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Hanssen_P commented on 17 Feb 2013
Testing this on our iMac is not possible. It always crashes when loading mov files. Start loading and then hard crashes.
Any one else having this problem?
[Version 1.2]


Hanssen_P reviewed on 14 Feb 2013
Never heard about this so I gave this a shot.
I am not going into details but this audio editor lacks so many things, no vst support to name one, it cannot be taken serious.

Updating the screen is terrible and it crashed and/or locked several times.
The built-in fx are basic AU plugins and do not always works as it should. The limiter is in fact not a limiter but a hard knee compressor. I am sure the dev doesn't even noticed/know this. The EQ fx has poor quality (the slope is terrible to adjust).

I recommend looking at Triumph which is by very far the only good audio editor for OS X. It even surpasses Steinberg Wavelab.
[Version 3.1]


Hanssen_P reviewed on 14 Feb 2013
Ever since updating to version 3.3 we use iffmpeg daily for encoding work to gxf, ts and mov formats.
It converts fast, never struggles with bad timestamps and always produces nice smooth playing movies. It handles dar and sar very well too.
Adding permanent hard subs is easy and syncing is perfect. It never overlaps the text even when the ass or srt file has wrong timings.
Another great feature is that it has the ability tweak and get full control of encoding. The large list of advanced options is stunning and many are documented. Casual users will never venture using those options but it feels right to have them available.

The only thing I would like to see added is the ability to create movies out of images!

iffmpeg is a comprehensive encoder one should own if you are serious about encoding media. At $15 it is absolutely a steal.
[Version 3.5.1]


Hanssen_P reviewed on 21 Jan 2013
A pity Apple wants money for this codec add-on. It should be included in FCPX in the first place.
Off course this is 5 star but just for Apple being greedy: minus 1 1/2 stars. Pity.
[Version 4.0.6]

Hanssen_P rated on 21 Jan 2013
[Version 10.0.7]


Hanssen_P reviewed on 21 Jan 2013
An old app that still encode to DivX which always play fine on two hardware DVD players I have. And that's just what this app is good at .. converting to DivX.

For all other converting, Handbrake is free and better.
[Version 3.2.2]


Hanssen_P reviewed on 21 Jan 2013
Didn't know about this converter. I wasn't impressed by the ui but looks can be deceiving so I gave it a shot.
The first .mkv file I dragged into Vidconvert result in the much hated spinning beach ball for seconds and then shows in the list. Selected to convert to iPhone Retina. Got the message it only encodes 3 minutes which is fine for testing purposes. It took about < 1sec to encode this 3 minutes which is very fast. But the encoded file had zero bytes. Not good. Tried converting the same file to a bunch of other formats .. all the same .. zero bytes files.
Tried a simple .mov file and again the iPhone retina format. This time it took a bit longer and the file was actually playable. I say "playable" because it suffers from unstable framerate and stuttering. Not good.
Next test: dragged an .avi file into Vidconvert. Converted to Divx format. It took a very long time to only encode 3 minutes. The encoded movie seems to be ok except the audio output had much lower volume compared to the source. Didn't look into the advanced options so maybe this is fixable.
Last test was a .mp4 file to DVD-Pal. The vob file Vidconvert created was playable with VLC but again with framerate stuttering and the display aspect ratio was totally wrong. I got 4:3 instead of 16:9

This app is flawed and is unusable in my experience.

The free Handbrake does the same with good results.
[Version 1.4]


Hanssen_P reviewed on 04 Nov 2012
I am an old veteran concerning video and audio manipulation and carry the full history of those tools. Steinberg Wavelab is truly amazing but is very expensive.
I tried just about every audio tool for Windows and Mac OS X and know some insides of most of them.
After playing with Triumph for several hours I must say I am pretty impressed with the flexible plugin support. I have never seen such way of working before and it needs some rethinking how you manipulate audio. Let me give you one advice : This is by far the best audio tool I ever used in many years.
It did crashed ones while quitting though but DSP Quaotro crashed trillions times in the past on my setup. Seeing it is only 2.0 version I am convinced those little quirks get fixed any time soon.
About price tag: At first I thought this could never run with the big tools costing $$$ - I was wrong: $80 is a steal!

An exceptional and incredible power audio editor that every professional audio engineer should own.
[Version 2.0.0]


Hanssen_P reviewed on 01 Sep 2012
For the most part this app works fine for converting simple things. There are many issue, however.
In my tests it suddenly freezes the app while converting is in progress. Hard to pinpoint exactly why because it happens randomly. Both my MacPro and my Mac Book Pro encountered this. The app just freezes and you cannot click on the window anymore. The only way-out is to force quit.
That aside:
It struggles with pixel formats and aspect ratios. Sometimes this ends up with a movie playing gray garbage and sound only. Changing the aspect ratio is a pain too. Always the 'eggs head' effect pulls in. Clearly shows the developers do not know what video encoding is all about. My advice: check out how to master aspect ratios both SAR and DAR.
Further, it seems that if the source file is a mkv it doesn't create high quality output and at most times the audio gets out of time in the longer run. Very frustration after a long wait of converting time!!
In fact, in many cases the quality is poor, even at high settings, and suffers from no smooth playback. Best described as small skips in the movies. Sometimes very small and hard to notice but it happens nevertheless.
Surely it can be used for small movies but if you take a closer look it does not fit the bill for using this for serious converting needs. As a pro movie editor I cannot use this at all.

As for alternatives I can recommend using IFFmpeg or Handbrake! Those converters always creates correct output that playback smoothly at high quality.
[Version 1.4.3]


Hanssen_P reviewed on 12 Aug 2012
Waiting for QT supporting Blu-ray but for now this will do.

But it is just too expensive!

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