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Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters reviewed on 09 Nov 2008
This Mail bundle finally makes using subfolders for IMAP (e.g. filtering in Gmail!) finally useful with Mail.app

This app works as promised, and installs perfectly. Keep up the good work!
[Version 1.2]

Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters commented on 16 Mar 2007
No comment on the app itself, but I really don't like the name
[Version 1.4.1]

Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters commented on 18 Dec 2006
I feel that this is an interesting app, but i find it too hard to get working properly.

I just want to have a shared Address Book with the system Address Book, NeoOffice and Thunderbird using the same database.

With this app it seems possible, but i cannot find out how.

I am willing to pay for good software, but for $30 I really expect a solution working out of the box. I would like the program/installer to setup a local LDAP database for me, and get it connected to the system Address Book.

(I am a programmer, but i don't know the slightest about setting up LDAP. The manual is lacking the info that I need to get it running quickly. I know that (with some googling) I would be able to get it working in the end, but I fear this would cost me the better part of the day, which costs far more than $30)

So: please automate all steps to setup a shared address book between LDAP-compatible applications, and I guess you have a goldmine!
(I would deploy it on my clients' macs to get them working woth NeoO, so you would at least sell a few licences to me)
[Version 1.0rc1.14]


Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters reviewed on 26 Feb 2006
Ignoring all the delicacies of Safari (I use Camino) this app works perfectly to block terminal scripts in disguise.

How to disguise a terminal script as a Word file:
1). create script.command
2). rename to yourfilename.doc
3). 'get info' in finder, make it always open with terminal

this will get you a file that looks like a .doc, has the name of a .doc, and executes without warning when double-clicked.

Ezxept if this app is installed of course.
[Version 0.3]

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Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters replied on 26 Feb 2006
Oh, and relying on Terminal.app for your app is a really really bad practice*, that can easily be avoided. (Even with AppleScript)

*I hev been guilty of this myself, though. Sometimes we programmers can be extremely lazy :-D

Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters reviewed on 26 Feb 2006
Although it looks archaic, this really is the Greatest App ever! I work with it daily (in tandem with Transmit) and i love it because i can always count on it.

Would pay for this to thank the developer, but an $100 upgrade to BBEdit is still quite steep. (and i don't relly need the extra features, i write my xhtml + php + css just fine now)

Do these guys accept onations? This sthing is easily worth $30 or $40, for its reliability!
[Version 2.1.1]


Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters reviewed on 26 Feb 2006
I still regularly look into this app, because it looks so nice. But it still does not work properly...

I am sorry for rating this app again, but i still felt the rating was inflated.
[Version 1.0.2]

Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters tipped on 23 Jan 2006
Bochs is extremely slow. These folks are providing an UI for money, but that does not make bochs useable.

A faster open source emulator is QEMU, and a great looking and free GUI around that is Q. (See http://kberg.ch/q/)
[Version 2.0.1]


Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters reviewed on 17 Jan 2006
For the reasons stated below: this piece of software DOES NOY WORK and the developer DOES NOT REPOND to e-mail.

Conclusion: don't be as stupid as I was and DON'T BUY tis piece of *insert favourite 4-letter word here*.

I just want to correct the star rating I gave, beceuse a beautiful 5 star interface is worth nothing when the software is not working, and has inflated the rating i gave. (MU: an overall rating might be a good option to prevent this)
[Version 1.0.1]


Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters reviewed on 08 Dec 2005
Great. Does what it promises.

Would be even scarier if it used the name of the currently logged-in user.
[Version 1.0]


Hendrik Hero Hamlet Wouters reviewed on 05 Dec 2005
On my 'slow' 1Ghz Powerbook G4, transcoding takes several hours.

This would not really be a problem, if transcoding could be disabled, but this app wants to transcode everything it puts on my w800i.

I really prefer the original 192 kbps songs if this makes the difference between 25 mins or 250 (!) mins transfer time.

Worse even: this app totally crashes your memory stick while unplugged during transfer. Transfers cannot be stopped. So you must wait about 5 hours before you can take your phone with you again, because itherwise you will have to reformat your memory stick and you lose all data on it.

I contacted the author, but he has not answered my e-mail from a few weeks ago, and the app, with this bug, has not been updated since september.

Unusable unless you have a really fast G5/Pentium mac.
Those without will have to make-do with iTuneMyWalkman, even though Dreamsicle is far more elegant. We can only hope that this app will be updated.

I paid for this and it is a waste of money.

For the dev: (if he looks here instread oif checking his inbox)
- please fix the dataloss bug
- make the 'do not transcode' option work, so no transcoding will happen
- suggestion: make a 'prepare for phone' option, that transcodes while away and transfers the transcoded songs the phone in a few minutes. So i can go to university and have 512 mb of songs waiting for me when i come home.
[Version 1.0.1]

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