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JML54 reviewed on 03 Apr 2014
The update may "break" some previously installed Safari extensions. I had to uninstall and reinstall one to get it functioning again.
[Version 7.0.3]


JML54 reviewed on 11 Feb 2014
Version 2.3.0 is available as of early February. Interestingly, I updated from 2.2.0 directly through the SnagIt app itself, but MacUpdate still reports I have 2.2.0 installed, even after clearing the MacUpdate cached database. Weird behavior, and I reported it to MacUpdate.
[Version 2.2.0]


JML54 reviewed on 20 Dec 2013
3.9.6 was working fine under Mountain Lion and then I upgraded to Mavericks. LCC 3.9.6 was still working fine, until I had to log out and in of my user account. Then the mouse movement became incredibly fast and uncontrollable. When I went into System Preferences to see what the mouse settings were, I moved the mouse speed slider. Then the mouse became erratic and jerky. Restoring the plist for AppleHIDMouse had no effect.

I had to uninstall LCC and reinstall it again to get the mouse to again track smoothly. But there are two problems:

1. Whenever I open LCC it now tells me that I have Steermouse installed. I DO NOT! The only things related to mice on my system are the regular Mavericks mice support and a small app called Mouse Locator, which just tells me where the cursor is located if I can't find it quickly.

2. If I make ANY change to the Mavericks mouse settings speed in System Preferences, then the jerky movement is recreated and the only fix is to uninstall and reinstall LCC.

I have filed a formal support request with this information.
[Version 3.9.0-60]

JML54 commented on 30 Oct 2013
The Logitech forum thread on 3.8.0 is full of posts about problems under Mavericks, ranging from lagging to freezes. No solution lasts more than a short while.
[Version 3.8.0]

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JML54 replied on 02 Dec 2013
3.9.6 works under Mountain Lion (I have not yet upgraded to Mavericks).
JML54 commented on 29 Oct 2013
Version 3.8 is buggy under Mountain Lion - stay away from this update. Connected hardware is NOT shown as connected, even though they operate correctly. I had to revert to the previous version, which has no problems at all.
[Version 3.8.0]

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JML54 replied on 02 Dec 2013
3.9.6 works under Mountain Lion (I have not yet upgraded to Mavericks).

JML54 reviewed on 31 Dec 2012
I'd avoid this one. It changed the permissions for every file it touched.
[Version 1.2.1]


JML54 reviewed on 26 Feb 2012
Works fine most of the time, but I had to manually search for many films' database number because of a title mismatch (such as with extended editions). And it would be great if it could be launched within iTunes via a script, such as TunesArt does.
[Version 477]


JML54 reviewed on 29 Jan 2012
I thought my comments went up yesterday, but they're not there. I posted similar comments on the App Store.

This application is not needed to use the excellent Logitech Solar keyboard. And it's a resource hog, poorly written and implemented. Whether or not the application is being run, whether or not the keyboard is actually connected, and even after the application itself is removed, it runs a "Solar Service" subsidiary application from the Library/Application Support/Logitech folder, constantly writing error messages to the system.log file. It creates thousands of error messages, and overwrites the system.log so much and so fast that you cannot see other more important messages. The system.log file becomes huge, and the drain on resources can extend to double-digit percentages.

To remove it, you have to shut down the service, remove the files, and force-empty the Trash. You can use the Console and Activity Monitor to see the drain and problems from the application.

The keyboard is excellent, but this utility is not.
[Version 1.00]


JML54 reviewed on 19 Jan 2012
This app is excellent. Well-thought-out, stable, integrates perfectly with iCal, and customizable. The price is more than fair - it's a bargain. The developer is very, very responsive. And they update it regularly to add new functionality and fix any problems they're aware of.
[Version 1.5]


JML54 reviewed on 19 Nov 2011
On some Macs with dual cards, such as my 2011 MBP, use of the Energy Saver automatic graphics switching will trigger a display problem when logging out and logging back in: the display will be stuck on a lower-resolution option until restart. You can't get back the highest resolution and have black bars at the top and bottom of the screen (the higher resolution setting is not available on the integrated card, and for some reason the system won't permit the change). This seems to be an Apple bug triggered by some update in the past couple of months, at least on my MBP.

See http://tinyurl.com/72hsgtt for more information.

This application allows me to choose the card to use when I want to save battery power and have no external display connected.

But it resets automatic switching if it was turned off before the app was run. As far as I can tell, the app does permit power-source-based switching without the login display resolution problem! I have to test the effects on an external projector display next week when I'm in a classroom, however; it may limit the resolution available to me when running on battery power and connecting a projector. I just installed your app, and am at home, unable to test it fully.
[Version 2.1]

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JML54 replied on 20 Nov 2011
[sigh] Setting gfxCardStatus to "dynamic switching" simply sets the automatic graphics card choice via the Energy Saver tab in System Preferences, and the problem with the display resolution appears again after user switching. Once in a while the resolution problem disappears, but it happens 90% of the time. So just use the manual switching options.

JML54 replied on 29 Jan 2012
My update comment vanished. Oh, well...

This app works fine regardless of what display is connected when I logout and login. I don't mind the manual control over the selection; in fact, until Apple does something about the underlying bug, this is the ONLY solution that works. I appreciate the manual control and the ease of changing which card is in use.
JML54 had trouble on 26 Apr 2013
Version 3.0.13 is not always hiding itself when the system starts. This behavior began with the latest update. I have Cookie set to not show the dock icon, to hide itself, and only show the menubar icon. Shutting it down and starting the app by itself results in the same behavior - the Cookie window appears and has to be manually closed.
[Version 3.0.13]

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