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Haplo reviewed on 07 Aug 2006
Ok, firstly as much as I like the new interface, it's way too big and bulky. The page dock is cool, but both the dock and the tab bar are now about double or quadruple in size from the original. One thing that makes or breaks a browser is how much screen space it gives you for actually viewing the page. Now if you're running a freaking 30" screen the new interface would be great since you have more screen space than a page would use anyway, but for my little 14" iBook this is fairly horrid. Also, there's a good two inch thick bar below the main toolbar that seems to do absolutely nothing. Yes, you can collapse the dock, but the status bar below is also pretty intrusive, and you really don't get much space with this.

Secondly, full screen looks nice but is highly nonfunctional. The draggable Quicktime-esque control bar is kinda nice but there needs to be a better way to show/hide it, to make it smaller (ie small icons) and to include an address bar so it can actually work.

Overall, even for a beta, just assessing the new layout, it's really too much superfluousness and not enough function.
[Version 2.0b1]

Haplo commented on 10 Jul 2006
Extremely useful and 348976x better than packagemaker. Packagemaker is just too much work and too much lower level digging to do simple things that are only a few clicks with iceberg.

However, the download host used for this is TERRIBLE. I have yet to be able to successfully download 1.2. Mirror it somewhere else >_
[Version 1.2]

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Haplo replied on 10 Jul 2006
The link target is wrong, it points to an html, but following that downloads, but the file is corrupted. Neither the system decompressor nor stuffit will open it.
Haplo replied on 10 Jul 2006
Ok, the download link is pointing to an html file that links v1.1.6, which is corrupted. I can't download 1.2.1 at all, and I've tried both camino and safari.
Haplo replied on 10 Jul 2006
The address you provide seems to resolve to this:
Check that link, it's messed up somehow. I haven't had any other problems on macupdate, so this seems odd.

Haplo reviewed on 10 Jul 2006
Wow, this is pretty godly, especially if you're on a laptop. It lets me fully view documents that don't scale well in preview or maximize my screen space in camino. It also switches modes nicely and retains the functionality of the menu bar. It does disable the dock though, but typically if you're using it you'd command+tab or else you'd need to un-fullscreen in order to open a new app anyway.

However, this in addition to quicksilver really makes life easy.
[Version 0.4]

Haplo commented on 10 Jul 2006
ROFL. Just... ROFL.
[Version 1.1]


Haplo reviewed on 24 Jan 2006
Heh, if you're a percussionist like me, this widget is great. 4 beats and it's got it. I can only wonder how those with less accurate timekeeping abilities would do with it though.
[Version 1.3]

Haplo commented on 14 Jan 2006
Well, maybe not logitech, but I didn't have any trouble setting up a microsoft intellimouse before I had my mighty mouse o.0. I find it amusing that I can use a m$ mouse, yet I'm fairly sure you couldn't just pop a mighty mouse into a PC ;P.
[Version 1.6.2]

Haplo commented on 13 Jan 2006
Can't you do all of this stuff with apple's control panels anyway? In Tiger you can set F-keys to do custom actions and configure every button of their mighty mouse to do anything you want it to, including exposé and dock actions. The major difference? Apple's control panel won't suddenly cause your keyboard/mouse to stop working, and all of the custom functions actually work.
[Version 1.6.2]


Haplo reviewed on 13 Jan 2006
Although the occasional beta will crash and not come back till you update or revert, this is probably the single most useful application ever developed for OSX. As an application launcher, it's the fastest and most effective I've ever used on any platform. I used to use it to control iTunes (although that's only good if you actually know the artist/name of the song you want to listen to next) and it was great for that too. It's especially good for programs you use occasionally or even a lot, but don't want to put on the dock. It's really even faster than the dock, so I use it for things I put on the dock, too, on the occasion.
[Version 1.0b48]


Haplo reviewed on 07 Jan 2006
Skype, at one point, was good. Now it's a peice of crap. They removed echo cancellation and all of the advanced audio features, the program is no longer able to reclaim username/password information from older versions, and the sound cuts out constantly on a cable-cable connection. It's worthless now. In fact, when comparing the audio to iChat audio, it is only about half as stable, so bad that you can't actually get anything from what the other person is saying. Didn't used to be this bad, but it is now.


Haplo reviewed on 14 Jun 2005
This is awesome. iTunesLyrics never found lyrics for ANY of my songs. This thing has succeeded in everything I throw at it. Hell, it even found "Rising Force" by Yngwei Malmsteen, lyrics for various songs by Sonata Arctica, a song by Rhapsody that I couldn't even find manually... Very Nice.
[Version 0.2]

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