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Ilgaz commented on 15 Apr 2011
One wonders what kind of thing they are thinking while charging some coffee money for download. I mean it is like someone at Apple doing troll baiting.
[Version 4.0.2]

Ilgaz commented on 10 Mar 2011
Just went to GNU Gnash website (a FSF Flash player) and seen system requirements, it supports up to Flash 9 content, version 10 is incoming (if more people supports it).
Note that they aren't a gigantic company who spills out plain lies to sell their stuff so better trust them as you won't really believe the stuff below:

One of the goals of Gnash is to make it portable enough to install on small devices. As a result, the hardware requirements are minimal. Gnash has even run on an ARM9 at 200 MHz with 32 MB of RAM! (It ran without video support in this case.) While firm minimums have not been established, Gnash has been shown to run successfully with the following:

336 MHz processor
128 MB RAM
Gnash will run on anything from a raw frame buffer up to an OpenGL-supporting graphics card.

Ilgaz commented on 22 Feb 2011
Note this: A company with over 100.000 workers can't setup a page/drop down menu for PowerPC macs. The page they reference is a page for actual Flash developers to test old/obsolete versions.
This company really deserves to go out of business and trust me, the "cloud" (in real meaning) will be their death sentence.

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Ilgaz replied on 08 Mar 2011
@TimmyB I am aware of it, noticed after downloading 80 MB of developer debug crap on an unstable line.
Also they are impossible to trust. They said G4 and G5 will be supported but G3 will become unsupported. G3 drop can be defended since it has no vector processor (altivec on powerpc, like intel sse).
Ilgaz commented on 01 Feb 2011
I am writing this for comedy purposes since this is the first time (since 1983) I heard such a solution or pay for upgrade. I am absolutely not recommending it to anyone BTW.
EyeTV Hybrid+Software bundle, bought back in Tiger days. Now it refuses to work in Leopard, claiming I plugged it to USB 1.1 port.
Tried everything including much needless-clueless RESET PRAM, RESET NVRAM.
Now hear this: Solution, as suggested by one and actually validated by another, at Apple support community is: Put DEVICE into OWEN for 1 minute, at low temperature.
I also heard, if you cough money to them (to fix bug!), upgrade to EyeTV 3, problem disappears.
I am not buying a needless upgrade or get CANCER because of possible hazardous waste/gases in owen. I am really smiling while writing this.
Does Mac specific hardware manufacturers have to treat their customers like some rich morons? Seriously, this only happens with Elgato, Griffin etc.
[Version 3.5]

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Ilgaz replied on 02 Feb 2011
@Dokter_Mac I left the device plugged in for 40-60 minutes, it got heated (with own energy), guess what? USB 1.1 connection alert gone. It is _really_ related to heat but obviously, putting to OWEN, anything having dangerous plastic is a recipe for cancer/poison risk.
Now I am left wondering what is wrong with 4 people "punishing" me with "sad smiley". Hope it isn't the entire staff of El Gato Mac department :)
Ilgaz commented on 31 Jan 2011
Dealing with 15.000 half restored images along with horribly corrupt jpegs, over 40.000 image files (including TWO time machine backups) with only parts of EXIF metadata left, you see the power of this software and get amazed at developer asking for "more info" even after saying "ignore, bad jpegs" in crash report.

Oh do I work at Reuters or something to deal with such gigantic amount of data? Of course not, Vista under bootcamp happily "formatted" HFS+ external drive in NTFS. :)

Although I have seen GC running under "Classic" MacOS about almost a decade ago, it was happily watching huge amount of JPEGS coming via Reuters satellite downlink, at a newspaper. They said it was doing the same thing for years now without issues.

This isn't like your average "big company" or "trendy app store" developer software. If something bugs you, just mail the developer. You could get surprised. Just don't expect same kind of responsiveness from $3K "suite" making companies.
[Version 7.1]

Ilgaz commented on 19 Jan 2011
As far as I can tell, Oracle understands what kind of a very important software this is, including their core business (enterprise database). Lets hope it stays that way.
While on it, its "direct3d" support is really not comparable to boot camp running "real" Windows, don't expect to run it and play an 2010/2011 game. That is the reason why boot camp exists.
[Version 4.0.2]

Ilgaz commented on 11 Jan 2011
System requirements needs to get updated big time, as far as I know it is not PPC compatible anymore so better check with developers site before downloading 450MB if you have PowerPC mac.

Ilgaz commented on 29 Dec 2010
Let me remind especially Windows switchers. It is perfectly possible and supported that you can use different versions of same program on OS X. E.g. if GC 7 doesn't have a feature yet, you can keep graphic converter 6 (rename it to graphic converter 6 for example) and open it.
It is one of reasons OS X has launch services and doesn't really care about executable names or even their paths.
DTP houses use 3-4 different versions of Quark for similar reasons.
[Version 7.0.3]

Ilgaz commented on 02 Dec 2010
Rapidweaver 5 announced, 10.5.8 minimum OS X, UNIVERSAL.
Some developers claiming to code for OS X and dropping PPC because it can't do their windows copy/paste hacks should take a lesson.
[Version 4.4.2]

Ilgaz commented on 23 Nov 2010
It is getting "fixed", very fast. I just can't stand to people STILL spreading FUD about Carbon apps, especially while we deal with Cocoa quirks.

OK; Apple have somehow listened to you, they punished developers and users with via not adding 64bit Carbon to new operating systems (once they promised), get over it... Really, enough.

We all know (and predicted) Lemke will add "old" features one by one and fix the issues raised by _FORCED_ Cocoa conversion. Now you got your Cocoa app, hey it even displays question mark when you press help!..
[Version 7.0.2]

Ilgaz had trouble on 21 Jun 2011
PowerPC users should take their time to install "clicktoflash" kind of plugins no matter how inexperienced they are or get rid of Flash alltogether using Adobe Flash uninstaller.
Of course, nobody will spend time and risk jail with coding a powerpc virus in this age but, several options in this web 2.0 World exists. There hasn't been a more security threatening issue on OS X like this one, not updating a plugin for documented/widely known exploit of this popularity.
Click to Flash time or html5 video time really... Will not follow replies or score of this post, call me paranoid but this is simply inacceptable. Never heard anything like that on both OS X and Windows.

Ilgaz had trouble on 02 Feb 2011
If you ever get the famous "USB 1.1 connection" alert on any version of this software, especially with EyeTV Hybrid USB stick (the one with digital free air): Plug the device to a dedicated USB port (not to hub) ideally to one at back of your mac, near to hot fans. Leave it plugged for 1-2 hours, let it warm itself. USB 1.1 connection issue magically disappears.
Do NOT put anything which isn't in food standard into kitchen aperture.
[Version 3.5.1]

Ilgaz had trouble on 14 Sep 2010
Windows/Linux switchers: This is not intended to replace your System perl. never, ever attempt to replace it. It is not like Win/Linux. On OS X, system perl is meant to stay in exact position, it is absolutely "hardcoded".
(happens a lot to switchers, activeperl is different on windows/linux)

Ilgaz had trouble on 16 Dec 2009
WARNING: You are giving old version by the link, at least at:

Should be 3.5.6, it is 3.0.16

I guess that is how people get bookmarks disappear. I am surprised that mirrors keep old versions anyway.
[Version 3.5.6]

Ilgaz had trouble on 07 Oct 2009
The crash at launch happened on my Mac Mini G4 running current Leopard too. It is a thread 0 crash which doesn't have anything to do with prefs etc. Sorry I misunderstood the crash reported before.

I guess it would be better if Macupdate pulled off this update until they come up with a point fix like 11.1.01 etc.

This is the crash below:
Thread 0 Crashed:
0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9054a948 strlen + 8
1 com.RealNetworks.RealPlayer 0x0001928c 0x1000 + 98956
2 com.RealNetworks.RealPlayer 0x0001946c 0x1000 + 99436
3 com.RealNetworks.RealPlayer 0x00017cbc 0x1000 + 93372
4 com.RealNetworks.RealPlayer 0x00016d70 0x1000 + 89456
5 com.RealNetworks.RealPlayer 0x000159c4 0x1000 + 84420
6 com.RealNetworks.RealPlayer 0x0000f074 0x1000 + 57460
7 0x9138c6e4 __NSThreadPerformPerform + 340
8 0x924dc0d0 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 1104
9 0x90fe2b14 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode + 264
10 0x90fe28a0 ReceiveNextEventCommon + 260
11 0x90fe2778 BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInMode + 84
12 0x960f7244 _DPSNextEvent + 596
13 0x960f6bfc -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 112
14 0x960f089c -[NSApplication run] + 744
15 0x960c1298 NSApplicationMain + 440
16 com.RealNetworks.RealPlayer 0x0000304c 0x1000 + 8268
17 com.RealNetworks.RealPlayer 0x00002d5c 0x1000 + 7516
[Version 11.1]

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Ilgaz replied on 08 Oct 2009
This must be something to do with the "refresh internet plugin" step as if a browser is open while you run freshly installed application, it doesn't crash.

I think the CPU (Intel vs. PPC) could be involved too.

I did my best as reporting it to them in official bug report form, posting to their forums and I believe they must have a good developer account enough to gather thousands of crash reports. I don't know if there is anything I can do. The real amazing thing is, it isn't some "one in million" crash, it can be reproduced very easily. How could they ship this major upgrade without testing is beyond me.
Ilgaz had trouble on 19 Jul 2009
It is Intel only, at least the current build inside DMG linked.

I hope it is a mistake since I can't understand why some company which can build on ARM processors won't be able to ship a powerpc binary.
[Version 0.95]

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