what happens. But cutting and pasting doesn't really require any skills, and you can always select and drag the code to where you want in the page.

But fair play, I'll see what I can do about inserting code wherever you want, but you shouldn't really dive into HunAgurk without knowing what you're going to make, so there's no excuse to have to change the title; unless you change your mind and want to go over again. There's nothing stopping you to go into the code window and just changing the title though.

Thanks for your input, I'll get to work on some of these straight away. :)

James Stafford reviewed on 15 Sep 2007
The installer doesn't even launch.
[Version 0.4]


James Stafford reviewed on 14 Sep 2007
Haha! Brilliant! I'm addicted already!

I love the little comments that come up whenever you brush past things that hurt you. I might just buy this game when I get some cash out just for those.

I've not run into any problems, the graphics could be a little better though, but the sound effects are class. I recommend this to anyone :P
[Version 1.0]

Halcyon Software (developer) commented on 04 Sep 2007
Ah, sorry. I misread. You don't own iWeb, my bad.

But still, unfair comparison. And as for being bloated, it only really runs slowly on Intel. On my G4 it seems pretty zippy.
[Version 2.1]

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Halcyon Software (developer) replied on 08 Sep 2007
I'm afraid I have to disagree. I notice a big speed difference when I run HunAgurkHTML on my G4 as opposed to my Intel Mac. Having said that, my G4 has more RAM than my Intel. That could be why... Who knows.

Oh, it could be because the application is native to PowerPC and it's running under Rosetta... If you've got a G4, then try it, you might notice a difference.
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