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Invalid commented on 05 Mar 2014
ImageMagick built in? CGI mode for individual PHP versions per site? Menu bar control? Looks like an awesome enhancement list for v3.0. And thanks for making it Snow Leopard compatible!
[Version 3.0]

Invalid commented on 25 Dec 2013
Probably the only emulator that doesn't work on Snow Leopard. No thanks.
[Version 1.0]

Invalid rated on 16 Dec 2013
[Version 0.9.10]

Invalid commented on 01 Dec 2013
Can someone at MacUpdate amend the system requirements to OS X 10.6.6? Geekbench re-added Snow Leopard just one day after the 3.0.0 release, in version 3.0.1.
[Version 3.1.2]


Invalid reviewed on 21 Nov 2013
This is a neat little diff app. Since a lot of the comments are about the lack of a demo I'll try to write about it in a bit of detail.

The workflow of this app is most similar to DiffMerge (which does have a demo) but with a better interface. You get a bunch of toolbar toggles to filter your results, two folder lists with changes in red and orphans in blue, and double-clicking a file opens the text differences in a separate new window—all like DiffMerge.

The UI is where this app shines. It's clean and well thought out, and the slew of filters it puts right on the toolbar really is excellent. Other diff apps have made me dig through menus or preference panes to toggle things like whitespace or whether I'm comparing by size, file date or file contents. A few apps have even made me dig through menus to toggle simple things like hiding identical results. This app does it all on-the-fly from the toolbar. It also lets you both drag and browse for files and has a handy progress bar while folders are scanned. Just a smart UI overall.

This app is also a true native Mac app which is pleasant. It's quick, smooth, and wonderfully small—like 3MB installed—which is impressive compared to a Java port like DeltaWalker that is 200MB installed (and clunkier).

Where this app falls a little short however is in the text comparison. It's functional but so far you can't free-form edit text (you can only copy differences left or right from what I see), it doesn't have syntax highlighting, and it only highlights whole lines of text as opposed to the particular changed words like some other apps. Hopefully the developer adds these features soon.

In the mean time, I'd highly recommend this app if you mostly compare FOLDERS. The folder view is especially clean and I found it easier to transverse folder differences with this than with DiffMerge, DeltaWalker, Araxis Merge, DiffFork and CompareMerge.

Last note: I'd like to thank the developer for still supporting OS X 10.6. It's my favourite OS and it's nice to still have a few developers looking out for me unlike cough Kaleidoscope cough.
[Version 1.5.6]

Invalid commented on 05 Sep 2013
Well I've always preferred VMware Fusion to Parallels but as a Snow Leopard user who refuses to put up with Lion and Mountain Lion's sluggishness and overall lack of polish, I guess I'll be switching to Parallels now.

"Requirements: OS X 10.7.5 or later"

Really, VMware? You will virtualize Windows 3.1 from 20 years ago if I need it, but you won't even install on an OS that was only discontinued 2 years ago?

For shame. This is the kind of thing a little indie developer pulls, not a big company on whom professionals rely.
[Version 6.0.0]

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Invalid replied on 06 Sep 2013
These aren't "perceived inadequacies", I have the benchmarks to make them quite literal. I've used every single release since 10.6.8 and gone back. My main Mac has 16GB of RAM, an SSD and plenty of juice otherwise. It's also not the only machine I've tried it on. Snow Leopard is faster, leaner and more polished.
Invalid commented on 04 Jun 2013
If you are having trouble installing this update (13.0.5), try downloading the latest Adobe Application Manager from here.

Install it and then run it from /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager/UWA (or type AAM into Spotlight to find it quickly).

I couldn't install any CS6 updates for a while either (I think I was stuck on 13.0.1 like the few commenters below me) but after I did this AAM update, my automatic update found and installed 13.0.4 just fine, and now 13.0.5 just fine.

For reference I'm on OS X 10.6.8, no Creative Cloud.
[Version 13.0.5]


Invalid reviewed on 04 Feb 2013
Please be careful using evasi0n v1.0.0!!! This initial release will break your weather app.

While everyone is excited that an iOS 6 jailbreak is finally available, and while it does work, it does have that issue. The first time you restart your device after installing this jailbreak, the weather will no longer work. And on iPads, you will suddenly see the iPhone weather app icon that you aren't supposed to see.

If you can hold off a tiny bit on jailbreaking I'd recommend holding off until the developers iron out this small kink.
[Version 1.0.0]

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Invalid replied on 04 Feb 2013
It crashes between reboots, it won't work for long. The developers are already working on a fix though.
Invalid commented on 01 Jan 2013
I like this app a whole lot, more than TotalFinder which I have also tried. If I could make a suggestion — could the developer please add optional toolbar buttons for functions like toggle dual mode? I loathe keyboard operation. I'd love a simple toolbar button like I use to switch view modes. Thanks!
[Version 0.14.1]

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Invalid replied on 02 Jan 2013
Thanks for the tip! Just what I needed.
Invalid commented on 19 Dec 2012
Well I've updated from 4.0 to 4.01, 4.02, and now 4.03, and still disk activity only shows one graph despite me having 2 physical hard drives in my machine. Is the developer even working on this bug? I see a lot of talk about graphs not updating but nothing about this. I have 2 hard drives in my MacBook, I see both drives properly on the Disks menu dropdown, I get 2 indicators as I should if I add usage indicators to the menubar, but if I add an activity indicator, it only shows one indicator no matter what I do. I would really like to see the read and write for my hard drives separately!!!
[Version 4.03]

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Invalid replied on 30 Dec 2012
Well I see you already show activity separately in the dropdown, who wouldn't want the option to see it in the menubar too? Heck even cores are separate by default and that's the same CPU. Please add this option when you can. I'm much more interested when a disk is accessed that I'm not expecting accessed than when my system is accessing disks in general.
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