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Hermie reviewed on 28 Mar 2014
Works as advertised for *moi*. Minus one star for not sticking with the Instant Scan Off settings (done in the Retrospect Pref Pane nowadays) after updates.

Nota Bene: I know there have been problems with the Instant Scan feature, but I have it switched off anyway because it doesn't fit with my work flow.

Hermie commented on 15 Mar 2014
Don't upgrade to 2.0.7 because on Mavericks something goes wrong. Suddenly it doesn't find anything in Firefox anymore so cookies I know got placed are not deleted, while it keeps balking out long listings from Safari which is not in use AFAIK is empty bar a few keepers. So CS has gone haywire for the time being.
[Version 2.0.6]

Hermie commented on 27 Feb 2014
On Mavericks Vox is Sandboxed, which means it won't show up in the excellent Hear anymore for sound enhancements. Bummer!
[Version 2.0.1]

Hermie commented on 29 May 2013
Sorry Synium, but it's end of the line for *moi*. Mainly because of unmissable Rosetta needing software I'm still on 10.6.8. However when in the future I upgrade my OS I won't go with the then version either because I will NOT be forced to pay the full amount again in that 'orrible, 'orrible AppStore, thankyouvewwymuch!
[Version 7.0]

Hermie commented on 20 Feb 2013
OK, so where is this "hidden" setting to get a KB back to 1024, please?
[Version 6.2]


Hermie reviewed on 03 Jul 2011
YES! Finally my Nisus.rtf docs when double clicked open in Nisus again and for instance the TextEdit.rtf ones in TextEdit. Same for PDFPenPro & Preview. Creator is back, the way it should be.

Are you listening Apple? Probably not and the dumbing down will continue, why doesn't that surprise me anymore?

Thanks to the developer for this one! The changed Snow Leopard behaviour was driving me nuts. And with a kazillion unmissable Rosetta apps that's where I have been bolted down. Apple calls it progress, you know.
[Version 1.4.2]

Hermie commented on 28 May 2011
I gave the URL provided with my original purchase in 2006 another try. Logged on without a problem and downloaded the Zipped software file. This time it turned out to be the latest 3.6 version.

It asked for a serial number and I got a nice Thank you! after entering my original one. Up and running without a hitch.
[Version 3.6]

Hermie commented on 24 Jan 2010
I have asked for a way to customize font size in the message window and a way to get rid of that IMO horrible black background when opening triangles ages ago.

Now I would also like a Prefs setting or some such to switch off this rather annoying Smart Downloading behaviour. I have to open the disclorue triangle every time to check what's included and what not. Yes, it's probably me, but I really hate the app deciding for me what to download. Same reason as why I won't buy an automatic car. I drive it so I decide when it changes gear and not the other way around.

Anyway, I hope that these things get implemented by the time the Big One (mark files Read/Unread) turns up again so I can finally start using version 2. Cache problems like stated in the FAQ aren't really a users concern, are they?

Please keep up the good work Panic, despite my perhaps sometimes harsh comments. I know you're trying your upmost (is that a word in English?) to make this the number one (binary) Mac Usenet client again.
[Version 2.0.3]


Hermie reviewed on 19 Jan 2010
Header count back, nice, thank you!

However... The main issue by miles has not been addressed, meaning files can still not be marked Read or Unread. Ergo for *moi* unusable & back to 1.8.1 it is.

As to the why of this major issue? Well, IMNSHO Unison has problems parsing large amounts of headers and therefore the developers ditched this functionality for files in an effort to more or less force users to delete a lot of stuff so the app functions better cuz of smaller caches.

Things like this have happened before and will happen again. In this particular case a developer who, because of techinical difficulties, thinks he can and should decide how Usenet should be used by his clients. Sorry, but Usenet is Usenet and for hardcore long time users that simply means keeping every header in frequented groups until it expires on server. Standard practise.

Unless the developer acknowledges this and takes action accordingly Unison 2 will never become a prime Usenet client but remain a marginal uncustomisable glorified toy.

Some fellow commentators will probably not agree with me and of course that's fine, but this is how yours truly sees it.

Next comment, please...
[Version 2.0.2]

Hermie commented on 07 Jan 2010
Because the developer is friendly and responsive I paid for the upgrade, but I'll hold back on using Unison 2 until at least I can mark files Read/Unread and I can customize font size etc in the file listings window. A return of the available header count next to the group name wouldn't hurt much either.

No comments on the new bells & whitles because I'm not using them anyway. MacPARdeLuxe and SimplyRAR work fine for me. But then, if the developers make this version usable for me by changing the above I might give them a try.
[Version 2.0]

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