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Itty rated on 09 Apr 2014

Itty rated on 20 Jan 2014
[Version 10.1.0]


Itty reviewed on 07 Jan 2014
The original full powered relational database for the Mac, and the original Object Oriented Programing interface, is still the best.

Introduced in 1985, for the Mac, was the first with a drag 'n drop Relational database design interface. Almost 30 years later, it is still the easiest interface for building powerful Relational Databases from the ground up. I bought this in 1987 after futzing with Borland and FileMaker. I should have saved myself the trouble and money and purchased Helix first.

They've done a wonderful job of not just preserving a venerable Original Macintosh program, but of improving it and keeping it up to date with modern hardware.

If you are not a programmer, not a database designer, scratch your head at FileMaker Pro, yet still want to build a powerful and custom relational database of your own, Helix RADE is it.

[Version 6.2.2]

Itty commented on 06 May 2013
Ah, an update for the Digital Equivalent to the Wax Cylinder. Yay.
[Version 9.1.1]


Itty reviewed on 17 May 2012
The number one choice for artists and game developers on the Mac. Easily integrates with Cinema 4D, Photpshop, etc..
Makes it easy for non-programmers to create interactive ePubs for iPad with 3D immersion and animation. It's amazing that something this powerful is available for free. I'm an artist/illustrator. This app gives me the ability to create games and game-like eBook versions of my Children's Books, for iPad, and other ePub reader/players.
[Version 3.5.2f2]


Itty reviewed on 02 Apr 2012
Great little app for archiving your entire contents. I was using Filemaker but that creates bloat, as with any database solution. Email Archiver converts each email with all downloaded attachments and html layouts, as PDF. Easily searched with Spotlight or other Finder search engine.
[Version 2.5.1]


Itty reviewed on 11 Dec 2011
Smoke and later, Fumy v.1.5 work fine on a MacBook Core 2 Duo-Snow Leopard with built-in Intel Graphics.

Fumy 2.0 does not work on this machine. The new requirements should be changed to reflect the need of a separate graphics card and the lack of support for Intel GMA Graphics.
[Version 2.0]


Itty reviewed on 07 Aug 2011
Excellent little app that is Best-in-Class compared to Corel Painter's Auto Paint or Photoshop's Artistic Effects Filters. And it is superior to Adobe PixelBender. It is also superior to Corel Painter's Sketch effect filter. This is the best Watercolor/Opaque watercolor effect filter I've seen so far, at any price. This app saves time when using Adobe Photoshop's Brush engine to convert an image to a painterly effect.
[Version 1.1]


Itty reviewed on 04 Mar 2011
Wow. This thing is so bloated with crap. It installs thousands of files. (do a search including invisibles).

uTorrent and Transmission are the top 2 on the Mac. If you need a player and you don't want all the spyware and bloatware. Yes it has lots of features, but they don't make it a better app.

Ignorant and inexperienced users beware.


Itty reviewed on 28 Feb 2011
I have been a happy customer with 2 licenses. It has been a stable app that truly prolongs battery life. I use it in conjunction with SmcFanControl.

This latest version still lists incorrect CPU speeds on both, my MacBook2,1,[Merom] and my MacBookPro4,1.[Penryn]. Both units running 10.6.6

Hopefully these older Intel units will continue to receive support. I'd hate to loose the functionality that Coolbook provides. My 2006 MacBook Battery still holds a 3.5 Hr. charge after 5 years of continuous [24/7] runtime, thanks to CoolBook.
[Version 2.22]

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Itty replied on 01 Mar 2011
Cleaned up caches and rebooted my MacBookPro, and found that it does work properly now [Penryn]. However on my MacBook it still is listing incorrect CPU speeds [Merom].

Version 2.22
Itty had trouble on 22 Feb 2010
Link downloads version 0.02 which will not launch on Intel/SnowLeopard.
Developer's link also will download version 0.02. Version tracker, etc. all the same; 2007 dated .dmg with version 0.02.
[Version 1.0]

Itty had trouble on 11 Nov 2008
It seems that v 2.1.3 is not yet available. The zip archive and the automatic update feature within the app install v 2.1.2 only.

Hopefully this is just an error that will be fixed soon?

v 2.1.2 is a fine little app. So I sure this will be resolved soon.
[Version 2.1.3]

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