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Hotmac reviewed on 10 Jan 2014
Paid for the upgrade but couldn't use TT Protection anymore with the new version. I reported this to the developers but they gave just a few general advices (uninstall, re-install etc.) which didn't solve the problem. Three e mails later the developers gave up without letting me know what I can do to solve this problem. Without TT protection TechTool is almost useless for me.
[Version 7.0.2]

Hotmac commented on 19 Jun 2013
I was a trainer for Adobe products (Adobe Certified Expert/Photoshop), but looking at their new product line and this strange pricing policy I will dump their products. There are some good alternatives - not as good as the CS tools are now, but things will change and other apps will become better by the time. In the last years I experienced a growing ignorance and sometimes a very bad behavior towards customers. It's enough - time to say goodbye...
[Version 14.0]


Hotmac reviewed on 23 Feb 2013
Sorry, aber diese üblen Kommentare hier kann ich nicht nachvollziehen. Ich habe in den letzten Jahren Bank X, MacGiro, Hibiscus und zum Schluss Pecunia benutzt ... und alle v.a. wegen nerviger Bugs wieder verworfen. Da die Entwicklung von Pecunia etwas schleppend ist, und ich immer wieder mit den gleichen Problemen konfrontiert wurde (kein Abgleich der Bankkennungen, bestimmte TAN-Verfahren werden nicht unterstützt usw.), habe ich mich erneut auf die Suche nach einer Alternative gemacht. MoneyMoney habe ich erst nach langem Suchen gefunden, habe die Demo geladen und innerhalb von 10 Minuten hatte ich vollen Zugriff auf die zu verwaltenden Konten (12). Abfragen und Überweisungen sind problemlos und schnell möglich. Alles ist übersichtlich angeordnet, die Benutzerführung ist einfach und beschränkt sich auf die wesentlichen Funktionen. Sicherlich könnte man diese Reduzierung aufs Wesentliche auch als Negativpunkt werten, denn das Programm richtet sich offenbar eher an Privatanwender und nicht an Unternehmen, und sicherlich könnte MoneyMoney an einigen Ecken noch etwas Feintuning, v.a. die Gestaltung betreffend, vertragen, doch ich bin zufrieden mit dem, was das Programm kann. Auf eine Anfrage habe ich übrigens binnen weniger Stunden eine freundliche Antwort erhalten. Empfehlung!
[Version 2.0.9]

Hotmac rated on 01 Apr 2012
[Version 0.9.10]


Hotmac reviewed on 20 Dec 2011
Postbox was a most welcome alternative to for me, until one of my inboxes was filled with nearly 8000 emails. Ever since Postbox showed some very disappointing behaviour. Sent Emails were not shown in the outbox, opening some emails lasted too long etc., and archiving / compressing emails never worked as expected. So I switched back to It lacks of some nice features, Postbox has but it works like a charme.
[Version 3.0.2]

Hotmac commented on 30 Nov 2011
I'm a great fan of FruitMenu and I miss it in Lion. If you're (like me) interested in updates, read this:
[Version 3.8.4]

Hotmac commented on 26 Nov 2011
Development stopped. Here is the (German) answer of the AntZero whether the development of AV will be continued in the future: "Wir mussten die Entwicklung aus finanziellen Gründen momentan einstellen. Da wir ein kleines Team sind das entschieden hatte ohne Investoren zu arbeiten, um zukünftig besser auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden eingehen zu können, hat der Verkauf alleine nicht ausgereicht."
[Version 1.5.2]


Hotmac reviewed on 26 Feb 2011
Today I wanted to buy PAGES via App Store, but it did not work. I refreshed the page view several times, restarted App Store, deleted plist, tried to log out, tried to log in - without any success. It was not possible to buy PAGES. After all I deleted this nasty little thing including the newer plist file, and tried to re-install App Store. But what a surprise: Now "Software Update" does not show App Store any more and it seems that I have no chance to download it from anywhere else. So bye bye, App Store. (I'm an Apple addict since 1985, but holy sh..., what an absolute nonsense this app is. Never saw such a crap from Apple.)
[Version 1.0]

Hotmac commented on 30 Dec 2010
I thought about updating GC 6 to vs. 7, but I have to assume that Mr. Lemke is trying to support Mr. Sarazin and his racist ideas with this curious screenshot. I don't support racists or sympathizers of racist ideas.
[Version 7.0.3]

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Hotmac replied on 19 Jan 2011
@ Morannon: I read the book and I know the discussion very well. Your comparison has no historical basis at all. And even peole who are no interested in politics know that "data that were collected by governmental authorities" are not objective.

I have to apologize to Mr. Lemke about my assumption. Fortunately he was not responsible for this screenshot...
Hotmac commented on 01 Sep 2010
I urgently had to recover files from a formatted external disk, so I tried the demos of Data Rescue 3 and Stellar's Data Recovery 4. I bought Data Recovery, because it was a bit cheaper than Data Rescue. To make a long story short: RegNow/Stellar sent a license code that did not work. It lasted 3 days until Stellar sent version 3 (!) with a license code. Strange, because I bought vs.4... Two days later I recieved a new vs.4 with a new license code. I didn't try it, because in the meantime I had recovered the missed files with Data Rescue. Data Recovery was totally useless for me now, so I asked for a refund. Refunding the money lasted 5 days (and 5 emails). Best of all: RegNow asked Stellar to allow the refund, in response Stellar sent an email to ME, asking me to send my request to RegNow. This procedure was repeated 3 times before RegNow refunded the money! By the way: Data Recovery (demo) was not able to find (hundreds of) orphaned files Data Rescue found. My recommendation: Try Data Rescue, it's the better choice.
[Version 4.0]

Hotmac had trouble on 06 May 2010
I tried this app as part of a software bundle. After five attempts to import or drag some (5) PDFs to iDocument I gave up, because it crashed every time. The PDF documents are not damaged or something, they can be opened with Arobat/Preview without any problems. So iDocument is useless for me, because I have to manage several 100 of documents...
[Version 1.0.69]

Hotmac had trouble on 07 Jul 2009
Broken downloadlink :-(

Hotmac had trouble on 23 Sep 2007
Tried out CCC to backup my projects (36 GB) to the external backup drive. But what a surprise: CCC copied all 36 GB to the invisible folder ".volume" on my internal Mac drive, despite the fact that I chose the right source volme and the right target volume. I needed 3 hours to find out why my Mac drive now showed 39 GB of free space and not 75 GB. "WhatSize" was no help because it did not show the 36 invisble GB, so I had to check every single visible and invisble folder. After this experience I can say: Do NOT use CCC to backup!
[Version 3.0]

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