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Hank2 reviewed on 05 Mar 2013
Awful. Stupid window, no scrollbars, no text interface, hangs the Macbook when it tries to scan the drive if Free Memory happens to be freeing memory at the same time. No uninstaller apparent. Icon won't drag out of the toolbar. Tried 1.0, hated it, tried 1.03, hate it.

Biggest annoyance-per-dollar ratio of anything since, oh, Drive 10 probably.
[Version 1.0.3]

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Hank2 replied on 05 Mar 2013
Went looking for the uninstaller and Google says Micromat's possibly compromised:

Checkmate - Micromat, Inc.
This site may be compromised.
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Hank2 commented on 25 Jul 2010
Well, I have always figured File Buddy came from somebody considerably older and smarter than I am.

And at my present age and state of decrepitude, I can forgive anyone anything because I realize just how fragile health and even life are.

FB has been a help and a comfort for many years. If FB, or God forbid its developer, comes to a halt before I do -- I can't complain.

I can hope the story's not over yet.
[Version 9.0.2]

hank2 commented on 25 Oct 2008
Anyone know if it's possible to export from Web Confidential to this application?

"Web Confidential for Palm OS is not available anymore and support has stopped." -- their Support reply after it corrupted and died on my Palm PDA and can't be fixed, apparently. Hosed.

I sure don't want to retype all this data.
[Version 4.3.5]

hank2 commented on 06 Jun 2008
I paid for it and use it, Pismo (900mhz) and more recently Mini Intel.

Still, what I wish for needs either a smarter user (-: or better workflow with the software.

Find all the files that are dupes.
Then note which folders they're in.
Then show me all the _folders_ that contain one or more identical files.
Show the folders that are identical content.
Let me shuffle files until I have eliminated the dupes and left all the files in the one folder I want to keep.

Now, I just end up with lots of folders that are almost the same, one file may be duplicated.

Yes, if I'd done backups in a more organized way since the first CP/M 8" floppy machine I started with, I wouldn't need this. Who knew?
[Version 1.4.2]

hank2 commented on 07 Jul 2007
Defunct???? Uh, oh. Softchaos website isn't available. I just started getting popups yesterday saying I had another copy of Workstrip running on my network, so my Workstrip was having some of its functionality disabled. I'm not on a network. I have only one copy of the app. Anyone have a clue what's going on with Workstrip?
[Version 3.2.3]


hank2 reviewed on 09 Feb 2007
I did take the upgrade and continue to be happy with it; I still want a much simpler interface

(like, a list of all the characters found in a document in one column, and next to it, all the guesses the programmer's made for substitution;

let me tick off what to replace with, or type in if there's no good guess, then run it.

Or, go to the first unrecognized character, give me the list of possible corrections or a place for one, let me add context to make it more specific, and run it on all, then go to the next ....

It's still maddeningly hard to clean up text and leave an editable file; reading mostly on a PDA, I find it hard still to get an output file, even after the automatic cleanup, I don't know any way to output directly to a Palm readable file that can still be edited.

Instead I use say PorDiBle, going from Mac text to Palm document file. But it's no more helpful about quickly cleaning up problems, it just says "something" is unrecognized.

Tiresome. Go find it (sigh), try again (sigh).

I had an old, old Mac or DOS app that did text conversions nicely long ago.
[Version 5.5.1]

Hank2 commented on 17 Oct 2005
Argh! I love the app and use it daily but -- please, please -- I want the inverse of "ignore errors" -- it's not annoying, it's just ineptly helpful. Let it be more helpful, not ignored.

I want a list of what characters generate errors, so I can do back into the source doc and replace them!

Please, give us something that helps us identify what the problem characters are!

-- flags the unrecognized characters in a file?
-- lists them in a popup?
-- ideally, give us a column listing each unrecognized character and let us type in next to it a substitute and choose to make that permanent (and email it to you so you can build it into the next release)

Finding the danged problem characters is tedious. TextSoap doesn't do this either. You all should talk, either of you might implement this.

The only darned reason I wish I owned Microsoft Word is to be able to use its not-too-bad implementation of grep to find all non-ASCII characters for example.
[Version 3.2]

Hank2 commented on 01 Mar 2005
I gather if "lite" finds nothing, there's nothing -- right?

Ge Pismo, with 900 mhz aftermarket CPU.

Nothing found to report.
[Version 1.5]

Hank2 commented on 16 Jan 2005
Well, I'm still looking --

I'm going to try this one out; the feature set looks extensive. If it can do something the others can't -- and given that the authors read their reviews and comment here, which is excellent -- I'll figure it's worth the money.

Now I'm a fossil, mid-50s, can afford it, and figure part of supporting shareware is supporting the people who use, comment, suggest, criticize, try to be helpful and never pay -- as well as supporting the software writers. Not everyone has money or software-writing competence.

There's significant value to non-paying users who are good beta testers (or willing crash dummies like I am -- follow instructions carefully, and report what breaks, without being helpful at the code level).

I've registered and use DupFinder (1.3.1), DoubletScan (10.2.3), DuplicateCatcher, and FileBuddy. That's over quite a few years, usually early in the shareware author's career, partly to encourage, partly because I found a need for something the app could do, and partly because, well, hell, I try to support the idea, because I remember when there wasn't any shareware. I registered PC-Talk. I think ...

[Version 2.10]

Hank2 commented on 19 Dec 2004
Thank goodness, someone at Mozillazine just mentioned this -- I had no idea it existed, and it's EXACTLY what's needed with Firefox under OSX
[Version 2.1]

hank2 had trouble on 25 Oct 2008
Although it's still for sale on the website, I just got email from the Support link (palm@web-confidential.com):
"Web Confidential for Palm OS is not available anymore and support has stopped."

This was the response when I asked for help when the database had become corrupted in sync between my Palm OS PDA and my Intel mac.

Hosed the entire Web Confidential file, all gone.

Anyone have an alternative to suggest that will work with both Mac OSX 4.11 and higher AND with Palm OS?

And if possible a way to transfer several hundred records without retyping?
[Version 3.8]

Hank2 had trouble on 12 Nov 2005
I paid for this a while back, but quit using it when I read about its "remnants" and its security problem under OSX 10.3.

I see there's an update for OSX 10.4 that solves the problem, but is it safe to use under 10.3.9?

There are many comments but most seem to be back and forth argument, need a balanced summary if anyone's got one.
[Version 3.6.5]

Hank2 had trouble on 21 Oct 2005
OK, I found v3.1 on a backup, and it still works fine. Maybe it's a problem with having a G3, or having OSX 10.3.9. I found an old email for the developers I'll try.
[Version 3.2]

Hank2 had trouble on 21 Oct 2005
Current 3.2 started crashing today.
I can't find any contact info for the developer (maybe it's in the 'About' box but the app won't open! a new icon for it flickers in the dock then disappears)


Host Name: Hank.local
Date/Time: 2005-10-21 15:24:40 -0700
OS Version: 10.3.9 (Build 7W98)
Report Version: 2

Command: PorDiBle
Path: /Users/hank/Applications/PorDiBle 3.2/PorDiBle.app/Contents/MacOS/PorDiBle
Version: ??? (???)
PID: 589
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

dyld: /Users/hank/Applications/PorDiBle 3.2/PorDiBle.app/Contents/MacOS/PorDiBle can't open library: /System/Library/Frameworks/QuartzCore.framework/Versions/A/QuartzCore (No such file or directory, errno = 2)

Please post contact info for the developer if someone has it.

It's an indispensable app for me -- if anyone has a link to the previous version, please post too.
[Version 3.2]

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