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JCH2 reviewed on 16 Apr 2014
Just installed and tested it again after more that a year. Very little if anything has changed... except technology limitations. That it cannot run (anymore) on a Mac below 10.7.1 is silly. It is just encrypted transmission of data, so it is not like an app cannot be made to do that on any OS.

In addition, it still wants to route anyone you share with to its own site. The extra storage is not worth the nonsense. Dropbox may be the most limited storage capacity out their, but when I need to share something publicly--direct or through a web system of any king--it is still the go to no-brainer. And after a year or more, Copy still has not learned why it isn't even third or fourth in the cloud industry ranks.
[Version 1.43.0319]


JCH2 reviewed on 16 Apr 2014
Nicely done, though to me there was nothing wrong with Comic Sans. Both have their place in typographic consideration.
[Version 1.1]

JCH2 commented on 14 Apr 2014
Question: does anyone know if this is using encrypted torrent connections or just the public channel?
[Version 1.1.4]

JCH2 commented on 11 Apr 2014
Another interesting fork of Chromium, though I will stick with the original. As an aside....

Do not use AdBlock+ (Plus) in any browser. While defending you from trackers, it is recording what you do itself. Get something better (AdBlock, plain and simple) for your Chromium or Chro-fork. Combine it with these other two defense system (and install in the order listed):

1. https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere
2. https://www.ghostery.com
3. https://getadblock.com/

And goodness gracious, if concerned about privacy, do not install them from an app-store. Get them at the source.
[Version 2448]

JCH2 commented on 10 Apr 2014
Quick Question for which I could not find an answer on the dev's site and right now I do not have time to test:

Can this do a one-way sync instead of both ways (which means not really a full "sync")?
[Version 2.0.0]

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JCH2 replied on 13 Apr 2014
Thanks, Thomas. I will give it try as I need that one-way for a local one machine step that BitTorrentSync cannot do.
JCH2 commented on 08 Apr 2014
I will refrain from reviewing, as this did not work in OS X 10.9.1 (13B3116). Claimed the trash was already empty when there was over 500mb visibly in it.
[Version 2.3]

JCH2 commented on 02 Apr 2014
I am sorry, but the nickel and dime approach to software should never be tolerated. After a brief peek, I walked away, so I will not rate it. If all you need is personal accounting (or even personal / small business) there are better choices that cost less... or are even free. Some are already in the "similar" list above, though I will agree with others that some may not be similar enough.
[Version 3.3.3]

JCH2 commented on 01 Apr 2014
Some here have a serious misconception about this "service." You are not running the cloud from your desktop - you desktop is the host for the files; "cloud" access is through the Tonido server. A cloud is not just storage and software... it is a service, and your machine is not providing that. It is provide by Tonido and you are dependent upon that, hence the account you set up.

If anyone knows of actual cloud "service" as well software options for personal computers, those should be added to the "similar software" as well.


JCH2 reviewed on 27 Mar 2014
I have finally installed and used this one... to some success on some minor projects for output to PDF. I give high marks on that last part, but as to the rest...

Scribus needs some serious updating!

I have used many moderate to top of the line DTP applications, all the way to the nightmare that is the industrial strength InDesign CC. While Scribus is not that bad, I would not call it good and would not recommend it to anyone unfamiliar with DTP. Things that should be simple, such as inline / inlayout editing, are not. Constantly switching panes to set different things in just one paragraph, section, and/or page was tedious at times. And the story editor was... well, just bad compared to programs of a similar focus.

Still, I will keep working at this one, as one day I hope to switch to Linux fully and slave other OSes. Scribus would be the best choice for sparse DTP needs. But hopefully by the time that switch becomes reality, it will have improved. It really needs to from install all the way to advanced work.
[Version 1.4.3]

JCH2 commented on 25 Mar 2014
Perhaps someone else can explain why anyone would pay for this when there is (and has been) Tor for free.
[Version 2.2.2]

JCH2 had trouble on 04 May 2012
A question, since I couldn't seem to answer it on the Spotify site.

Of the few internet radio channels I listen to, most are independents not found in the commercial services / apps. Does Spotify have a way to add these, or is one (yet again) locked into only what this company considers worthwhile?

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