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Id_Ego_SuperEgo reviewed on 09 Jan 2014
The hog of hogs (talking processor and memory hogs here). A more relevant rating would be a negative 1.000.000! Goes to trash, thank you!
[Version 3.0.26]


Id_Ego_SuperEgo reviewed on 13 Jul 2013
Dear Emanuele,

Thank you for your effort.
I'd love to see the following functions implemented:

1. Route, track, etc. export function (in GPX, KML, KMZ, etc. formats).

2. A(n automatic or manual) calculate property for a distance between two arbitrary placemarks (both as a straight line and as a navigable route).

3. Offline caching.

Thank you… Complimenti per il applicazione

[Version 3.3.6]

Id_Ego_SuperEgo commented on 08 May 2013
Now, that Adobe has decided to put an end to its Creative Suite (never mind its Cloud-based brethren), I'd like to know the following;

- Will Acorn (v.4) be any use to serious photographers & retouchers? Namely, are Frequency Separation techniques, Calculations & Apply Image commands, a Liquify filter, advanced selections (such as Content-Aware and Colour Range), Layer Styles, actions, etc., possible in the current version of Acorn.
If not, does the developer plan to incorporate these into any of the more or less imminent (sub-)versions of the app?

I certainly do like the new interface, but at this point, to me, the question is rather, how powerful is the app?

Thank you.
[Version 4.0.3]


Id_Ego_SuperEgo reviewed on 19 Jan 2013
Version 3 wasn't quite up to scratch, but the latest (v. 4) couldn't be better (mind you, I just tried it with a single file, but a 35-odd minute one at 1920x1080 at that, and the download transpired exemplarily!).
Thanks, Wondershare. By the way, the listing must be updated (the current version is v.4.0.0).
[Version 3.2.1]


Id_Ego_SuperEgo reviewed on 04 Jan 2013
The server does not automatically run since half a year or thereabouts. The suggestion below doesn't work.

There are more shortcomings (no desktop-to-desktop file sharing; frequent problems when pairing the iOS device with a new Mac, or goiing back to the machine it had first synced to… and so forth).

On the positive side, the interface is lovely. And it works, provided the server is manually launched following each and every restart of the machine.

When enabled as a login item, the whole system preferences window pops up every time the computer is restarted.
[Version 1.2]


Id_Ego_SuperEgo reviewed on 29 Dec 2012
Looks to me as though the company is run by Randall Stephenson. The upgrade policy (incl. for those who purchased the hardware) is as impressive as the international telecom cartel's resort to cap mobile data limit and that sort of thing…
[Version 3.5.6]


Id_Ego_SuperEgo reviewed on 05 Dec 2012
The GUI is lovely, but consumes resources far more than it should.
[Version 3.2.4]


Id_Ego_SuperEgo reviewed on 02 Dec 2012
Good software. But the pricing & the upgrade policy are on par with Elgato's (stands for "ridiculous" at best).
[Version 2.1]

Id_Ego_SuperEgo rated on 28 Nov 2012
[Version 2.8.4]


Id_Ego_SuperEgo reviewed on 26 Nov 2012
Can't change font [to Helvetica UltraLight]. The font is listed, but changing the font settings doesn't do a thing. This wasn't the case with 10.7.x.
[Version 10.8.2]

Id_Ego_SuperEgo had trouble on 08 Aug 2011

Data not available. Please open and unlock 1Password app to update extension data.

I've got a few nice screenshots for you, along with a diagnostics report. Shall I add that I'm using, as of now (I've tried all of them since the Lion launch) the latest version, 3.7.2: I'm not spilling my time to get advised to resort to using the very version I'm on now.

Since the upgrade to Lion, this thing never worked. It either popped up a scramble of out of allignment signs and letters, checkboxes and goodness knows what when clicked the "1P" button in Safari - or nothing at all, or asked for the password to be typed (which I did, but, as you may understand, to no avail - never managed to unlock the thing) - and now, having gotten rid of all my backups (the last one stored elsewhere safely), completely uninstalled the "app", uninstalled and reinstalled the Safari extension a hundred times or so, deleted the scramble from Safari's Extension folder (user library), reinstalled the app - tabula rasa - once again - and my accomplishments - or should I say, your program's - are as follow:


Data not available. Please open and unlock 1Password app to update extension data.

Not much of a progress, or dare you beg to differ?
By the way, to the chaps at Agile Bits. Be reasonable enough not to give users duly critical of your app at its current form (it used to be the best. It is rubbish since Lion) thumbs down. That sort of blatant self-promotion does alienate a few, myself included. You don't want your former customers to see you in the same light as the MacDefender's authors are seen, do you?

Find a solution to this mess before half your users abandon you.

I'm on the verge of giving up on this thing.
[Version 3.7.2]

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Id_Ego_SuperEgo replied on 09 Aug 2011
Thank you, @Brenty. The issues are resolved. I managed to find the solution a couple of before receiving your response. It now appears that I've got no more gripes about what used to be - and still is - the best password manager for OS X (except for that hunting license nonsense: quite incomprehensible, you'd cater stenchy rednecks at least as much as for men and women of propriety). Thank you for the oct, at any rate.

Id_Ego_SuperEgo replied on 09 Aug 2011
SIMBL.osax was the culprit. Once removed, all the 1Password issues (incl. the unclickable "1P" button issue, the scramble I referred to in my earlier post, the failure of the "Enter" key press to show the logins for the - really, any given - login page) got instantly resolved.
Some will have, as you know better than myself, the SIMBL.osax installed in ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/, others - in /Library/ScriptingAdditions/.

Id_Ego_SuperEgo replied on 10 Aug 2011
In my general Library "Scripting Additions" folder I had these nested:

- Satimage.osax (v. 3.3.0)

- TotalFinder.osax (v. 1.2.1 now. I recall, somewhat vaguely, I updated it a couple of days ago).

- SIMBL.osax (v. 0.9.7)

In my User Library "Scripting Additions" folder I had:

- Default Folder X Addition.osax (the current version?)

- FolderGlance.osax (v. 3.0.2)

- Paperless Addition.osax (v. 2.0.4)

It appears, none of the scripting additions installed, with the exception of the SIMBL.osax, interferes with 1Password Safari extension operation. Confirmed: SIMBL.osax is the sole culprit here. There may be more, but thank goodness not amidst the ones installed in my system.

Id_Ego_SuperEgo replied on 10 Aug 2011
You're welcome, Brenty.
Thank you for your infinite effort (for the most part, that is. I've duly expressed my solemn reservations on the hunting license thing, but at least you don't actively help the scum harass or kill animals): I've seen developers cease their work on some excellent apps, following poor or insufficient reception by their respective user base. But you obviously keep outdoing yourselves, making therewith lots of users' happy (in regards related). It would be a shame if, with as much effort as you put into the development of 1Password, the app did not become the most popular, most appreciated password management solution for Macintosh, iOS and since a while, Windows, users.
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