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Ilovemymac commented on 08 Apr 2013
Yay!! It's back!! I missed this screensaver! Thank you!
[Version 2.0]

Ilovemymac commented on 29 Nov 2012
[Version 11.0]


Ilovemymac reviewed on 24 May 2012
As a Certified Apple Tech, I have personally seen this software wreak havoc on customers computers, slowing down the system to a complete crawl. I have found there is a setting called something to the effect of "Real Time System Monitoring". With that setting checked, it uses roughly around 200% of the systems processor. With it unchecked, the system runs normally. Even with that setting checked or unchecked, I would still not run or recommend this software to anyone. It's completely unnecessary, and like over posts have mentioned, there are many better and FREE alternatives out there. Onyx or ClamXav to name a few.
[Version 2.2]

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Ilovemymac replied on 25 May 2012
Mike101, so your basically saying that I'm a lier. I'm an Apple Certified Technician, I have personally seen MacKeeper compleatly bog down many of our customers computers, (most of witch are old people who don't know any better). None of witch are torrenting, and I'm sure most of them got sucked into your devious marketing ploy.

I have seen many instances where MacKeep uses close to 200% of the CPU. And we have plenty of documentation to prove it.

Wether or not MacKeeper has partnered with Avira or featured at MacWorld, doesn't make it a good piece of software.

While there are a few malware or trojans that pop up now and then on the Mac, they are quickly patched by Apple or the developer of the software that is cause of the exploit. As long as you stay up to date on your System and software, there is really no need for programs like MacKeeper. But if you must have something, like a mentioned before, there are many BETTER and FREE alternatives out there. OnyX, ClamXav, Sophos, LCC, etc.

Mike101, you ether work for MacKeeper or a paid advertiser. You are the lier. I have nothing to benefit from posting this, I'm only spreading the truth.
Ilovemymac commented on 09 Aug 2011
What I want to know, is if there is a way to disable "full screen" completely from the entire system? Yeah, full screen is nice and all, but not when your using multiple displays. The fact that it renders the second display completely useless is just stupid. Any chance this can be changed?
[Version 1.2]

Ilovemymac commented on 25 Jul 2011
The one feature I'm waiting for is the ability to display Visualizers on a second display. (For parties of corse).
[Version 3.1.4]


Ilovemymac reviewed on 11 Apr 2011
I like it. I would like it even better if it would tell you what file/files or apps are accessing your drive.
[Version 1.1]

Ilovemymac commented on 26 Jan 2011
You have to install this via a .pkg file (sketchy), and during the install in launches the Terminal and does something weird and closes the Terminal right away. That's a bit sketchy to me. Apps shouldn't need to be messing with the Terminal to install. Subsequently, I immediately trashed the program and all associated files I could find. I'm not messing with this. It's too suspicious.
[Version 0.8.1]


Ilovemymac reviewed on 20 Sep 2009
After playing with this for a while, I found that it is pretty good. It's not perfect, and is kind of buggy, but it does have potential. Sega Genesis, Sega 32X and Sega CD roms all crash the program. But all of the other emulators run fine. The sound quality is amazing. Until the bugs and crashes get worked out, I will stick to my other emulators for now. But I will be watching this one. Good start.
[Version 1.0b2]

Ilovemymac commented on 17 Jun 2009
This look promising! Now if we get get someone to do this same thing for iTunes.
[Version 1.0]

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Ilovemymac replied on 09 Aug 2009
itunes does not let you view the visualizer on a second display while still being able to control it from the main display or vise versa. No matter witch display you have the visualizer on, the other display is always black. This is quite annoying for parties, witch I DJ a lot. People like seeing the visualizer displayed on the big screen, but they don't like it when I have to leave the visualizer to put in a song request or something. Seeing the DJ mess around with the music que is not professional. Same thing goes for music videos in iTunes.

Ilovemymac replied on 10 Aug 2009
Thanks. I'll try that.
Ilovemymac tipped on 26 Feb 2009
For anyone who is not liking the Tabs on top and the missing blue progress bar in Safari 4, and want to put things back where they were, have a look here if your not scared of the Terminal.
[Version 4.0b1]

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