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JPP-Zoso reviewed on 07 Jul 2011
i completely agree with Smtips. this is a horrible app. i do not get all the raving. it has been broken since v2.x when yahoo! bought out zimbra. had hopes when vmware in turn bought it from yahoo!, but other than improving the gui, not much has changed.

local mail storage is not fully recognized by the's like a separate and not equal account. cannot be searched, which is pretty much the point of a database email application. saved search queries missing beaucoup messages on the server as well...which is easy to check with the web app version. tags will not migrate between server and local storage, in fact, tags will be removed when moving messages between server and local.

calendar is just plain horrendous. settings and preferences are the most convoluted i've seen in a very long time. must re-position windows and panels on each startup.

it is a constant fight with this app, which is pretty sad for email. email has been around for what now, 40 years? and these guys still can't generate an app that works for basic functionality? v7.x is prettier and faster than v1.x or v2.x ever were, but that's about the only positive thing i can say about it. pretty and fast doesn't matter much when the darn thing can't find 75% of your mail.
[Version 7.0.1]


JPP-Zoso reviewed on 06 Jul 2011
extremely impressed thus far. fast. flexible. accurate. great import/export and search functions. watched the tutorials, beta-tested the trial version, and purchased two licenses immediately. imported ~5k messages/500mb in a few minutes. the gui could use some work, but i've seen much worse. the method for handling attachments is adequate, but could probably also be improved. hopefully this continues to be improved and developed once lion is released.
[Version 9.0.7]

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JPP-Zoso replied on 06 Jul 2011
follow-up...imported 40k messages/10gb in just under 3 hours. fully indexed. this application kicks too much you-know-what. a nice feature too add/option to have available would be for manual or auto-compaction of the database once files are removed. assume the workaround would be to export the result set into a new mailsteward database.
JPP-Zoso commented on 26 Jul 2010
don't be fooled...v1.04.386 was originally dated 09/09/2008. i have the original file from the joesoft website. the date stamp and the file size has changed (10.5mb today and 9.4mb on 09/09/2008), but the version number has not?

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JPP-Zoso replied on 27 Jul 2010
correction to my original post...i received v1.04.380 on 09/09/2008, so v1.04.386 is in fact different and new.
JPP-Zoso commented on 03 May 2010
considering transmit 4 was just released...seems like a feature comparison would be helpful to substantiate some of the claims being made about this new forklift 2 beta. i can't even find a feature comparison for forklift 1 vs. transmit 3.
[Version 2.0 Beta 1]


JPP-Zoso reviewed on 09 Mar 2010
v2.01 is pretty much useless under snow leopard. when snow leopard was initially released (09/2009), prosoft promoted this version as fully snow leopard compatible. i thought this was strange considering how long it took them to produce a fully leopard compatible version. soon after the initial snow leopard release, prosoft whipped out their backup alarm and started siting specific problems...namely file permission errors and file transfer errors between server and workstation. the only feature that still works is printing, which was never fully developed in the first place. this product is so far behind the linux and windows netware clients (both produced by novell) in terms of features and performance. 6 months later, here we site, still waiting for a point release update. last tech support message i received from prosoft indicates the following...

"Engineering is currently looking into the Netware client, but we do not have a timeframe yet when an update could be available. Netware is a dwindling market and we are reviewing our next courses of action going forward with the Netware client."

...which is completely understandable, but also completely inexcusable at how they initially promoted their product when snow leopard shipped. warning to all future potential customers, but this smells more and more like near term abandonware. the only hope left is for novell to take over production again, and i doubt that will happen anytime soon.
[Version 2.0.1]


JPP-Zoso reviewed on 28 Oct 2009
(former) long time opera user...since os/2 warp days, which i believe was opera v4.x. have finally given up after the huge disappointment that v10.x has turned out to be.

i used to admire opera for constantly introducing new features vs. just copying features that most other browser developers were doing...but i fear this creativity and innovation streak has finally come at the cost of the core software functionality and purpose. widgets was the first clue...doesn't every os already have widgets? unite is the latest we really need this in a web browser?

my primary use for opera, admittedly, was their integrated email client, m2. it has been several versions since m2 received any development time, so when v10.x was pre-announced as finally enhancing m2, i was pumped. sadly, opera has managed to fubar m2. it was, imho, the best mail client w/ no real competition, but opera managed to kill it. filters (including the built-in contacts) have been buggered up since v9.x and have gotten worse w/ each release. they're unpredictable, inaccurate, omit large portions of messages, and too easy to break. imap accounts no longer allow importing of mail locally. wth? significant rendering and printing problems for both plain text and html messages...wysiwyg not so much, largely due to weird scaling issues. the mac version launch times have gotten slower w/ each release since v8.x...v10.x is a joke on PPC, triple digit bounces in the dock, i kid you not.

the browser has alway had strange issues w/ specific sites. whaddya gonna do when the world codes for others and not for standards? browser has always been top notch, but as with any browser, i doubt you could live with this one alone.

on the plus side, the gui has finally also gotten some attention, and it is a huge improvement. kudos to the opera design team, especially john hicks.
[Version 10.01]

JPP-Zoso commented on 27 Oct 2009
same problem here trying to upgrade v2.x to v3.x from MU Promo...VMWare accounts web site is down for maintenance w/ this notice:

"This section of the VMware website is currently unavailable while we make important user improvements and upgrades to the site. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please wait to submit any Web site orders until the site is available again."
[Version 3.0]

JPP-Zoso commented on 14 Oct 2009
doesn't novell, inc. own the rights to the name ifolder...? you might wanna change your offerings name, in particular since it is not an application.
[Version 2.0]

JPP-Zoso commented on 02 Sep 2009
as per the developer's web site..."Store almost anything in Yojimbo - text, images, PDFs, even serial numbers and passwords." apparently "almost anything" is in fact limited to those specific items listed...text, images, pdfs. no license files, no dmgs, no zips, no audio, no video, no nothing beyond text, images, and pdfs. no way to batch import bookmarks. all of the new "features" revolve pretty much around labeling/tagging/organizing. the "fixes" included in v2.0 were already there in v1.5.2. still a monolithic file storage method. so the $20 upgrade cost is pretty much for a new application icon...? no thanks. i like the old icon way better.
[Version 2.0]

JPP-Zoso commented on 04 Aug 2009
just stumbled across this whilst perusing through wikipedia's entry on volume logic...relative to the main developer from octiv, inc leaving shortly after plantronics bought them out.

breakway audio enhancer , the volume logic successor. windoze only application at the moment. forum discussion gives mixed signals on mac development, but it might be worth monitoring since none of the other audio enhancers match volume logic's performance or ease of use.
[Version 1.3.2L]

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