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Harv reviewed on 10 Apr 2014
For me, all the horror stories that others have noted, came to pass; incredibly slow, tried to install data already installed, and then failed/crashed when trying to complete the update, and left the app (and I don't know what else) unstable.

Fortunately I had a full OS backup.

Perhaps it was just moi or my system, but for now, I'll wait for the next version.
[Version 3.0.7]

Harv commented on 09 Apr 2014
Alas, I remain confused...

I already have Garmin Lifetime Updater and Garmin Web Updater.

What does this app do that is different/better than what I already have? Or has it merely supplanted those or what?
[Version 3.0.7]

Harv commented on 03 Apr 2014
Now I'm confused...

On my 10.9.2, my installed version of Airport Utility is 6.3.2.

So for whom, or for what Airport models does this apply? Or is the stated version number merely a typo or some such?
[Version 1.2]

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Harv replied on 03 Apr 2014
Thanks to you both! Indeed the fog has lifted; and I do so appreciate the light you have shared.

Harv reviewed on 28 Feb 2014
The developer has released, and has posted on his web site, a public beta that works with v10.9.2..

Two observations:
• The new SS is now a stand alone app, rather than a System Preference.
• There is now a menu bar icon to access the preferences and check for updates.

AFAIK, it works without issue, though one may still need to add or remove specific applications.
[Version 3.9.13]

Harv commented on 31 Dec 2013
While I have been a satisfied MacPilot user for years, this will be my last year. I have already created a "reminder" to cancel my subscription upon expiration.

Like Higherterrain said, this seems more of a downgrade rather than the reverse, especially with regard to third party apps.

I already have TinkerTool, TinkerTool System, Cocktail and Onyx, and so for me, there are few, if any, features of MacPilot that I don't already have.

Alas, I have been foolish and subscribed. I can but suggest that you DO NOT follow my example.
[Version 6.0]


Harv reviewed on 29 Dec 2013
Do you have a Caution sign overlaying the TE icon in either the menu bar or dock? If so…

When TextExpander does its thing, it is actually logging your keystrokes, so it knows what to expand.

But when entering a password, Apple’s Secure Input (SI) is enabled; preventing anyone, even TE from seeing what you type. After entering your PW, SI is quit & returned to the user (and TE) so life can continue as usual.

The problem that sometimes happens, is that SI remains enabled even after entering your PW; ergo TE can’t work as it should.

The fix for this is to quit the offending apps & relaunch. Most often these are: 
• 1Password
• LastPass
• Google Chrome
• Firefox
• Hulu Desktop
• iFinance
• Quicken Scheduler
• Notational Velocity
• Chronories
• Terminal
• loginwindow
• Parallels Desktop 9

But sometimes you may need to reboot the OS. This most always solves the problem.

Tip: TE’s menu bar icon will show the name of what it thinks is the offending app (under Expansion Disabled or some such).

FWIW: I have found the tech support first-rate in every regard.

Additional detail available at: http://www.smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/secureinput.html
[Version 4.2]

Harv commented on 16 Dec 2013
I had no problems with the Beta version and am thrilled with the support the developer has provided. Of course, now that 10.9.1 has been released, it's back to the drawing boards.

I just hope Adam is as fast in resolving this issue as he has been in the past.
[Version 3.1.14b4]

Harv commented on 09 Dec 2013
As posted previously, I am (or was) a big fan of Shortcuts.

Originally, I purchased Shortcuts v1.4.1 via a MacLife Bundle. But now (apparently), the updates can only be obtained via a new purchase either directly from the developer or from the App Store.

I understand the developer is working this issue, but progress in this regard has been dreadfully slow.

If no joy is to be had soon, I will repurchase Shortcuts. But indeed my opinion will change.
[Version 2.0.1]

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Harv replied on 10 Dec 2013
The developer has indeed resolved the issue: The "Check For Updates" within the app now works, though an uninstall/reinstall & restart may be necessary (but settings will not be lost).

And all is again, right with the world.

Harv reviewed on 18 Sep 2013
The -600 error is fixed!

Bravo to the developer for his perseverance in tracking this bug down and bringing it to its final resting place.

Indeed my thanks and appreciation.
[Version 6.8]

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Harv replied on 06 Oct 2013
I spoke too soon. The cursed -600 error has returned.
Harv commented on 15 Sep 2013
WOW! Talk about fast... This nit is already resolved. Kudos to Marc. Bravo!
[Version 3.9.10]

Harv had trouble on 21 Apr 2012
I am unable to enable: "Check For Problematic I/O Errors". The stated reason is that I am not an "Admin-User". That is simply not so.

Am I the only one with this issue? I would contact the developer, but he has stated v2.x is no longer supported.

[Version 2.7.2]

Harv had trouble on 21 May 2010
I have used this 5 star app for years. As far as IÕm concerned, Apple should open their check book, and pay Yellow Mug a mil (or two) for this app, and then include SND with the OS.

But I do have two nits that even the developers are wrestling with:
1) I am unable to use the Òarrow pointerÓ, instead I always get the cross hairs.
2) I cannot get the sound to work.

Does anyone else have these problems or suggested solutions?
[Version 2.5.5]

Harv had trouble on 26 Sep 2009
On a 24" Intel C2D iMac, 10.6.1

Nearly every time I launch FB, I get the advisory that I must enter my serial number. This occurs so often (about 90% of the time) that I now keep an alias of the File Buddy.fbAutoReg on my desktop.

I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problem and if there is a fix.

I just wrote the developer. Should I get a response, I'll post the relevant details.
[Version 9.0.2]

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Harv replied on 28 Sep 2009
In desperation, I deleted my Skytag plists. I then reentered my original serial number. For the time being, that seemed to fix things. Perhaps my “fix” will work for you too (still, a verified backup is suggested).
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