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j0sh0 reviewed on 24 Jun 2006
5 out of 5 stars here. No doubt about it. Beats out some iTunes radio stations. Some stations though, could use a little better quality, but in all cases the best radio station out of any genre plays the very best highest quality possible. I love it. I was thinking I needed an AOL intnernet account (an account that you had to pay for for the AOL internet service), but all you needed was an AIM account. So I was happy about that. It also doesn't take up much memory. I'm running on a G3, 400 MHz iMac with Mac Os X 10.3.9. I can open this application up with AIM, FireFox, QuickTime, and Full Tilt Poker all at the same time with no problems and the computer is still responding very well. Overall, a 5 star app. Oh and did I mention, hardly any commercials.
[Version 1.1]


j0sh0 reviewed on 20 Apr 2006
We're killing aliens here, not people. I'm sure once I saw an alien trying to take over earth or whatever die right in front of me, I'd be more than happy.

As for the game, it's pretty decent and better than I thought. Even for running on Java, it's very nice.
[Version 150406]

j0sh0 commented on 29 Mar 2006
Hi, I was wondering if you could add support for other programs such as Macromedia Flash Player.

Example website: YouTube. Unofortunately, as much as I love that site, they don't offer to show videos in other formats. So on my computer at least, it runs very very very slow and choppy.

It'd be very nice if you could do something like that.
[Version 2.0.2]


j0sh0 reviewed on 04 Mar 2006
I posted earlier about the movie screen acting up, well you took care of this problem. I can see the whole video on web pages. Thank you so much. I don't know what I would do with out this.
[Version 2.0.2]

j0sh0 commented on 21 Feb 2006
Using: Mac OS X 10.3.9 450 MHz PowerC G3 320 MB SDRAM

For some reason, when I try to view WMP videos, the video is always out of place.. I mean, where it should be, it isn't... then if I scroll down I can see the blank space and half the video.

Basically, it's playing. Just not very well at all.

So, how can I correct this problem?
[Version 2.0.1]

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j0sh0 commented on 25 Feb 2006
Using FireFox and Camino. Both are having problems showing the a movie. It's playing... but only half of the video screen is.

j0sh0 commented on 26 Feb 2006
Best example would be videos from Never really go there much, but my friends are always sending me links from there.

Here's a screen shot I took from my computer.

j0sh0 reviewed on 20 Feb 2006
Pure fun. That's all that needs to be said. MS Paint has NOTHING on this. And the best part about it, you don't have to use a powerful image editor that takes up half your RAM. Five stars across the board!
[Version 2.05]

j0sh0 commented on 17 Feb 2006
Eh'.. it's alright, nothing at all compared to Lemonade Tycoon. Would love to have a lot more scenerios and/or other things you can buy.
[Version 1.0]

j0sh0 commented on 29 Jan 2006
Please make this into some Menu Bar item for Panther users. It's exactly what I'm looking for, none of Yahoo's Widgets come close to touching this and I'm not that big of a fan of MenuMeters.
[Version 1.2]

j0sh0 had trouble on 21 Mar 2006
Well, I'm still confused as to how I am supposed to use this in the backround (so it does not appear in my dock). I read the the 'Read Me' but I don't understand how to open .plists

But other than a little more specification in your 'Read Me', thumbs up.
[Version 1.5.2]

j0sh0 had trouble on 05 Feb 2006
There has to be another sort of flash player that doesn't screw up my entire web browser AND my DOCK. I can't stand Flash, and if it wasn't for the not-so-smart web developers I would never download this crap. Every place I go, ads are getting worse and worse with their "catch the fly and win a free iPod" ads. Not to mention, when I click settings, I can still see a crap load of html that hasn't been coded properly and basically, when I click on a flash link, the browser turns black, I got to force quit it, and I have to relaunch my dock. This is 2nd rate software that's lucky there is no other program out there like this that would most likely kick Macromedia's ass.
[Version 8.0.22]

j0sh0 had trouble on 04 Feb 2006
Love Acquisiton, been using it since I upgraded to Os X. Recently, I've been trying to get into torrents and how to use them. But, when I search and download torrents and attempt to open them, nothing happens, it goes to the download screen, but there is no downloading happening. Please tell me if I am doing something wrong, or if there is something wrong that needs to be fixed. If I'm doing something wrong, could you help me out here? And, if there is something wrong with this version, I understand and you can take much time as you need to repair it. Thank you.
[Version 126.1]

J0sh0 had trouble on 23 Sep 2005
I don't have a digital camera, but I do have an iPod Nano, and all I want to do is upload photos from my computer to my Nano. I downloaded this updater so I could. But everytime I try to install it, I get this message:

iPhoto504 cannot be installed on this computer.

An eligible iPhoto application could not be found in /Applications.

What's going on?
[Version 5.0.4]

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