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Hoondi commented on 27 May 2012
I suggest people write their own software and endeavour to distribute it before ridiculously "ruling out" MAS.
I makes life easier for coders, hence they can concentrate on what they do best – coding.

People like Akjim, seriously... spend some energy elsewhere.

I am on the lookout for a SMART app that integrates with ZFS (a.k.a Zevo on OSX) Do this and you'll get my money.
[Version 3.0.1]

Hoondi commented on 17 Mar 2011
This software is dead..

Don't believe me?

Checkout http://z410.tenscomplement.com/ then!!

ZFS puts this software to shame and it's time everyone knew it.
[Version 4.0.2]

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Hoondi replied on 06 Apr 2011
Now please Stevejj,

get a clue huh?

How bout doing some homework and realise that Sun was bought out by Oracle prmarily for ZFS!

You have a funny idea of what beta warez means; considering ZFS has been on the scene for almost 10 years now!

But hey, you just keep your data on a RAID'ed FS that knows nothing about silent data corruption... I'm sure you're client will find this perfectly acceptable.

Want anymore clues?

Hoondi replied on 06 Apr 2011
At least someone understands around here, thank you ylluminate.

Don't know about the vaporware comment, considering:
http://code.google.com/p/maczfs/ has existed for years now
and tenscomplement released a beta program last month, of which (I admit) I am a part of and am really enjoying the experience.
But I can say with a clear conscience that I'm not part of any "marketing" effort, and proof is in my previous posts I've made here about softraid back on 14 Jan 2008 (2nd page of comments).

Suggesting that a "script" can be written over a "weekend" to port ZFS to OSX is offensive and you know it. I'm sure the guys over at maczfs and FreeBSD would not agree with you.

But you are correct about this not being the place for this discussion, so I encourage anyone interested in ZFS on OSX to go to the link above and see for yourselves.

Hoondi reviewed on 17 Feb 2011


Ease of Use: is 2nd to none.
Stability: can't really comment, but I know it can't protect from silent failures.
Features: WAY behind.
Value: Way behind.
[Version 4.0.2]


Hoondi reviewed on 09 Nov 2010
NFS Manager makes my life easier and cannot recommend it enough.
I have a Mac Mini sitting inside a guttered ANS500 with 10 SATA drives connected to the Mini via a miniPCIe to PCIe adaptor and SiliconImage controllers and Port Multipliers.
ZFS RAIDz is running on the drives and I use NFS Manager to share the ZFS volumes out to the rest of the computers in the house.
AFP/ZFS is essentially broken when compared to NFS/ZFS performance so NFS Manager just makes my setup all that sweater...

I.T. Manager
[Version 3.5]

Hoondi commented on 27 Sep 2010
Hate to spoil the dev's day, but ResizeMe by Aaron Holland is free.

It does what I need it to do regarding window sizes... and the price is right.

[Version 1.3]


Hoondi reviewed on 12 Sep 2010
This should be mandatory for every Mac-based web developer!

I use Joomla and Integrity breezed through our sites.

Shiela got my $50 bucks AUD for this application. It's that good.

Why 4? well, perfection is never a stationary target... ;)

I.T. Manager
[Version 3.3.6]

Hoondi commented on 10 Mar 2008
I am so wild with this program.

I had two downloads that had completed downloading and were seeding forever, so I clicked the "x" icon at the right hand side of each entry...


As a paid user of this application, I am so disappointed with xtorrent to not have any warning about this. (yes I looked in the preferences)

This is typical of an application written for Windows! not Mac OS X...

Either fix the code, or tell users specifically what the button implies, as this is the second time this has caught me out,  thinking I was removing! (not deleting) a shared torrent file.
Move the files to the trash at least!

As an I.T. Manager for a homogeneous Mac OS X University department, I consider myself quite comfortable and proficient on OS X. This is a serious and disappointing flaw in the UI. Glad I don't don't rely on this application for an income.

I have emailed the developer twice now and have not heard anything...

All my peers will know to stay clear of this flawed application.
[Version 1.1v53]

Hoondi commented on 14 Jan 2008
Well now,
May I suggest you guys dump your code and keep your GUI for ZFS, because after years of requesting that you implement a software RAID5 capability, it seems you have now missed the boat.
It's very disappointing to lose Mac developers, but once ZFS is here (currently freely available to anyone via an ADC account) your days seem extremely numbered.
Having tested ZFS, even in it's current state, it can do everything that SoftRAID currently does, and so so much more.
Unfortunately, as an owner of SoftRAID, the best use I'll get from your software will be the media acting as a drink coaster.
[Version 3.6.6]

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