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Imarc845 reviewed on 25 Mar 2014
Great video downloader. I emailed the developer about a site that Downie couldn't access the video and he had it added the very next day (today in v1.4.4). That's customer support above and beyond. A bargain at only $9.99!
[Version 1.4.4]

Imarc845 commented on 22 Jan 2014
I used MacUpdate Desktop to install what I believed was IP Scanner. This is NOT IP Scanner, this is IP Broadcaster dated Nov 1, 2012, 10:27 AM.

Total FAIL!! Delete.
[Version 3.20]

Imarc845 commented on 09 Nov 2013
Two updates:
(1) Version 1.5.7 is currently in the Mac App Store
(2) Price is currently $4.99. That's not huge but it would be preferable for MacUpdate to indicate the correct pricing.

If this can do half of what I hope it can, it will be worth three or more times the updated price in time savings.
[Version 1.5.6]

Imarc845 commented on 29 Sep 2013
I have a question for Synium Software. Immediately after I post this comment, I will submit the same message through their web-based "Contact Us" form on their website. We shall see which gets answered and if the replies are similar.
I understand that Synium is ONLY distributing MacFamilyTree (MFT) through the Mac App Store (MAS) from now on. The MAS provides free updates for all software purchased there. Does this mean that ALL updates to MFT will be at no further cost? Synium states that updates such as 7.1, 7.2, etc will be at no charge. But what about version 8.0? Will that be introduced on the MAS as a whole new application such as "MFT Pro" and require a whole new purchase AGAIN?? And what about version 9.0? Will that be called something like "MFT Platinum" and require yet another full purchase?

Apparently, there was a period during which MFT 7 was offered at a discount. It is not Synium's fault I missed that window. I am willing to re-purchase MFT at full price IF I will not need to purchase it again and again to obtain the inevitable version updates. I would appreciate a prompt reply.

For your information: I am posting this same message to Please note that your reply to this question will be posted to, as will any lack of a reply within a reasonable timeframe.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
[Version 7.0.12]

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Imarc845 replied on 29 Sep 2013
I have received a reply email from Synium. It says:
Hi Marc,

we will offer a new, paid version roughly every three years. This means that you will get approx. three years of free updates (these are not only some bugfix releases, major new features will be added) like Version 7.1 (dues this fall) and 7.2 and so on.

Please compare our track record for free updates with other genealogy software vendors, I think we’re doing quite well on this topic :-) Just check what new features have been added to Version 5 or Version 6 for free for all users.

Hope this helps you!


Imarc845 replied on 12 Oct 2013
@Dgeo: Yes, that does appear to be the case. Though they MIGHT provide people who RECENTLY purchased the application a short while before a free upgrade. But it would be up to them how they define "recently".

Imarc845 reviewed on 28 Sep 2013
Beamer is a great piece of software. I've never had an issue with it. I always install the new updates when they're released and "... it just works." It makes playing my video library so much easier since I don't have to convert my MKVs for iTunes.

It would be nice if the video displayed during FF & Rewind but I presume that's a limitation of the on-the-fly conversion.
[Version 1.7.2]


Imarc845 reviewed on 08 Mar 2013
I often use Find Any File but I'm finding DiskLens to be a very useful tool when I want to locate something quickly.

I don't know why people think 3.99 is expensive... it's less than a coffee at FarBucks.

Earlier versions did have a little issue with crashes but the last several versions have been very solid. In addition, the Developer microLARGE has been working very hard to quash a few issues. I am impressed with them.
[Version 1.0.10]

Imarc845 commented on 13 Sep 2012
New feature of version 1.0.3:
"Support switching proxy by clicking the system tray"

What's a "System Tray"? I didn't know Mac OS X had one of those.
[Version 1.03]

Imarc845 commented on 01 Sep 2012
I have some questions before I attempt to update from 11.0.4:

1) Has the "Stuck at 99%" bug been fixed yet?
2) Has Toast yet been updated to use more than one processor when multiple cores are available? (I use Handbrake for all my conversions on my 8- and 12-core Mac Pros. Where Toast would take over 36 hours to convert a video, Handbrake can do it in 30 to 45 minutes!)
3) Did they add any "usable" features? 100 and 128GB BDXLs are nice but they're currently a niche market since they require special hardware.

My thanks to those who take the time to reply!
[Version 11.1]

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Imarc845 replied on 01 Sep 2012
To davidravenmoon:
Thanks for your reply. I had the experience just this week of attempting to convert a 1080p feature (ripped from my purchased Blu-Ray Disc). After 3.5 hours, Toast showed 11% of the conversion complete. That's why I said 36 hours. It was only using one core of the 12 available.

Please understand, I've used Toast for many years and generally like it. But I've found it not to be the best tool for converting videos.

Many people have commented on v11.0.6 getting "stuck" at 99% complete and never finishing, especially if there are lots of small files on the disc.

To Ashleyk:
Thanks for checking that for me. It does sound like it's now using multiple cores; that's a big improvement IMO. :-D
Imarc845 commented on 16 Jul 2012
Please update the listing. The price is $7.99 per their website.
[Version 1.2.1]

Imarc845 commented on 19 May 2012
I believe the point here is that this little application adds convenience and combines functionality available elsewhere into a menu-bar item.

I think that 0.99 is a very reasonable price for it. I like its simple, uncluttered interface.

Since I often have several external drives attached, I'm buying it.
[Version 1.2.1]

Imarc845 had trouble on 28 Feb 2013
Fan Control is not working properly in iStat Menus 4.04 on my Mac Pro 3,1 (8-core 3.2GHz). I cannot reduce the Exhaust fan speed below 2500RPM no matter what I try. Setting it to a 501-550 speed in a set and making that active or using a Custom setting with the sliders in the drop-down both fail.

This is ridiculous for the fifth release of 4.0; this function should be working by now!!
[Version 4.04]

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